Jets lead the NFL in cap space after Browns add Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry

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The Browns have had a huge lead over the rest of the league in available salary cap space for 2018. But that’s no longer the case.

Through trades agreed upon Friday, Cleveland will add Tyrod Taylor‘s $16 million cap hit and Jarvis Landry‘s $15.982 million cap hit for 2018. Those are the two biggest cap numbers on the roster.

That leaves the Jets in first place in the NFL in available cap space. The Jets are estimated to have $92 million in cap space, while the Browns have fallen into second place at about $76 million.

Amid reports that the Jets are willing to break the bank to add quarterback Kirk Cousins, there’s absolutely no reason for them not to pay whatever it takes to improve their roster significantly. With by far the most cap space of any NFL team, the Jets can outspend everyone else in the NFL.

31 responses to “Jets lead the NFL in cap space after Browns add Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry

  1. Reason “not to pay whatever it takes to improve their roster significantly”: The goal is to win a championship. Spend all on Cousins won’t win them a thing now on in the future.

  2. The Jets GM, Mike Maccagnan, has drafted poorly for 3 years, and his predecessors also drafted poorly.
    No talent on the roster = money must be spent on free agents.
    Its not a good thing to have so much cap money and a poor roster.

  3. If the Jets don’t sign Cousins and instead draft a QB at #6, they’re going to be able to fill a lot of holes this year and next year in free agency. By the rookie QB’s (Rosen?) third season, the Jets would be set to roll.

  4. A blind man can see what the Browns are doing here they are beefing up for the draft ,before this is all over the Browns will enter talks with the GIANTS about draft positioning and Landry will be a GIANT before all is said and done !

  5. You get that much cap space by having a roster that would look at home in Conference USA or the MAC….and thus need to fill far more holes than the rest of the league…plus you get to do it moreso in the value killing FA market and less so the value adding draft…

    Indeed, advantage Browns and Jets…

  6. Total Rebuilds now taking all professional sports by storm. Rather be awful for a few years, build through the draft and add cap space, and then start making some big splashes when the supposed contention window opens.

    Doesn’t always work so well, but we’ll see how it works for the Jets. I’d say let Cousins sign elsewhere and try to replicate him through the draft.

  7. I’ll call it now. Browns will take Barkley #1. They will trade down out of 4 once, if not twice, and take QB Lamar Jackson. You can install the same offense with Tyrod and Jackson.

  8. With Jets rebuilding, if they want an instant potential franchiser they’d be better off going for a much younger guy like Bridgewater (5yrs younger than Cousins), and don’t go mad with 5yrs but give him 3yrs with a team-out after 2 and see how it goes.

  9. rkt4mayor says:
    March 10, 2018 at 9:53 am
    What a difference a real NFL GM makes! The Browns are already better!

    Sashi paid off the credit card and added several chips in multiple high draft picks. The Browns had no overpriced veteran players, etc. This is a GMs dream, clean slate, more draft picks than anyone else, and more cap space than anyone else.

    If the new GMs job is to improve the roster immediately, it would be almost impossible to not improve the roster at least in the short term. Whether they can build long term success, short term success is easy. They will win at least 2 games.

  10. Do what the Eagles did: Have a great starting QB on the cheap, hit on the draft, and then use any left-over cash to fill in the holes (and, of course, coach aggressively to win).

  11. The only way the moves Dorsey made yesterday make any sense is if they draft Barkley at #1. There will be a QB at 4, and there isn’t much separating the 4 available QBs. Dorsey likes big-arm QBs, so I would guess he likes Josh Allen, who should be there at 4. Tyrod will start for a while, but they need a strong running game to make the QB successful. If they pass on Barkley then that organization really is cursed.

  12. give cousins a large first year salary and smaller the next few years. he would probably whine and cry though.

  13. Improve through FA and then BPA in draft.

    If they can land a few solid young studs in FA & get talent in the draft [3 picks in top 49 selections] then they will be competitive in 2018.

  14. One thing about teams with large cap spaces that seem to be a constant…you don’t get to that point making good personel decisions. Hopefully all the teams with cap space have different decision makers so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

  15. Almost anything a team that has gone 1-31 over the last two years does in the area of personnel will be an improvement. Seems like the Browns are headed in the right direction. They haven’t evaluated talent very well in the draft so get guys that have proven they belong.

  16. Landry is on a one year deal. Meaning if he doesn’t live up to his 16million dollar price, he will get cut or negotiate a reasonable long term contract. I don’t think he is, and the market after this year will bear it out.

  17. Cap Space Championship banner going up!
    So much for Miami’s dynasty-like run of winning the off-seasons……

  18. If I were running the Jets, here’s what I would do. I would NOT sign Kurt Cousins. I do not consider Cousins an elite QB and though he’s infinitely better than anyone they have right now, this team is not built to win now or even in the next 3 years.
    So — the Jets need to figure out which QB in this draft they think will be the best NFL QB and do what they have to do to draft him. Then they need to make sure they have the best QB coach available to work with the kid. And — they need to let him have the time to develop. Don’t throw him into the fire before he’s ready. Keep Josh McCown one more year and see where the kid is next year. If he’s still not ready to start, bring in another veteran QB for one more year, then have the kid ready to play the following year.
    In the mean time, build the best offensive line you can build and get the best young WR’s and TE you can get. Put together a good RB unit, too. In other words, make the goal to have the best offensive personnel you can have so that when the kid you drafted gets his shot, he has good people around him.
    They can do all of that and still put together a solid defense, too, if they have the right defensive coaching staff.
    The point of all of this is the Jets have long neglected the offensive side of the ball (especially the QB position) and that is the single biggest reason they have stumbled year after year. They’ve had some pretty solid defenses during that time, but without a first rate QB and offense, they are never going to win anything.
    Look at the Eagles, for proof of that. Their defense was supposed to be one of the best in the NFL last year, but in the Super Bowl they gave up over 600 yards of offense to the Patriots and still won the game. Why? Because their offense matched Brady toe-to-toe and their QB played magnificently, while their head coach had a great game plan.
    The best QB in Jets history was Joe Namath, even though his career statistics surprisingly say he should not be in the Hall Of Fame. But he is there because he was the QB whose team won maybe the most important game in NFL history. Since they had him, the best QB they have had was Brett Favre when he was pushing 40. You cannot win in today’s NFL without an excellent QB, unless you have an all-time caliber defense. They’ve had some decent QB’s over the years — like Kenny O’Brien and Vinny Testaverde for instance — but they have not had that franchise QB who could take them on his back and make everyone around him better. Had Favre not gotten injured the one year he was with them, who knows? He might have been the guy.
    The Jets need to find a franchise QB in this draft, period.

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