Purge of coaching staff spreads to roster in Seattle

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Last week at the Scouting Combine, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll downplayed the possibility of the turnover that hit the coaching staff spreading to the roster.

“People see the major changes on the coaching staff and they extrapolate to mean there will be major changes on the roster. Should we expect major changes to what we saw at the end of last year?” Carroll was asked during an appearance on PFT Live.

“I don’t know why that would necessarily tie together,” Carroll said. “I don’t think that’s good logic.”

It may not be good logic, but it seems to be coming to fruition. Defensive end Michael Bennett is gone. Cornerback Richard Sherman is gone. Cornerback Jeremy Lane is gone. Safety Earl Thomas is reportedly available. And that’s before guys like tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson leave via free agency.

As to the changes to the coaching staff, Carroll agreed with the notion that the team’s first failure to make it to the playoffs since 2011 provided an occasion for making changes on the coaching staff that success potentially delayed. That same dynamic may have applied to the roster, too.

Moving forward, the Seahawks may be shifting the focus from their defense to their offense. More specifically, to Russell Wilson. With a franchise quarterback still in the front end of his prime, the Seahawks may be doing with him what other teams have done with the short-list best quarterbacks in the game — be happy to have them, and build the team around them.

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  1. “I don’t know why that would necessarily tie together,” Carroll said. “I don’t think that’s good logic.

    3 starters gone, 2 probably leaving in free agency, and 1 possibly being trading. This, ladies and gentleman, is the “logic” of one Peter Carroll.

  2. They hit the jackpot with a lot of these guys with late round draft picks that turned into All – pros. Koudos to them if they can replicate that but it will be tough.

  3. Pete, you need to purge yourself. You screwed everyone at USC and the seahawks have lead the league in PED suspensions since you were head coach. Thanks for that SB trophy 20 years after the Pats hired you, you said you’d get us one and you did.

  4. The Seattle roster is a revolving door. It has been since 2013. only a handful of players from that team is still around. The entire O line and D line have been replaced and there have been major turnovers in the WR corp and defensive backfield, RB, TE and LB positions. The PK is gone and the punter may be next to go.

  5. I don’t think this is a purge as much as it is a realization that while we all love names, the business of football requires youth, health, talent, and financial sense. These players don’t fit that mold. With a QB like Wilson it’s not like they can’t build a contender pretty quick. But they had to recognize that they needed to make some changes to protect him, stay relevant on D, and create new offensive opportunities to make their O more lethal. That means money and new names.

  6. This is gonna be fun, showing the NFC West ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ all over again. We got the great QB, we got the best head coach. Flip it, scrub it, rinse, rePETE!

  7. I think there comes a time with all teams, that they start going south. What the Hawks are in the process of doing is just plain logic. It’s time for them to turn the page and move on, rebuild, and that’s what their doing. They had a great run——————-

  8. Sherman may well be back, tough to see him passing physicals. Lane? Thomas would hurt but he’s an odd dude, and likely goes more if Sherman goes and Chancellor back.
    Bennett shined a complained every offseason about his or someone else’s contract, so thet was a matter of time.
    The other guys may or may not go. Richardson was in Seattle for a few games. Graham was a waste…a lower profile te would’ve been less of a focus for teams and thus been more effective like Zach Miller was for Wilson.

    But all in all, two guys gone now, a usual turnover of a NFL team, never mind for Carroll and Schnieder who have the most transactions in the past 6 years in the league.

  9. u gotta purge assistant coaching staff occasionally. not cuz theyre bad at their jobs but because you need a flux of ideas. the whodats shuffled most assistant positions this past summer and we went from 2 straight 7-9s to 11-5

  10. Earl and Bobby Wagner are the best players at their positions.

    KJ Wright
    Frank Clark
    Jarran Reed
    Shaq Griffin
    DeShawn Shead (assuming he’s healthy again)
    Byron Maxwell (assuming he’s re-signed, played really well when he was back)
    2 solid developmental lineman (Jones, Jefferson)
    They always have a LB coming up

    … if they bring Sheldon Richardson back, I still think they could be a very top 10-ish defense.

  11. So far only Sherman, Lane and Bennett are gone. Lane was not even a starter last year and was gone regardless of what happened. Sherman could possibly be back. Yes Avril is probably gone, but we’ve known that since October when he got hurt. Florio is running with a lot of speculation here on this one. Fake News!

    Richardson will be signed, if not, then they will bring in Dontari Poe. Shead and Maxwell will be signed, there will be plenty of talent at every level of the defense.

  12. When you have Cancer, you have surgery to try and cut it out, or you go through Chemo.

    Sherman and Michael Bennett are Cancer. And now that their biggest enabler (Pete Carrol) has had enough of the Cancer, they are gone.

    In this case, Seattle is practicing addition by subtraction.

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