Jaguars want to keep Allen Robinson, but will they?

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In four days, free agency opens. One of the biggest names on the market will be Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson, No. 7 on the PFT free-agency top 100 list.

The fact that the Jaguars didn’t tag Robinson could make some think that the Jaguars don’t want him. But they do.

“We like the kid,” Jaguars G.M. Dave Caldwell recently told PFT Live. “He’s a great kid, a really good competitor. In terms of the production standpoint . . . you deal with that with a lot of players. You look on the free agency market, there are other players at his position that have gone through similar type of things. You just have to set a price for us that we feel like as a team we can handle and hopefully [Robinson and his agent] feel like the same thing and we can get a deal done. At some point in time, just like other free agents, we’ve walked away. We don’t want to do that with Allen because he’s ours. We’ll see. We have a lot of options on the table with that.”

Robinson’s situation has become complicated by the fact that: (1) he tore an ACL in Week One of the 2017 season; and (2) Robinson had a significant drop in his production from 2015, when he had 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns, to 2016, when he had fewer than 900 yards and six scores.

So which guy is the real Allen Robinson, and is he healthy? And will the Jaguars be the team where he tries to re-establish himself as a high-end pass-catcher?

We’ll find out on Wednesday, if not sooner. In theory, the Jaguars could re-sign him at any time. At this point in time, it probably makes sense to see which offers come in on Monday.