Joe Thomas excited about trades, but retirement decision still up in the air

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Browns tackle Joe Thomas had his brother’s wedding on Saturday, but took some time out from preparing for the event to tape an episode of his podcast with former Browns wideout Andrew Hawkins.

The reason for the unscheduled broadcast was the run of trades that the Browns made to close out the week. The acquisitions of quarterback Tyrod Taylor, wide receiver Jarvis Landry and cornerback Damarious Randall were met with approval by Thomas.

He said Taylor was “the most underrated” option available at quarterback and that the new Brown reminds him of Russell Wilson. Thomas also complimented General Manager John Dorsey for acquiring Landry, who he called the top receiver on the market, for “peanuts.”

What Thomas didn’t say is that the moves will lead him to return for another season. Thomas told Pat McManamon of that the conditions for his decision remain the same despite Friday’s moves.

“My decision will be based purely on my health,” Thomas said. “But I’m excited by the moves John made.”

Before the trades went down, Thomas suggested that he’d be announcing his decision soon.

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  1. As a Browns fan I respect Joe, but this is getting old. Look, he campaigned to bring Hue Jackson back for one more year. The least he can do is come back and suffer through it like everyone else.

  2. JT is still one of the top – if not the top – LT in the game…even at his age. He could come back and still be an elite player, the prototypical LT especially in the passing game, and I hope he does. It’s good for the Browns and it is good for the game. But I also find myself rooting for these guys to do the right thing with their health, which I know can cut short good or even great careers, but I would rather see these guys healthy and functioning when we all remember “the good old days on the gridiron” versus these stories we read about where people can’t walk or remember Tuesday. Make the right choice for you JT.

  3. say what you want about Joe, but his mama raised no fools;

    all the trades are nice toppings but the bottom line is another crop of players is about to be wasted under the most grossly incompetent coaches ever in the NFL;p, right next to Marinelli;

    Joe knows that bringing in all this fresh talent is like drawing a map to Treasure Island then giving it to Mr. Magoo…while you’re standing on his glasses;

    sure, they will out-talent a team here and there so they won’t go 0-16 again, but winning enough to get out of the consistently most toughest division in the NFL and into the playoffs means relying on No-Clue Hue to out-coach somebody;

    unless ten teams go out and hire Caldwell in successive weeks, that just flat won’t happen;

    wait, didn’t No-Clue Hue have Caldwell down by ten up in Detroit last season?

    so much for that plan;

    now cleveland will get to celebrate a ‘vast improvement’ to 5-11 or more likely 4-12;

    even they deserve better than that;

  4. Joe Thomas has been an elite blind side protector for all 11 seasons he has played in the NFL. However, he has never been a “people mover” in the running game, and also was never a “vocal” leader in the locker-room. This is not stated to trash J.T.; just critique that happens to be fact.

    Here is another “critique”—-If Joe Thomas is having a difficult time figuring out whether he can handle the rigors of playing in the NFL….a job where you basically have 4 solid months a year, “OFF’….he should do himself, his family, the Browns, and most importantly…the fans who made it possible for him to be a millionaire…a favor and just retire already ! He originally stated that he would let the team know in plenty of time to find a replacement ( if he were to retire ). As such, practically everyone figured that would be “at-least” a week before free agency. Well, right now we are roughly 24 hours before teams can begin to negotiate with player’s agents, and come to verbal agreements on contracts ( 2 days ahead of the leagues new year on Wednesday ).

    Yet Thomas is “still” undecided ? I…as do most Brown’s fans…realize Joe grew up as kid in Wisconsin rooting for the Packers. I just hope he is not taking a cue from that team’s star player on….deciding + announcing a retirement. If that is indeed the case, the Browns need to draft his replacement this year; and move on without #73. And N-O ! The team and fan base owe him nothing. As he was compensated extremely well for his services.

    And what was given in return ? A record of 48-119 in the games he started. Yes, I know, it wasn’t poor Joe’s fault. Come to think of it…to hear any ex-Brown’s player, coach, or executive (since 1999) talk….no one says it was “their” fault ( the constant losing ). That right there is enough to tell me what the problem has been….accountability ! That is why it was music to my ears to hear new GM John Dorsey was looking to bring in some “dogs” via trades, free agency, and the draft. And by “dogs” he meant guys who were outspoken, hardworking, driven and competitive ! Aside from hardworking, none those adjectives accurately describe Joe Thomas. Again, another critique that happens to be fact.

  5. Joe Thomas is a Brown for life. He’ll be a HOFer. I’m betting he’s planning to retire. If he’s saying it’s all about his health, and if he thinks Tyrod Taylor is a good QB, then it’s obvious that he’s not feeling 100%. He doesn’t need anymore head shots. I’m being serious. If he announces it before the draft, that will tip off the other teams that the Browns will be taking a left tackle early.

  6. He’s right about Taylor, who, last season, had the same completion % as Philip Rivers and a 14-4 TD-INT ratio. And Taylor had nobody to throw to (I think RB McCoy was the Bills’ top receiver) and a “no-confidence” vote from McDermott. What Taylor needs is a good QB coach. We’ll see if Zampese is up to it and if Jackson (SMH) can get away from his “too much too soon” offensive scheme that nuked what little chance Kizer had to succeed.

  7. If he’s down 50 plus pounds, he’s done. If he’s within 25 pounds, he might not be.

    As an athlete who lost 50 Lbs due to illness, it takes a really long time to put it back on. That was just to get to ‘normal’ weight at age 20.

    I’m not talking about these guys who should weigh 250 and work and eat like mad to stay at 310. If he’s at the rest of his life weight range, it’s over.

    HOF career and a better guy.

  8. I’ll never forget this guy getting drafted. Was out on a boat fishing when he got the call, 3rd overall pick if I remember right. Good thing he’s a guy who doesn’t take this stuff too seriously, playing an entire career with the Browns would have ripped the soul out of him.

  9. The Browns need to retire his number today! I hope he does come back play but I think he wants to come back only if he knows he can play as an All Pro style! I commend for playing for such a lousy team. As a lifetime fan of the Brownies we wish him the best and hope he replaces doug in the radio booth that’s when doug retires.GO BROWNS!!!

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