Richard Sherman: I am looking forward to what the future holds

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Cornerback Richard Sherman wrote a letter to the Seahawks, thanking the organization, his teammates and the fans.

“I would like to say thank you to the Seattle Seahawks organization for taking a chance on a kid that was overlooked by many. For that, I am truly grateful. Thank you to the coaching staff, trainers, equipment guys, and office staff for the love and support you have shown me for the last seven seasons.

“To my brothers, this journey would not have been the same without each of you. It has been [an] amazing ride from beginning to end, with memories to last a lifetime. To the 12s, you have been nothing short of amazing. The support you have shown me on and off the field has been invaluable to my family and [me]. Truly appreciate each and every one of you for showing up every Sunday to cheer us on.

“As this chapter comes to a close I am looking forward to what the future holds.”

Seattle released Sherman with a failed physical designation.

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  1. I believe Sherman will be back. A failed physical designation doesn’t say he can’t play anymore – it says he couldn’t pass a physical, the league year opens on Wednesday, and we need to know what we’re working with. I wouldn’t be surprised if he rehabs, passes the physical, and we see him on the Hawks again. If not, Richard I have always been a fan. I hope you land well.

  2. Keep you big mouth shut, Sherman, and perhaps you won’t be so polarizing in the future.

  3. A 30 year old corner that tore his achilles tendon last year. Since he was not really fast before, can he keep up with some of the speed receivers now? Teams will have to see how he runs and cuts before he gets any real money.

  4. Those suggesting he’ll be back with the Seahawks after a little rehab didn’t read the letter. Those aren’t the words of a man who expects to be back. Sad situation for an athlete of his caliber, but a classy farewell.

  5. he’s looking forward to what the future holds? well, he certainly is an expert on holds….

  6. Thanks for getting us to the Super Bowl and winning it. Goof luck in all your endeavors Sherm!

  7. Loved watching this guy play.Awesome. The Andrews shout down was classic. Maybe he should just retire. Don’t come back and be a shell of your old self. An Achilles is tough to come back from.

  8. He was let go purely for financial reasons. Had he restructured he would still be a Seahawk. He wasn’t let go for being brash, or incapable of playing.
    He will make some fan’s team better in the upcoming season and those fans will see he is actually a decent, intelligent, articulate person who will help your community and team.

  9. Football is a young mans sport and you’re only one injury away from it all ending. Like him or hate him, he definitely was one of the best for several years

  10. Guess he went to Stanford. But way more PI than INTs. Over the hill, overrated, and damaged goods. Maybe he will shut up now

  11. I think he’s going to have a rough time finding a deal at the level he thinks he’s worth.
    There’s going to be a gap between what he’s worth and what he thinks he’s worth.
    Without grabbing the jersey all the way down the field, he can’t cover the younger and faster guys. He won’t tackle, so he won’t move to safety.
    I think he’s about to be humbled

  12. Let’s never forget what RS brought to the Seahawks and what his play did for us fans. Yes, it is and always will be a team effort but if not for his tipped pass in the NFC Championship it’s safe to say the 12’s may never have had the chance to cheer on a Super Bowl champion.

    Thanks RS. We’ll always appreciate you and remember your greatness.

  13. Your future holds getting burned every other snap… regardless of what team you’re on.

    Now, if you can wrap your mind around the fact that you’re no longer elite, you could still provide some value.

    To me, this is what will determine whether Sherm is able to contribute going forward.

    If, in his mind, he’s still a top corner, it could be ugly.

    Kinda like Derrick Rose still thinks he’s an elite MVP talent. D. Rose could be a good backup point guard, if he embraced that role.

    Will Sherm embrace what it is he has left? Or not?

  14. Had dinner with Kyle Shanahan in SF last night, so we know there is interest in talking to him by other teams. What ultimately happens will be interesting to watch. I’m hoping he either gets a great contract or if that doesn’t develop, he comes back home to Seattle. Either way; I’m a fan of 25.

  15. Sure sounds like Sherman’s resolved to moving on from Seattle.

    They said Revis was washed up after a big injury, then the guy wound up in Foxboro, had a big year, and won a Superbowl with the Pats (against Sherman’s Seahawks, no less).

    This situation could easily go the same way – possibly in half the time.

  16. great player, love his use of the English Language, like the Dennis Miller of the NFL
    If he can get along with Trent Williams, I’d love to see him in DC… the right price, of course

  17. xavier179 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 8:47 pm
    What alien has taken over Sherman, don’t think he has a humble bone in his body.
    The reason for that is your narrow view of him. That’s not Sherman’s fault.

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