Case Keenum: We’re going to take advantage of free agency

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It looks less and less likely that Case Keenum will return to Minnesota next season, but he will find more interest and a bigger deal than he did a year ago.

Keenum, who went 11-3 as the Vikings’ starter last season, could become the first free agent quarterback to get a new home.

Keenum was in Houston on Monday night, participating in the First Shot for charity before the Rockets-Spurs game. He briefly spoke to reporters about becoming a free agent yet again.

“It feels really good,” Keenum said, via Mark Berman of Houston’s FOX 26. “It’s a tough league. When you get opportunities like this, you’ve got to take advantage of them, so we’re going to take advantage of it.”

Keenum played for the Rams in St. Louis in 2015, the Rams in Los Angeles in 2016 and the Vikings last season. The former University of Houston star also has spent time with the Texans.

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  1. I’m guessing there is a little animosity towards the Vikings. He’s their 2nd choice but I’d imagine he won’t return unless there’s very few good offers/situations waiting for him. No one likes being the consolation prize and hes probably a little hurt that the Vikings wouldn’t commit to him.

  2. Keenum 11 – 3 as a starter but out the door? The Vikings are always doing the little things to keep the nearly 60 years of futility alive and strong! smh

  3. Just in ‘case’ you didn’t figure it out – you’re not elite. Unless there is a team as dumb as Houston with Osweiler deal, you’re not going to get paid big bucks. You are a serviceable backup who had a great cast and a good OC. End of story.

  4. Sucks. I just don’t understand the lack of respect, the lack of gratitude, and the lack of recognizing a good thing when ya got it. After playoff hopes were dashed with Bradford’s early season knee injury, Case stepped in, did a more than adequate job, and led us (yeah, I’m enough of a Viking fan to say “us”) to the NFC Championship game, for crying out loud. What do they think they’ll get from Cousins that they couldn’t get from Keenum? He’s a classy, likeable guy and from all accounts, a great teammate and leader. This one baffles and irritates me. Case, if you’re by chance reading this (I’m guessing most players visit this site), please know that us fans (at least the ones I’ve spoken with about it) want you back! We APPRECIATE your efforts!!

  5. Case, you were the most fun I’ve had watching a Vikings QB in dam near a decade. I wish you nothing but the best!

  6. This is how the free market is suppose to work. You do well, exceed expectations and you then command a higher rate of earning the next year. Football had it figured out; baseball does not. However, it seems as though the NFL is moving in the baseball direction by giving longer contracts and guaranteeing more money. This will hamstring your team for years if they pay blindly off of a small sample of success. I am a Viking fan and I would have no problem paying Keenum 12-15 mil for a one year deal, but anything more or a long term deal and it is a crapshoot.

  7. I don’t know the history of the NFL but might this be the first time a Qb lead a team to 11 wins and the playoffs only to be jettisoned out of town at the end of the season? Somebody out there help me on this one, can anybody think of this happening previously?

  8. Dude’s a baller and will be successful going forward. But he ran into a buzzsaw in the Championship game — you can’t blame him there. Fly Eagles Fly!!!

  9. Unless he goes to a terrible team like the Browns I bet he has a better year than Cousins. Can’t understand how Cousins goes from mediocre QB to the QB everyone wants to give 90 million guaranteed too ????? As a packers fan I am glad to see Keenum go and am hoping the Vikeings sign and way over pay Cousins.

  10. It would be like Christmas for Packer fans if Cousins picked the Jets after Keenum finds his new home. Then again it would be just as fun to see Cousins go 8-8 with the Vikes. One can dream.

  11. Why would the Vikings ever think about letting this guy walk? He all ready has the chemistry with this team and proven he is more than capable of winning games with them. They can get him for half of what they would have to pay Cousins and have a QB with as much talent and more heart.

  12. Ah man :-[ I loved how you played for the Vikings. Very exciting & fun!
    My Viks making a big mistake…
    O well, God has blessed you and will always be with you 🙂
    Thanks for the great memories…..

  13. Love Keenum, but he is one of the very best backup QBs in the league. He was in a perfect situation last year and did what he could. Best of luck on your new team. Will never forget the Mpls miracle.

  14. Why would the Vikings ever think about letting this guy walk? He all ready has the chemistry with this team and proven he is more than capable of winning games with them. They can get him for half of what they would have to pay Cousins and have a QB with as much talent and more heart.
    To answer your question, it’s because he hasn’t proven anything, he will cost significantly more than half of what Cousins will, he isn’t as talented as Cousins and heart isn’t a measurable or tangible trait. Everyone, repeat EVERYONE that evaluates talent professionally will tell you that Cousins is a better QB right now. Keenum had a perfect situation in MAN and hos receivers played phenomenally. Very little chance he would be able to repeat last season

  15. The guy played at a very high level for 16 starts, including the playoffs. Certainly coaching/gameplanning was a factor, but that is true for all QBs.

    I don’t expect he’ll ‘break the bank’, but I do hope he gets a great deal, and more importantly, lands someplace where he can build on this past season. Good Luck without him, Minny.

  16. Hwy Case. Make sure when negotiating you show them tapes of the NFC Championship game this year when you drove your team to 7 points in a 30? point loss to the Eagles.

  17. Keenum didn’t exactly play stellar against quality opponents, as SO many like to point out about Cousins (especially if one looks at Keenums stats when he played on avg/below avg teams – like Cousins Washington teams)

    He began to regress to the (his) mean in the last 5 weeks of the season (not even counting the playoffs). While his stats over those last few regular season games were….OK…at best… They were against some REALLY bad teams in Cincy, GB and Chicago. Games he should have lit up if he were actually worth $18M+ per year. When one includes the 2 playoff games, one sees a bigger decline only saved by a miracle play.

    What we all witnessed from week 11 to the NFC championship game is WAY more representative of who Keenum is and more than likely will be, in my uneducated opinion (other than being a fan for 35+ years). Keenum threw 3 TD’s one time this year (Tampa Bay – great team, right?). Threw for 2 TD’s in 4 of those last 9 games, 1 TD in the rest, along with half of his interceptions (5/10).

    He’ll have good to VERY good game now and then, but mostly just above average performances on a VERY talented team. We all also watched him throw MANY questionable throws that didn’t end up as INT’s last year. He could have EASILY had at least 8-12 more INT’s if not for luck or lack of competence of the bad teams he was facing at the end of the year. He could have 4 more in the playoffs alone!

    If they’re not willing to pay Cousins $25M per (IF he’ll even sign for that), and I don’t think he’s worth that, but he’s better than anyone they had signed last year. How much better?? I don’t know, but he is an upgrade for sure.

    Go ALL in on Brees, if you get him you just moved into top 4 most likely to win the Super Bowl next year. If not… IF you can get Keenum for $10M-$12M per or less… Sign him! If not… Move on and resign Bridgewater to a 2 year prove it incentive laced contract. I’m certainly not ready to say that Bridgewater is the answer to the Vikes QB issue, but clearly neither is Keenum! Bridgewater has NEVER had these weapons, these types of offensive schemes, formations or play calls to play with/under. He was forced to play under an OC that peaked in 1996 (congrats again Carolina) and forced fed AP and forced to play a dumbed down offense and formations to cater to AP’s lack of intelligence.

    So idk what games many of these “Vikings fans” were watching, but the reason Zimmer never endorsed Keenum is because he KNEW he was playing with an awful lot of luck on his side and with receivers who bailed him out… A LOT!! Some of the best in the league on 50/50 balls. How many times did all of you Keenum-obos see him throw open a receiver??

    I’m sorry but put me in the camp that says Keenum played above his paygrade for 60% of the season and will not ever duplicate what he did this year. I said almost the whole year I didn’t trust him. If the Vikes sign him, I’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong, hopefully WAY wrong. But, he certainly didn’t shine much over those last 5-7 weeks, outside of a HORRIBLE decision by a DB in a playoff game.

    Keenum will take a HUGE step back this year, just wait until he doesn’t have one of the top 5 most talented teams to play with. Anyone who thinks Keenum would have put up Cousins numbers in Washington last year is being obtuse! Also, do you really believe Cousins would not have put up MUCH better numbers than Keenum last year on that Vikings team??

  18. He has more than earned his payday, imo!!! AND, he’s a class act on and off the field!

  19. As a Viking fan, I do not understand letting Keenum walk and turning around to pay a king’s ransom for Cousins. Keenum looks like the better QB based on 2017 performances. If Cousins under performs Keenum, Spielman needs to be the next one shown the door.

  20. Rodgers walks into A Barr says:
    March 12, 2018 at 10:25 pm
    Would love to see him back in purple. Not sure letting him go is the answer.


    The guy did a nice job improvising on broken plays and keeping drives alive. He may have not have been the perfect player but he was the best QB the vikings have had in years. He was a good fit.

    Why start over with a guy like Cousins? He had some pretty good receivers in Washington and he didn’t do anything amazing.

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