Seahawks make Richard Sherman’s release official

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The Seahawks officially released cornerback Richard Sherman, listing him with a failed physical designation.

The team released a statement thanking Sherman for his service:

“Thank you for helping win championships, shape our culture and define success in Seattle. We love you and your unwavering competitiveness, confidence and fierce passion for football and life. For that, you will always be a Hawk!”

Sherman could return to the Seahawks, who made the move for financial flexibility.

27 responses to “Seahawks make Richard Sherman’s release official

  1. He was a good player, but I really tired of tantrums during games, like he’s the only one that is trying to win.

  2. For those trying to make the case of Sherman to NE it won’t happen. No way does BB put up with the diarhea that comes out of this guy’s mouth. No matter the talent.

  3. jam11163 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 4:42 pm
    He’s a team cancer, can not cover the #1’s.

    As the big lebowski once said, thats just like your opinion man. Somehow that guy you call a cancer was one of the leaders of the greatest defense of all time.

  4. Unfortunately he is going off a serious injury. Achilles surgery on one ankle and cleanup surgery on the other. This could be a rehab season for him and whoever signs him.

  5. Sherman will not be returning to Seattle. And Sherman was as responsible for bringing a Championship to Seattle as any player. Thank you Richard!

  6. I find the people cheering this on and rooting for this guys downfall extremely soft. Any football fan who has met Sherman off the field has nothing but great things to say about the guy. I hate Seattle but are we going to ignore how fun the Seahawks were to watch with this guy talking trash and getting other teams hyped up to play them? When this league turns into flag football you’ll miss guys like Sherman.

  7. Anyone saying “welcome to the patriots” doesn’t realized BB likes to run plenty of man coverage which isn’t exactly Sherman’s cup of tea…

  8. Anyone saying “welcome to the patriots” doesn’t realize BB likes to run plenty of man coverage which isn’t exactly Sherman’s cup of tea…

  9. Championships? More than one? Odd, seems to me the SheHawks gave away their second championship.

    Bye bye to the mouth that roared.

    You mad bro?

    Dont you ever talk about me, ever!!!

    Dont worry loudmouth, a year from now youll be all but forgotten, good riddance.

  10. tylawspick6 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 4:48 pm
    Welcome to the Patriots.


    Is that the only four words you know? Coming off a serious injury like that takes time. You want him, good luck.

  11. profootballtalkcom1000 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 4:52 pm
    He is done being a star but could be a slot cover guy , I would rather draft a kid then pay this fool
    He could never play the slot, even in his prime. You need mad skills to play slot CB because you don’t have the sideline helping you out.

    This guy is/was a Zone outside CB, nothing more.

  12. “Somehow that guy you call a cancer was one of the leaders of the greatest defense of all time.”

    Sherman was on the ’85 Bears?

  13. dmoney253 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 4:48 pm

    …was one of the leaders of the greatest defense of all time.


    You saying he played for the ’85 Bears, the 2000 Ravens or the ’76 Steelers?

  14. most INT’s, most passes defended, lowest completion % and QB rating when thrown on . . since 2011. that’s not a small sample size.

    you can complain about his mouth if that’s what matters – fair enough. But the dude could play. He’ll be in the HOF someday.

  15. Seahawks statement about Sherman: “Thank you for helping win championships”…BRUH, YOU ONLY WON 1

  16. Soooooo, the Seachickens specifically release him for a failed physical.

    And then they expect to re-sign him within a week and miraculously pass a physical.


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