Rams’ moves have done Trumaine Johnson a favor

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Trumaine Johnson is entering free agency as the top cornerback available. His old team, the Rams, has made it clear that they’re moving on by trading for cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, and signing cornerback Sam Shields.

That might seem like it’s a bad sign for Johnson, that the Rams are moving on. But by taking three cornerbacks off the market, they’ve actually done Johnson a favor.

Good cornerbacks are hard to come by in the NFL, and a good cornerback like Johnson is always going to make a lot of money in free agency. But if other cornerback-needy teams had acquired Talib, Peters or Shields, that might have made them less likely in entering the bidding war for Johnson.

With the Rams hoarding cornerbacks, there’s an even smaller supply for the rest of the league. The next-best cornerback on the board is Kyle Fuller, but he has the transition tag, which means the Bears can match any offer for him. Teams that need a cornerback would likely rather make a big push for Johnson immediately than sign Fuller and then wait to see whether the Bears match the offer. After Fuller, the next-best cornerback available is Malcolm Butler, but after the Patriots benched him in the Super Bowl for reasons that remain unclear, teams may hesitate to make him a big-money offer as well.

The bottom line is that Johnson is by far the best option among the available cornerbacks, and the Rams have taken away three potential fallback options for any team that doesn’t get Johnson. That means multiple teams will want to make Johnson a very rich man — a good position for Johnson to be in when free agency opens next week.

34 responses to “Rams’ moves have done Trumaine Johnson a favor

  1. Well, the Niners were interested before Talib went to the Rams. Let’s see if Johnson wants to suit up for a division rival and show the Rams why they made a bad decision. He’s going to get a big offer from the red and gold.

  2. .
    You’ve got to give the Rams credit. They realize that they’re in the QB driven division and they’ve been proactive in beefing up their secondary.

  3. A truly anonymous good player if I’ve ever seen one. Until he got tagged a couple of years ago, I doubt 80% of fans at large even knew who he was. Hitting the FA jackpot is as much about being in the right place at the right time as anything.

  4. He’s a good CB but he has made over 30 mil over the last two seasons by getting the franchise tag and has three interceptions to show for it. I know that’s not the only metric to judge how good a CB is but I would rather have two of the top 15 CB’s that combined are going to cost about the same as he would next season. Smart move by the Rams IMO.

  5. Lol love how the rams just got older with some free agent signings anyways Fly Eagles Fly Suh! is Next in line. Dynasty!!!

  6. They may qualify for the all head case team of cornerbacks. I guess the Rams are scoffing at building their team through the draft. Good luck with that.

  7. I’m not saying Malcolm Butler benefited from being benched, but he wasn’t exactly HURT by it either. The Pats secondary got torched by the Eagles without him… Add that to the fact that Butler has played quite well and actually WON them a super bowl, I’d say he wasn’t hurt at all by being benched.

    Of course he’d obviously have rather played and played well and won. But it is what it is

  8. Sherman is hitting the market as a 30 year old coming off a torn Achilles and a “minor” procedure done on the other one.

  9. I suppose 11 million (Talib) is better than whatever some team will overpay Johnson for, but sending out Quinn and Ogletree will be a big hit for the Rams.

  10. J will says:
    March 9, 2018 at 10:34 am
    Sherman is hitting the market as a 30 year old coming off a torn Achilles and a “minor” procedure done on the other one.

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    And, there will be very few teams interested in Sherman and very few teams he’ll have interest in.

  11. It could also be looked at in a way that harms Johnson. Why were the Rams willing to pick up and pay Peters and Talib similar money that Johnson will probably receive, while Johnson is 4 years younger than Talib as well?

  12. I understand the concept of making the competition pool smaller raises his chances of a big money deal but how does his team’s willingness to bring in two talented but extremely volatile CBs INSTEAD of keeping him not impact his desirability? I have no idea what his temperament or even talent level is as I have not seen him much but the scenario itself just seems a bit odd to me.

  13. “Overated and soon to be overpaid”

    Couldn’t the same be said for Marcus Peters? I mean, yeah he’s a good player, but he’s soon to be even more overpaid and has been an absolute headache for every coach he’s ever played for. And brought in 2 years of $10-11 mil per year for a mid-30’s Talib.

    So if “overrated and overpaid” is what makes it smart to move on from Trumaine Johnson, then how are his replacements supposedly any better?

  14. Financially this was a smart strategy by the Rams to pick up three DB’s for the price of one. Now picking up two strong-willed personalities and a player with a history of concussions is another discussion.

  15. Great moves. Never discount moving away from an old .455 coach in fisher( for a new young guy)to spark a team into the right direction.

    I like what is going on with the Rams….

  16. When you have great young players, you have to pay them. Rams are clearing out space to sign the most important signing, Aaron Donald. It hurts to lose Ogletree and Trumaine Johnson though. Tough decisions.

  17. “He didn’t even play well last year.”

    I didn’t watch anything but the Pats last year so I don’t know much about this player.

    A simple check of his stats show he had 65 tackles, 57 of which were solo, good numbers for a CB and show he can tackle well, 2 INTs which is ok but not great, and 14 passes defensed which is around the number the better corners all get. That tells me he played well, just not great.

  18. It is hard to believe, but his best landing spot is probably the Browns. He was successful in Gregg Williams’ D system, and he’ll likely get the most $$ from the Browns. They should be adding some good, young players in the draft and could add a couple of good free agents as well. If they can just figure out the QB position, they will likely be competitive in a year or 2. Of course it is the Browns, so that is a pretty big “if.”

  19. I know my Niners are going to offer him a huge deal and I think it’s a mistake. Only pay elite CB’s in FA and not just average guys. The last time we did this we paid Nate Clements way too much money to just be decent.

  20. For all those throwing Sherman aside as if he’s useless. Maybe he is never a lock down CB again, but who says he can’t be again rock solid #2 CB or even a FS if he added 10-15 lbs of muscle to his upper body. Question is if his frame and metabolism will allow for that. And if he can do so without losing much speed, if any, in addition to that which he’s surely already lost thru time and injury both.

    No, he will not be worth what he was due to make in Seattle this coming year, no matter where he goes or where he lines up. But does he add value with a contract similar to what the Steelers gave Joe Haden this past offseason? Heck yeah, no doubt. If you believe elsewise, you may be either deluded or biased. Or just ignorant. Or plain dumb.

    Never understood the Sherm haters.

  21. Richard Sherman is NOT in the same league as Talib, Peters, or even Johnson. Maybe three years ago. The only reason he’s even considered a good CB at this point is because the officials still let him get away with holding 10 times a game.

    And he’s coming off a major injury as well. Glad the Rams didn’t show interest. Or maybe they’ll sign him to cover punts.

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