Browns rash of trades stunned many

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If you were surprised by the one-after-another trades that emerged on Friday involving the Browns, you’re not alone. As one league source explained it to PFT, the trades stunned others who had been negotiating potential moves with the Browns.

The Browns weren’t talking only to the Bills about getting a quarterback, the Packers about getting a cornerback, and the Dolphins about getting a receiver. The Browns were talking to other teams and agents for looming free agents (yeah, it’s tampering, but everyone does it) about filling those needs elsewhere. The bing-pow-boom-bing reports of trades on Friday were for some of those folks the first notice they received that other deals being discussed had been rendered moot.

There’s no requirement that teams call, for example, a team that the Browns had been talking to about a trade for a quarterback, cornerback, or receiver before doing a deal that makes it clear that the talks are off, but it’s the kind of thing that can leave people a little miffed about the way things went down.

The Browns may not care. After winning one game in two years, they’re on a mission to dramatically improve the team. If as the Browns bust their asses to get better others get upset that a little sweat has been splashed on them, they’ll get over it. It’s far more important for the Browns to get past 0-16.

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  1. Why would the browns care if others get upset? Remember when bellichik allegedly told cleveland Jimmy G wasnt available, then traded him to SF without so mich as letting browns know he was available? Its about time the browns stop being the doormat.

  2. It’s like the Browns GM is playing madden and I’m loving every minute of it! Now take Barkley #1 overall and move on from Crowell, get what you can for him. Duke Johnson Jr. is a phenomenal pass catching compliment and change of pace guy. Grab the best player available at #4 even if it’s not a QB, you can always grab one at the top of round 2.

  3. We’ll see. The Browns still have #1 and #4. If they draft and develop two franchise level players, they will have to deal with salary cap problems in a few years, but the need to start winning games outweighs is their first priority.

  4. Yet they kept the worst guy in the league to coach them.

    Id take a flyer on a young, “up and comer” over a proven loser.

    To play in Parcell’s analogy; You’re giving great groceries to a horrible cook.

  5. kerrchris65 says:
    March 11, 2018 at 10:22 am
    Why would the browns care if others get upset? Remember when bellichik allegedly told cleveland Jimmy G wasnt available, then traded him to SF without so mich as letting browns know he was available? Its about time the browns stop being the doormat.

    He told them correctly, JG wasn’t available… the AFC. Belichick knows JG is the real deal and wanted to insure he landed as far away as possible. If he does not slap that trade through with the Niners, even if just for a high second rounder he loses JG for nothing and also is risking him landing where he is a thorn in the Patriots side for years to come. Getting a slightly higher (they were not going to get any of the top ones) pick than the one he has in hand now is not worth having JG in his face the next few years. I totally get why Belichick did that trade the way he did.

  6. I don’t think too many people would be surprised about anything the Browns do, except win. The Browns made a bunch of noise, but haven’t improved their team. They might do something in the draft, but based on the way Dorsey seems to be evaluating players and putting this roster together, I’m not going to get my hopes up. That’s proven to be futile for Browns’ fans. The Colts made a bunch of “improvements” last off-season, and went from 8-8 to 4-16. They did a couple of the same thing the Browns did. They traded for a terrible QB, and they got fleeced by Bill Belichick. But they sure made a lot of noise.

  7. It’s all for naught if they don’t get a franchise QB
    in FA or the Draft. And with Hue…. I’m not sure they’re going
    going anywhere.

  8. But inexplicably, they kept their head coach who is 1-31. I don’t see them overcoming that.

  9. Dorsey will put the Browns in Salary Cap hell in just a few years. Questionable deals for older players, and salary cap mismanagement is why Kansas City showed him the door…..and for trying to power move Andy Reid

  10. It was great to see how a competent FO can execute trades with precision. I’m excited (well,relatively that is)) about the FAs this week but especially the draft. Unlike past regimes I expect Dorsey has a Top 4 board (imagine that !) and there won’t be any dorking around with picks #1 and #4.

    If he takes picks #33 and #35 to move higher, then I’ll be surprised, but if a top ten player is sitting there then maybe? #33 is always very valuable for teams who have all night to reevaluate so perhaps a trade down on #33 and keep #35 ?

    Anywho,it is going to be fun to see what Dorsey and his Ron Wolf Green Bay trained team will do !

  11. Dorsey just makes random deals and trades with no clear plan in place, and no regard for the salary cap. I feel sorry for Browns fans, Dorsey can not turn around your franchise

  12. I’m not stunned. Dorsey and the other 2 personnel guys weren’t hired to only draft better. The first thing Dorsey said when he was hired was the previous guys didn’t bring in many football players.

  13. Come August, after Dorsey, Wolf, Highsmith and McCloughan are finished, the rest of the AFC North will be taking Cleveland seriously. With a decent bridge QB now in place, they will draft the future QB at #1, add Chubb or Fitzpatrick at #4, and with the rest of the draft, along with free agency, put a roster together that will give Browns fans a reason to get excited again.

  14. People are commenting on the Browns salary cap?! Are you people nuts?! For YEARS they’ve been close to the salary floor! The ownership will magically open its pocket books?

  15. Yes amaf21, mediocre talent. Hmm. Landry, only player with 400 catches in first four years in the NFL in say, NFL history. Led the league in receptions last year. That is mediocre. Taylor, while not putting up yards, has stats that beat Cousins, including completion %, TD:INT ratio, and I believe rating but they are pretty close. Those are the ones I want in a bridge QB. And Cousins is trying to reset the QB market. Yes that is mediocre. Randall I can’t speak to but Pack fans seem to lament the fact that he is gone. That is mediocre.

    I don’t think mediocre means what you think it means.

  16. Florio – love the article. Mainly because we all admit the “tampering” rules are dumb, they have kept a lot of interest in these dead weeks, even if the contracts cannot become official until after the league year starts. That ain’t bad for the NFL, and they know it. They should just change the rule. The fans love it.

  17. A) Crowell is a free agent, there is no getting anything for him B) The Browns still have 80 million in cap room. C ) they still have their top two first round picks and the first and third pick in the second round D) there is still free agency to deal with.

  18. The Browns are using Taylor as a holdover QB until the quarterback they draft is ready, but if Taylor becomes more than he was in Buffalo (Avg 8 wins a year) then that rookie will sit a little longer. Landry is a great possession receiver… one of the best in the league. Pairing him with Coleman who is a redzone threat and Gordon who is a solid #1 was smart. The Browns are headed in the right direction.

  19. rivercitydawg says:
    March 11, 2018 at 11:25 am
    Come August … the rest of the AFC North will be taking Cleveland seriously.


    How many times have we heard this line before.

  20. delusional and so very gullible Brown fans are once again actually believing the team is going to turn it around. Ridiculous quotes like “AFC North will be taking Cleveland Seriously” and “It was great to see how a competent FO can execute trades with precision” are once again rampant.

    Making willy nilly trades without a clear plan on why they all fit together is a recipe for disaster, not competency . These same posters will be crying and screaming AGAIN, in just a few years when Salary Cap Bozo Dorsey has the the franchise no better than 5-11, and in the same place as always. IRRELEVANT

  21. A new regime buying high priced pieces, lots of awestruck rookies, a bridge QB & Hue. Most likely the streak will hit > 20 straight losses. They’re still a long ways away. Stability will have to come first.

  22. I like the moves so far. Addressing their priorities by bringing in needed experience in key areas: (QB WR DB). Now they can use free agency to get more experienced players that fit their systems. Then use draft to get their future QB and more play makers.

  23. These agents that they were negotiating with are miffed because they can no longer use the Browns as leverage. Take AJ McCarron…now he can no longer tell the Broncos or Bills that The Browns are interested and have ridiculous cap space. Maybe these agents and teams would have gotten the trades and deals done if they offered a good deal like the Packers, Bills, Dolphins and Patriots did. They need to take ownership of their greed and realize that there is a new sheriff in town.

  24. The Browns are starting over again (again & again) from scratch.
    How many times have they done this since coming back into the league?
    Not sure why anyone would be surprised. It’s their SOP.

  25. I would put Tyrod and Blake Bortles in the same tier, average to below average QB.

  26. No mystery here. Every two to three years, browns clean house and start over. This guarantees them a losing record. Keep it up, for continued suck-cess.

  27. I get that Hue has a bad record, but he’s the Browns coach. The BROWNS. There was no talent on that team, so they have every reason to give him another chance. My guess is that if he’s not over .500 (which isn’t very likely) this year, he’s gone. I’d rather hire an up and comer coach, but you have to win at least 6 games to get one of those guys interested in you.

  28. I think these moves will make them a better team and lead them to an improved record. I predict that they win one game next season.

  29. Insanity is doing the same things over again that failed and expecting a different result. While the people of Cleveland may fall within that definition for continuing to elect one party as their City swirls down the drain, it is good to see the team from that City trying something new and bold.

  30. No offense but how is dealing one player (Shelton) who has never lived up to the #12 pick, yet picking up three solid players, cleaning house? Taylor has Cousins like numbers, Landry excellent (currently the best) possession receiver in the NFL through 4 seasons, and Randall who is said to be a solid QB. They ADDED, which is the opposite of cleaning house. SMH.

  31. I guess the Browns have been so bad that nobody will give them any respect whatsoever until they win a few. I for one think it’s going to be fun watching the AFC north next year. The division is weak (Steelers are always competitive) and Taylor is a good bridge. Looking forward to seeing what the Browns do with the rest of their cap space, FA, and the draft.

  32. Why would the Browns care one bit if another team is miffed? The Landry deal was great….maybe another team is miffed that they did not get him.

  33. wouldn’t it be funny if the Browns win more games with Tyrod Taylor than the Bills do with their new QB.
    wouldn’t if be fun if the Browns won just one game?

  34. Yet they won’t fire the coach because he is protected under the black privilege card like usual.

  35. Why are people stunned? The Browns had over $100M in salary cap space up their sleeve. With that they have the money to significantly outbid every team for free agents. Jarvis Landry for example refused to sign decent long term deal with Miami because he demanded top dollar and succeeded in getting the franchise tag. He’s very good but no other team was prepared to pay him over $16M.

  36. I would put Tyrod and Blake Bortles in the same tier, average to below average QB…sorry, Bortles>Taylor…at least Bortles can hit a wide receiver…

  37. Apparantly, nobody here has read Ron Wolf’s book – The Packer Way. Dorsey does have a blueprint and he’s following it meticulously.

    Read the book, then come back and flap your gums.

  38. Ppl saying they are taking a QB at #1 are morons!!! They are taking Barkley without question at #1. Dont be so stupid to think they will pass on him, Dorsey is in charge and he knows he can get one of the top 3 QBs at #4 or even the best one, even then if minkah Fitzpatrick is at 4 they will take him instead of a QB and easily get one of the top 4 QB’s in the top of the second round. with Tyrod Taylor in place they are not worried about quarterback in the draft right now.

  39. The fact that all of their previous first round picks are gone proves how over valued those picks are. Teams often trade two first round picks for a QB, such as Philly did for Wentz. So why not use two first round picks for two QBs? Take Darnold #1, then Allen #4. Or Rosen, or best of all Lamar Jackson, whatever. The picks aren’t worth anything when they end up being sent to Belichek for some magic beans like Danny Shelton, so be bold and take 2 QB’s.

  40. Part 1 was hire a coach willing to be patient with Browns ownership who was ok with the plan of hiring a bunch of numbers people to put the team in a place to speed a rebuild process up through maximizing draft stock and salary cap space.

    Part 2 was once the numbers guys did their thing hire a GM with experience since now they have something to offer a person who has choices and won’t have to settle for “whomever is willing to take the job” like in years past (which worked as guys left their teams or downright refused to talk to any other team to go work in Cleveland when they were shown the salary cap and draft picks they were getting to work with).

    We’re now at part 3. If you go back to when the Browns fired Ray Farmer as their GM 2 years ago all that confusion on why the Browns were hiring a coach and not a GM and the coach they hired not bringing in an offensive coordinator makes total sense now. In order to get a good coach they had to promise him that he was not going to be held accountable for the state of the team he inherited. How many coaches are told that ever? Then how many GM’s get hired to teams where they can literally build it from scratch in one off season? Will it lead to wins? Who knows but it did make a team who consistently hired coaches and GM’s with no experience that no one else wanted finally become able to be competitive with their front office hiring.

  41. Without a competent head coach, (and obviously there isn’t one in Cleveland) I wouldn’t trust my franchise in the hands of John Dorsey. He’s a scout, and that’s about it.

  42. Do you think Haslam realizes yet that Dorsey put Hue put on notice? Jackson spent a full year trying unsuccessfully to develop a QB that gets traded. He banked exactly nothing for his effort. Not only could they not win a single game despite a top 10 defense, payback for his game time investment in Kizer goes to the Packers.

    John Dorsey is one shrewd dewd: he’s constructed an unequivocal experiment to test Slick Jimmy’s hypothesis that Jackson is a good head coach even before free agency. He’s provided Hue all the pieces he needs to go at least 8-8. Check out the Bills 2017 roster from top to bottom and compare it to the Browns prospective 2018 opening day roster even as of today. Tell me its significantly better…it’s just not.

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