Drew Brees will be able to negotiate with other teams on Monday

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[Editor’s note: The following item was based on a report from the Advocate that was inaccurate.]

Players set to become unrestricted free agents when their contracts expire next week can begin negotiating new contracts with prospective teams beginning on Monday.

Drew Brees will not have that same luxury.

According to Nick Underhill of the Advocate, Brees will not be permitted to speak with opposing teams until his contract voids on March 14.

The 14th presents a deadline for the Saints to get a new contract done. They will be saddled with $18 million in dead money against their salary cap should a new deal not come together before the start of the new league year.

Brees, general manager Mickey Loomis and head coach Sean Payton all expect a deal to come together to keep Brees in New Orleans. However, there is still the very real logistical deadline presented by the beginning of free agency.

In the meantime, Brees won’t be permitted the same luxury of speaking with other teams early next week that other free agents will enjoy before the next league year begins on Wednesday.

UPDATE 12:27 p.m. ET: The report is inaccurate. Brees can negotiate with other teams as of Monday.

3 responses to “Drew Brees will be able to negotiate with other teams on Monday

  1. I am curious as to why that is. Neither this article nor the link explain why he is the exception. Doesn’t everyone about to become a FA have their contract void on the 14th?

  2. If the 12th is the start of the “legal TAMPERING period”, why does Brees have to wait until his contract officially expires?

  3. It sounds like the contract gives the Saints until the 14th (start of the league new year) to get a deal done. The Saints aren’t required to have a deal done by Monday, and because the contract gives them until the 14th there is no presumption that can be read into the fact a deal wasn’t done sooner. Therefore Brees is under contract until the 14th. Effectively the wording of the contract extended the deadline to the 14th.

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