Tyrod Taylor trade takes Browns out of free-agent market, not draft pool

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Typically, Friday afternoons are for bad-news dumps. A team that has created plenty of bad news for its fans in recent years potentially have given then good cause for hope via a trio of trades that have broken since 4:00 p.m. ET today.

The most intriguing, and the one with the most potential ramifications, involves quarterback Tyrod Taylor. With the Bills, who seemed to be intent on paying Taylor $6 million next week for the ability to trade his $10 million base salary later, doing the deal now, the Browns seemingly are out of the free-agent market at the quarterback position. This would mean that coach Hue Jackson, who reportedly wanted to reunite with Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron, won’t be getting his wish.

But while the Taylor acquisition most likely means that the Browns won’t be pursuing McCarron or any other unrestricted free agent quarterback, it doesn’t remove the Browns from taking a quarterback with the first or fourth overall pick in the draft. This would make Tyrod Taylor a short-term, Mike Glennon-Style option at best, allowing the rookie to sit on the bench for a year, quietly learning the position without being thrown to the wolves like DeShone Kizer was a year ago.

It also means that between Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan, one or two will be getting a Water Pik and the other will be getting fired. Maybe both will be gone. Maybe Kizer, a second-round pick a year ago, will be traded.

However it plays out, Friday’s trades hardly means the Browns are done. Instead, it feels like they’re just getting started.