Chiefs cut Tamba Hali

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After 12 seasons with the Chiefs, defensive end Tamba Hali is on the way out.

The Chiefs are cutting Hali, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The move comes as no surprise, as we noted a month ago that old, expensive players on the Chiefs’ defense were going to be on the way out.

Hali had one year left on his contract and would have cost $9.4 million against the Chiefs’ cap this year. Instead he’ll carry a $1.7 million dead cap charge, meaning the move saves the Chiefs $7.7 million in cap space.

The Chiefs chose Hali in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft. He was chosen to five consecutive Pro Bowls from 2011 to 2015. Last year he played in just five games and did not record a sack.

19 responses to “Chiefs cut Tamba Hali

  1. A lot of faith in Mahomes…Thank you for the first round pick Chiefs that will ultimately be used for a franchise QB…You got fleeced Chefs no my god

  2. Well there goes all of dorseys Draft picks and Guys he signed cheifs are in for a major rebuild. With machomes If Andy dosent do good with this team he could also be on the way out with a new GM and all. Hope he doesn’t go Chip Kelly Here.

  3. Expected and doesn’t change anything. As noted above he didn’t really play last year.

    Great player, enjoy your retirement and Thank You for the great memories!

  4. Great player for KC, I questioned the pick way back when we took him in the draft but he always played at a high level despite not really having the “speed”. Truly one of those “high motor” guy’s. I hope Jared Allen and Justin Houston gave him a decent percentage of their salaries. The 1st 10 years in the league he made his teammates around him better.

    Will miss him, but he’s done.

  5. Great player….too bad the spirit outlasted the knees! Thanks for your service to Chiefs Kingdom….please consider coaching someday….there is a lot of talent there that could be passed down!

  6. As pointed out in the article he didn’t play much the last few years. His time has come and gone along with the others the chiefs cut this off-season. Those who think the chiefs are in rebuild mode and won’t win the afc West next year need to stop the craziness. The best coach in the division is Andy Reid and that’s why the chiefs will again win the division next year mark it down.

  7. This is the reality of the big contract. It makes a player too expensive to keep when his production starts to slip. When does the escalation stop? Everything gets more expensive, and most people cannot afford to attend an NFL football game. The bubble has to burst at some point.

  8. Tamba is a Chiefs legend. I have never seen a man be held so blatantly by left tackles with Refs standing right there, with no flag being thrown.

  9. bills72284 says:
    March 12, 2018 at 1:57 pm
    A lot of faith in Mahomes…Thank you for the first round pick Chiefs that will ultimately be used for a franchise QB…
    Not sure how Mahomes has anything to do with the defense but okay, whatever. So you thank the Chiefs for a pick, that you contend the Bills will use for a franchise QB. Which is exactly what the Chiefs did?? Again…okay…whatever. Try to make it an actual franchise QB this time instead of EJ Manuel.

  10. Bills haven’t been anything but the Patriots toilet tissue for 25 years. Why should we believe anything they do now? Even with 6 draft picks in the first 3 rounds, I have faith the Bills will show everyone that they are the Cleveland Browns east.

  11. Great team player n a true chiefs legend but about time since dj, marcus peters and Ron Parker were let go!

  12. The Bills make the playoffs for the first time in 18years and all of a sudden their mouths are flappin’ like the women of The View. Sheesh…..

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