Sean McDonough leaving MNF to return to college football

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ESPN turned over its Monday Night Football booth, replacing Sean McDonough after losing Jon Gruden to the Raiders.

McDonough has mutually agreed to leave Monday Night Football to return to college football for ESPN, Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated reports.

McDonough signed a new multi-year extension and his assignments will include a College Football Playoff Semifinal, ESPN later announced.

McDonough spent the past two seasons alongside Gruden in the Monday night booth. He first worked for ESPN in 1989-95 before re-joining the network in 2000.

McDonough became the fifth voice of Monday Night Football, joining Keith Jackson, Frank Gifford, Al Michaels and Mike Tirico.

Peyton Manning reportedly turned down an opportunity to become the analyst on Monday Night Football and still is deciding whether to join FOX’s Thursday Night Football broadcast.

21 responses to “Sean McDonough leaving MNF to return to college football

  1. They need to hire Dave Fleming. He’s the best play by play announcer I’ve ever heard in my life, and I’ve been watching sports for 50 years. He’s brilliant. He prepares. He understands the sport.

  2. Good move going back to college ball.

    The roughness of the big leagues seemed
    to make him a bit queasy. At times, his commentary
    was off base, and he probably didn’t fully understand
    the ferocity of some of the rivalries that exist
    between some teams. It seemed to turned him off.

    But it’s a big boys league. Niceties are not always
    extended nor received. Especially when there is
    bad blood between teams with a long history.

    Hopefully his replacement is better so
    we can get back to enjoying MNF again. without
    feeling like we are being preached to.

  3. Tirico is the best prepared ‘play by play’ ever. Unfortunately he was almost derailed by how horrible Kornheiser and Theisman were. It became unlistenable. Watched with no sound.

    It really is critical time for MNF. I’d rather listen to silence than Gruden giving out superlatives while McDonough droned on and painfully on.

    Not sure who they will get. But it will never be the same. I watched it from day 1 on ABC and it’s been downhill ever since.

  4. I know. Get Davis and Mayock so we can know that the RG went to Liberty and was a 6th round pick. And we can find out the LCB, suffered an achilles tear while at Slippery Rock State and therefore was an UDFA even though he had potential to be drafted in the 5th round.

    I could go on as they can and will.

    I like QB’s to do color (minus Phil Simms, even though I’m a Giant’s fan). He just had these mumble mental blocks every 4th play. Felt bad for him because it has to be football related. He couldn’t have survived NY and Parcells mumbling and stumbling all those years.

  5. i wasnt a huge fan of McDonough on MNF…..his voice just never sounded excited to be calling the game…just so monotone and unexciting unlike Tirico and Patrick before him, i thought he dragged Gruden down….hopefully Gruden’s replacement will be good.

  6. I am really surprised to see all the negative comments. Just cause I thought he was great, personally I think some of you are blaming him for gruden,who I thought was the most overrated color guy. He would never call anyone out or say a negative word. To him every one was developing or find there place or was great. I hated it but I McDonough did very good I personally thought he was 10 times what trico was I hated him.

  7. McDonough had an irritating voice, and when he went on camera his bald head made him looking like a snapping turtle.

    Good riddance!

  8. I always liked his low-key style…until he moved to MNF, and it definitely didn’t work. For the supposed “world-wide leader in sports,” ESPN really struggles to get some guys in a booth who can call a pro football game.

  9. Not upset at all. I found him to be too bland. He just didn’t add anything special. Yeah, you want a calmer presence to work opposite a guy like Gruden but this guy was just a flatline.

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