Washington holds firm on its price for Su’a Cravens

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Washington coach Jay Gruden has said the team won’t trade safety Su'a Cravens. The truth is that they will, if they get what they want.

The problem is that they currently want more than interested teams will offer. Per a league source, it’s believed that Washington wants a third-round pick for the 2016 second-round selection.

Cravens sat out all of the 2017 season after he left the team — and after the team shut him down for the year before he could rejoin the franchise. He now intends to return, but it’s fair to wonder whether everyone would be better off if he gets a fresh start.

Teams (like the Broncos) are interested in giving him that fresh start, but Washington seems to be unwilling to get what they can. Which means that, without a trade, Washington may eventually decide to cut Cravens, and to get nothing for him at all.

The best approach could be to make the compensation for Cravens a conditional pick in 2019, based on factors like how many games he plays, how well he performs, and/or how well his new team does. Absent something creative like that, it may be impossible for Washington and some other team to come up with an agreement on a possible deal for Cravens.

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  1. I don’t think that cutting him is really on the table. He’s a promising young player on a cheap contract and there isn’t a lot forcing Washington’s hand.

    Granted, he could do or say something stupid that forces Washington’s hand, or other players could refuse to have him back. But as of now he’s promising, cheap, and has done nothing worse than take a mental health break.

  2. Talented player on a cheap deal is worth keeping around. No reason to trade him for peanuts. If he wants to play next season then he’ll play for whoever holds his contact, if that’s the Redskins then it’s the Redskins.

  3. Why do that snowflake any favors. You signed a deal with the team that drafted you, live up to it. Or, get a real job and tough it out like the other 80 percent of the country.

  4. Which means that, without a trade, Washington may eventually decide to cut Cravens, and to get nothing for him at all.

    That sounds exactly like something the Redskins would do. As a fan last off season I said if you can’t sign Cousins to a long term deal the best thing would be to bite the bullet and trade him in the OFF SEASON. We could have made a mint in draft picks from all the QB needy teams bidding for him. Then this off season someone in the organization had the hare brain idea on the table to franchise cousins and try to trade him. One of many difference between teams like the Skins and successful teams like the Patriots….The Pats are always willing to trade a player a season too soon while the Skins are always a season too late.

  5. I guess by reading the comments, the Redskins are the only team that isn’t allowed to get fair trade value from it’s talented players. If Su’a was an Eagle, they’d get a 2nd round pick.

    It sucks about what happened last season with him, but he can ball. If they can’t get what they want in a trade, keep him. I’d rather see what he has instead of trading him away for some late round practice squad player.

  6. They won’t cut him if they don’t get what they want. He has a low salary and they need depth in the secondary. If they don’t get a decent pick, they’ll take their chances that he’s committed to play. I’m sure if they had secondary depth, they’d trade him for peanuts. However, that isn’t the case.

  7. nachofacefakeindian says:
    March 10, 2018 at 5:16 pm
    Remember that fleeting moment when 17 white people and a handful of Native Americans were offended by the name “Redskins”? lol
    Yes. A few white fascist progressives trying to remake the language to suit them.
    With the way things have gotten so much better so fast, it almost seems surreal to have suffered through the Obamanation of the previous administration.
    The hysterical left over stepped on everything, believing until the end that the paradigm would never change. It really must be frightening for them to see how quickly their old way of thinking has been discarded as evidenced by the most devout lashing out at every chance and clinging on to Mueller as a Hail Mary. The game isn’t over, but they are down by 5 TDs late in the 4th and don’t even have the ball.

  8. Almost as absurd as letting Cousins walk???? Are you serious??? Ill take Alex Smith over $30 million Cousins all day. Cousins was a stud when it didn’t matter, but was mediocre at best when it counted.

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