Report: Peyton Manning turns down ESPN, FOX still possible

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Peyton Manning has turned down a chance to join ESPN as an analyst for Monday Night Football, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports.

The former quarterback remains undecided about joining FOX’s Thursday night package, via Marchand.

Manning could make a mint in a TV gig based on a recent report that both networks were prepared to pay Manning up to $10 million per year.

After signing a five-year deal for Thursday Night Football, FOX hopes to make the prime-time weekday broadcast a bigger deal than Monday Night Football. The addition of Manning would go a long way in doing that.

FOX has two advantages over ESPN in its bid to land Manning: He wouldn’t have to work on weekends in doing a Thursday broadcast, and FOX’s 11-game schedule is shorter than ESPN’s 19 games.

ESPN now will have to turn to Plan B as it seeks to replace Jon Gruden.

21 responses to “Report: Peyton Manning turns down ESPN, FOX still possible

  1. And let’s face it, don’t think for a second that Peyton would have been happy about all the social justice side shows at ESPN. At Fox, he can just concentrate on football.

  2. Peyton has a history with sexual misconduct, now he’s looking for a TV gig. He must have political aspirations. He’s putting together a winning resume.

  3. Wow, let’s say the $10 million offer is true and comes to fruition for him with Fox.

    11 Thursday night games for $10 million.

    Yes, I know they’re there for a couple of days before the game, attend production meetings, talk to coaches and players to find out the latest so as to use those nuggets during the telecast etc.

    But still, $10 million for 11 Thursday night broadcasts and having the weekends off to be with the family.

    I do believe that Peyton wants to be a G.M. or President of an NFL team, but this would be a good stepping stone.

    He’d be there at games, talking to coaches and players and G.M.’s in the days before the game so he’d be out and about in the game, still being said, heard etc.

    Also, even though I think he wants to be a G.M. or President, he doesn’t want that position with just any team. So a TV gig as an analyst is a good thing to keep him attached and part of the game (periphery at least, still seeing and talking to those within the game and league) until an opening that he really wants becomes available.

  4. Don’t you know, you’re not supposed to talk the truth about the tea bagging HGH garage head.

  5. Really. Who cares the announcers are back seat drivers to the game. They are all so full of themselves that sometimes it is better to turn the sound off. They all think they know what the coach should do what play should be called, what the players should have done as they sit in a booth with everyone telling them what is going on. Could care less Payton will become another Romo, Aiekman show.

  6. Can’t blame him. He probably didn’t want to go to a network that tries to pretend their made up stat (QBR) means anything.


  7. skmad2014 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 5:35 pm
    Anyone watch a game because of who is broadcasting?


    Honestly Ive tried to watch games Romo has been broadcasting because it made me see the game
    through a different lens.

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