Bills appear to be interested in Sam Bradford

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The Bills don’t have a quarterback at the moment, and though they have a lot of draft picks, they don’t have one in the top 20.

That leaves them looking to the free agent market for a quarterback for now, and they have several options.

According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the Bills are interested in Vikings free agent Sam Bradford.

Adding Bradford would clearly seem to be step one in the process, with parlaying some of their draft capital into a rookie a logical step two.

Bradford played just two games last year because of his knee issues, so any team investing in the 30-year-old better have a solid backup plan in place.

The Bills are also expected to keep tabs on the Case Keenum situation, as they need a certain level to keep them at a playoff level.

39 responses to “Bills appear to be interested in Sam Bradford

  1. As a Vikings fan…I’ll see that when Healthy…Sam is absolutely great. He has fantastic arm talent. It just sucks…because he just can’t stay healthy. It’s really too bad.

  2. Leave it to the Bills to waste resources on a guy who can’t stay healthy. Bills being Bills.

  3. Smokescreen Alert! The Bills are just trying to get the Eagles to lower their asking price for Nick Foles. As experience shows Sam Bradford simply can’t be counted on to last a full season. Prediction: Bills trade for Nick Foles and finish 11-5 and end the Patriots AFC East dominance.

  4. Bills Fan …Great Arm But can’t see him passing a physical with those knee’s ! and with our O-line he woundn’t make it thru one Series Let alone One Quarter !!!!

  5. So talented but I can’t imagine playing in those elements with bad knees or any elements.

    He has made 125 plus million. I’m not sure a ‘prove it’ or any contract means anything to him other than trying to find a way to prove to the world or himself how good he could have been or still is.

    We know how could you could have been and were, when healthy. One of the best QB’s I’ve ever seen was Bert Jones. Bad luck.

    He and Sam don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Maybe Sam needs to prove something to himself. That is, if he keeps playing.

    One more major knee issue could happen in a game or walking his dog. I’d just let it go and go work at the Manning camp or start your own. So talented…

  6. No thanks. Talent is there but the legs aren’t. The Bills draft a rookie, Bradford gets hurt week 2, the rookie is forced to come in and becomes shell shocked (Edwards?). Boom, another QB snafu.
    This front office is smarter than that. Aren’t they? Aren’t they? Please, be smarter than that!

  7. Agree with ajzinnecker that Bradford is extremely talented, but just can’t stay on the field. If he could stay/have stayed reasonably healthy in his career, he quite possibly could have been a HOF QB?!
    If the Bills could work out a team-friendly deal with Bradford, and have a guy to develop as a possible successor, it may be a good idea.A real roll of the dice, though for a team that’s going to need solid QB play to possibly return to the playoffs.
    And by the way, I would expect Nathan Peterman to be much better this season. Of course, he couldn’t get much worse…

  8. If the Bills are truly interested in Bradford they better have a good plan B and C ready. Also with how cold it gets in Buffalo during the winter, it will only make it have a worst affect on Bradford already damaged knees.

  9. Smokescreen Alert! The Bills are just trying to get the Eagles to lower their asking price for Nick Foles. As experience shows Sam Bradford simply can’t be counted on to last a full season. Prediction: Bills trade for Nick Foles and finish 11-5 and end the Patriots AFC East dominance…well alrighty!…but I have to ask: what’s the color of the sky in your world?

  10. His knee is Chronic and Degenerative.

    Great guy, real good QB when he is in there, but honestly, what is the ceiling of expected games for him at this point, 8?

    Draft Lamar Jackson and sign Teddy Bridgewater.

  11. Bradford is going to command 15 million minimum on the open market..Smart move would be trading for Foles for half the money ( this year anyway) and more importantly. He showed he is the man that can beat TB12!
    Yes, the Eagles are asking a firm 1rst round and 4th round draft pick..But the Bills have 6 picks in first 3 rounds..Give the Birds a 2018 2nd rounder a 2018 3rd rounder and #2 next year and get the QB that can beat the GOAT.

  12. Say WHAAAAT!?!?!? I wouldn’t touch that guy with a ten foot pole. Way too much risk is involved. It’s equivalent to throwing your kids’ college trust fund on the roulette table.

  13. He’s only thirty? Feels like he has been in the league for decades and has broken up every year like a glacier.

  14. Hey, this is for the truly gullible. You know who you are. Everyone commenting actually.
    The Buffalo Bills have 2 QB’s on their roster. Nate Peterman and Joe Webb.
    This partial statement at the beginning of this post told me as it should all you that this is not true. Just another rumor.

    >>>>”The Bills don’t have a quarterback at the moment, and though they have a lot of draft picks, they don’t have one in the top 20.”<<<<

  15. Bradford– He who has been paid so much for doing so little. You choose him over

    Tyrod? Thanks from a Browns fan.

  16. It will be interesting to see what kind of offers Sam gets on the open market. I wouldn’t mind at all if the Vikings brought him back for a reasonable contract, as long as he’s Option 2 (or Option 1b).

  17. Bradford is one of the best QBs in the league, WHEN HEALTHY. That being said, if the gamble pays off, you will have your best QB in Orchard Park since Jim Kelly. The NFL is a game of chances, streaks, and luck. How lucky do you feel?

  18. Oh please God no. No No No. I’m a Bills fan to my core. Always….always chasing another team’s second rate cast off. The Bills will chase Bradford, Foles, Bridgewater & Keenum. W T F.

    Keenum I can live with as long as Buffalo drafts a QB. They draft #21 & #22. A lot of teams would love to be in that position, for example the Colts at #3. But I PRAY Buffalo stays put. None of these QB’s are worth two #1’s & change, likely a #3 or a young talent [Cordy Glenn]? Sit back & snag Lamar or Mason Rudolph.


  19. And I say no to Foles because he failed EVERYWHERE else he played. Yes he had that ONE ridiculous season. But he is a system guy. He was out of football & only agreed to return if he could play for Andy Reid & his offense….in KC.

    Doug Pederson, running the Andy Reid offense in KC, bolts to PHILLY….where SURPRISE….Foles ends up there. Yes, SuperBowl MVP & he played tremendously [minus the “TD” to Clement] against a N.E. defense that was a no-show.

    Even then, once he took over for Wentz, he was EXTREMELY hit or miss. He was throwing the more than 20yds 1-3 times per game. It was just his day to shine with the RPO’s at the SuperBowl. And it will land him a sweet deal somewhere. And he will be a game manager AT BEST. And it will likely be in Buffalo. UGH. With Bradford backing him up.

    When BUFF signs a “bridge QB” please let it be Keenum, McCown or hell, Matt Moore. Just draft Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph @ #21 or #22 please.

  20. I love browns fans thinking the bills were stupid for dumping TT. LOL….just wait and see. don’t fall behind because a one point lead is insurmountable for Taylor. getting the FIRST pick in the third round for that bum was AWESOME !

  21. Bradford did beat Brady at Gillette in 2015 when he played for the Eagles. That’s something no other recent Bill’s QB has been able to do.

  22. If the Bills are drafting a rookie QB at the top of the first round (via trade obviously,) I wouldn’t mind this move provided it was a one year deal, or a deal that was easily turned into a one year deal with little consequence. I have little faith in Bradford, but if you don’t need to put a lot of faith into him as your answer, fine. He has a good amount of upside as a short term starter or backup.

  23. GOOD RIDDANCE, cost a 1st AND 4th round pick for hom to play 1/2 the snaps over 2 years.
    Whatever you do make sure his Contract restricts paying for time off for his Degenerating knee don’t guarantee money if it gives again!
    He will never be more than a could have been backup.

  24. Take him for another team who needs him but won’t get him bc they don’t have enough picks to play the trade game, in exchange for a first round to get a stellar new one.

  25. This just needs to be a rumor only. It was tough dealing with two years of Wrecks and I just couldn’t stand the hope that would be portrayed only for this guy to last one game. Sorry but there has to be better options. Go Bills

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