Dolphins releasing Lawrence Timmons


The Dolphins made one of the day’s biggest waves by releasing Ndamukong Suh.

This one was far more of the #asexpected variety.

PFT has confirmed that the Dolphins have released linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

Frankly, this one seemed apparent from the time he went AWOL last year and was suspended a game, but having signed him to a two-year deal, they apparently felt compelled to keep playing him. The former Steelers regular ended up starting 14 games for the Dolphins.

His release saves $5.4 million in salary cap room, room they’ll need to absorb the much larger hit they’re taking by parting ways with Suh.

8 responses to “Dolphins releasing Lawrence Timmons

  1. With one of their coaches face down in a pile of booger sugar, Tannehill going down and them not getting a buy because of the hurricane, I almost forgot about dude going AWOL and saying he wanted to go back to the Steelers.

  2. Most of the Fins releases or trades I endorse, including this one. IF they trade or release RT James I will be salty.

  3. The Miami Dolphins have endured a culture of many different brain trusts since Jimmy Johnson retired. Some of the issues are the fault of Mike Tannenbaum and others are from the many management changes. Tannembaum is now correcting the issue and we will see if the Dolphins management evaluates the talent available in free agency and the draft correctly to improve the team. Over paying a few players that are not Franchise Quarterbacks will lead to a team lacking in talent. Hopefully that culture will be changed moving forward…..

  4. As a Miami fan hearing other Miami fans cry about tannebuam is funny. Miami had a decent GM in Ireland but thought he was bad because Philbin and sparano couldn’t develop players to save their life. Sporano loved field goals while Joe Philbin hated red pens. Ireland mean while is doing well with the saints and helped draft Marshon Lattimore and Alvin Kamara.

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