Von Miller keeps pushing for Broncos to sign Kirk Cousins

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With free agency three days away, the best defensive player in Denver keeps politicking for the team to sign one of the best available veteran quarterbacks. Von Miller wants Kirk Cousins to come to town.

I’m all in 100 percent,” Miller told James Palmer of NFL Media. “This is a big time for Denver and a big time for the National Football League. You don’t really have, especially quarterbacks, become free like that. So it’s an exciting time in the National Football League.”

Cousins is the first healthy franchise quarterback under the age of 30 to become an unrestricted free agent. The class of free agents also includes several other potentially attractive options at the quarterback position.

“It’s kind of like college again,” Miller said. “You got an athlete coming to your school and you want to try your best to get them there. And that’s the same thing with us. We would really like to have Kirk. I think him and his personality and the things that he brings to the table fits in with Denver. But there are a lot of great teams out there with large pocket books. So we’ll have to just wait and see. But I’ll have to give him the ultimate spiel on why Denver is special to me.”

Miller realizes that, even his spiel and Denver’s money may not be enough. Which means that the Broncos will need to have one or more fallback plans in place.

“You always have your plan B and C,” Miller said. “We have great direction with the Denver Broncos — I said it 50 million times. [G.M. John] Elway is as good as it gets. Whatever [direction] he takes this organization in I’m with him. We’re tied to the hip forever. Whatever direction he takes the organization I’m with him 100 percent.”

Here’s an interesting direction that Miller may not like, but it would get Miller and Cousins on the same team. A reader recently suggested a trade between the Rams and Broncos, with Miller going to L.A., quarterback Jared Goff going to Denver, and the Rams then signing Cousins, reuniting him with coach Sean McVay. That would be a crazy outcome, but given the craziness of the last few days, how crazy would it really be?

On Monday’s PFT Live, we may be spending some time discussing some potentially crazy trades that could happen. Feel free to suggest some that we could steal use below.

35 responses to “Von Miller keeps pushing for Broncos to sign Kirk Cousins

  1. Poor poor skins fan. Ya had a great qb for the future and ya f’d it up…again. now you have an older alex smith. How does that happen??

  2. Does anyone even care what the great Masker, Von Miller thinks? The Donkeys are the 4th best team in the AFC West, and their playoff hopes are dashed for the next dozen years. We will see just how conjoined at the hips Von Miller and Elway are, when after the next 2 years of finishing in last place, Von wants to go to a winner

  3. This Bronco fan is saddened to say it but it appears Elway is headed in that direction. I’d rather have one of the top four Qb’s in this draft. They could easily become as good as Cousins for a fraction of the cost.

    All they gotta do is trade spot 5 with Cleveland at spot 4. Shouldn’t be difficult to pull that off.

  4. That’s funny. Denver can’t offer the most money, or the best opportunity to win. Miller’s words are falling on deaf ears.

  5. Money is not everything. If you do not believe it, exhibit A: Josh McDaniel. He gave up $7-10M to stay in Foxboro so his kids did not have to change schools. What a great father he must be to sacrifice his career for his kids.

  6. Remember when Denver fans said they can play anyone at QB and still have success?

  7. Cousins is the first healthy franchise quarterback under the age of 30 to become an unrestricted free agent.

    That term used to be reserved for qb’s that actually won some big games.

  8. cabosan1978 says:

    Poor poor skins fan. Ya had a great qb for the future and ya f’d it up…again. now you have an older alex smith. How does that happen??

    They wouldn’t win Super Bowl with either one so why blow the money on Cousins?

  9. What a wasted 3 years in Washington. They should have committed to Cousins and built a team around. Instead, they franchised him and made a few fringe moves but nothing significant. I would be mad if I was a DC fan, this team has no direction and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. At least with the Eagles, Vikes the last few years and now the Niners, Rams, and Bills – those teams have some “direction” they are heading in.

  10. I got nothing really against K Cousins, but “Franchise QB” is mighty hyperbolic for a career winning percentage hovering around .500 and one playoff appearance.

    Pretty sure Trevor Siemian could hang enthralling 8-8 seasons indefinately with even rudimentary protection.

    I get Denver’s desperation, but very much hope somebody offers Cousins something more stupid than whatever Denver is preparing to offer him.

  11. “Money is not everything. If you do not believe it, exhibit A: Josh McDaniel. He gave up $7-10M to stay in Foxboro so his kids did not have to change schools. What a great father he must be to sacrifice his career for his kids.”

    “Sacrifices” come in all sizes I suppose. A millionaire giving up a little more money isn’t what I usually think of there.

  12. If Vonster was a true team player, he’d offer to restructure his contract to free up more money for the Broncos to use in free agency.

  13. This is so funny. How does a QB, ANY QB, become a franchise QB who has : 1. NEVER won a single playoff game. 2. Has a career record of 4-19 against teams with a winning record (HUGE RED FLAG) HUGE!!!!!, 3. Finished 3rd out of 4th in the division the last two straight years!! 4. was 1-5 record in his OWN division this year. 5. Has a career losing record over 6 years, 26-3-1! OH, but he does rack up 4000 passing yards a year based on a short scripted passing system, although it is against teams that have a losing record. THATS’S IT!!! The passing yards! That is what is important now-personal stats!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!

  14. CORRECTION, 5: Has a career losing record over 6 years, 26 30-1!! I want to give him his credit.

  15. Michael LaRocca, Editor says:
    March 11, 2018 at 12:34 pm
    If the Broncos sign Cousins, that’s a definite upgrade. If the Vikings do, I don’t think it is.

    Honestly the best comment on Cousins I have seen in a while – and the most true. If you have no one in your QB room (Broncos, Browns, Jets, and even Cards) then he is a definite upgrade. If you have cap $ may even be worth the overinvestment. Vikes were 13-3 last year with a QB who statistically outperformed Cousins. It’ll likely happen, but this is not likely good business.

  16. cabosan1978 says:
    March 11, 2018 at 12:30 pm
    Poor poor skins fan. Ya had a great qb for the future and ya f’d it up…again. now you have an older alex smith. How does that happen??

    Seriously? Kirk Cousins performance is nowhere near what Alex Smith has brought to the table, especially over the last few years. Last year…. I would take Alex Smith over a whole bunch of QBs in the league, starting with his NFL leading rating as a QB. He was 104.7…Cousins was 93.9. Smith 26:5 TD:INTs, Cousins, 27:13 – still good, but not 26:5 or anywhere close. Smith 67.5 Comp % versus Cousins 64.3 or something like that. Oh and Smith is 11-5, 11-4, and 9-6 in the last 3 years. Cousins? Regressed – 9-7, 8-7-1, and 7-9.

    So I guess how it happens is that GM recognizes that paying Cousins versus paying Smith is paying for mediocrity versus paying for boring, yet efficient production. Everyone loves Cousins, but he simply has not produced. Better than many out there? Yes. $30M better? No. They got a productive QB who wants to be in DC versus a possible Matt Cassel/Matt Flynn type who doesn’t. I call that a pretty good move. And I am no Washington fan.

  17. Personally want Keenum, dont care about the money and am cool with Kirk if the Vikings get him. Case though came out of nowhere, is a great story, and the guy saved our season after Bradford and the mysterious knee thing happened.

    If you guys get Keenum in Denver, trust me, you’ll love the guy.
    Great teammate and great person, and had a pretty good season too.

    He did also deliver on time with the game on the line one of the greatest throws I’ve ever seen. Everyone talks about the missed tackle but what if Diggs is knocked out of bounds and we kick the game winner, unlikely being the Vikings they probably would’ve missed, but had we won in that fashion everyone would’ve talked about the throw by Keenum. For a week, anyway.

  18. A few years ago, Miller was also lobbying the Broncos to bring in his buddy Manziel so with Cousins I guess Von’s evaluation of QB talent has improved.

    Still, while Cousins is a decent player, he’s not even remotely close to being a franchise QB so I hope that Denver throws a truck-load of $$$ at him if a bidding war ensues.

  19. Full marks to Von for trying, but the reality is that Cousins is all about the money and the Broncos can be significantly outspent. Kirk refused to sign every long term offer that the Redskins put in front of him over the past 3 years, each time insisting on more. After being franchise tagged twice, Washington were not interested in negotiating with him. Kirk will insist on top dollar and enjoy squeezing all teams bidding. The Jets have the most cap space, so they are going to be squeezed hardest. Watch him take his time to come to a decision.

  20. As a Broncos fan, I feel it’s time Miller stops yapping about Cousins. The Vikings are the favorites to land him, not the Broncos. The Vikings have a great defense, solid O-Line, and a group of fast offensive weapons. It’s is just too much to pass up, especially since Denver has nowhere the speed or talent of the Vikings.

  21. Even though I’d go the Bridgewater and sign a veteran backup route to sign my in- house players and FA’s OL Sitton and Pugh for my Vikes. I’d say Cousins will have horns on his helmet helmet this year. In the meanwhile, I’ll be pushing for the Lottery officials to give me the winning ticket.

  22. People will soon see what a fraud cousins is. He’s done nothing but jay cutler his way to a huge payday. His stats are tacked up in mostly garbage time, he’s 26-30-1 starting record with one playoff appearance. Oh but he has no weapons? You think that’s gonna change after he squeezes all he can out of his current teams salary cap? This guy is Peyton Manning greedy with Jay Cutler talent. Mark
    My words, this guy is going to be the biggest free agent bust and more importantly, a cautionary tale of how overspending fort a middling talent at quarterback will put franchises behind the 8 ball for years to come.

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