Jaguars show interest in Sammy Watkins

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The Jaguars would like to keep receiver Allen Robinson. And maybe they’re squeezing him by looking around at other options.

Via Mike Kaye of First Coast News, the Jaguars have shown interest in receiver Sammy Watkins.

Watkins, like Robinson, is an unrestricted free agent who was not tagged. Unlike Robinson, Watkins was a top-four draft pick, acquired by the Bills after they gave up two first-round picks and a fourth-round selection to get him.

Both have red flags. Watkins has never lived up to his potential, and Robinson suffered a torn ACL in Week One last season.

Whatever Jacksonville does, they have the money to do it, thanks in part to the decision to keep Blake Bortles at $18 million per year.

11 responses to “Jaguars show interest in Sammy Watkins

  1. Wasn’t one of the reasons as to why Marrone left the Bills was because he was angry that Whaley drafted Watkins? would be a pretty awkward situation IMO.

  2. Not going to happen. Sammy wants TARGETS.

    Well, money, followed by targets. That’s not going to happen in JAX. They are a little tight on the cap and don’t have the right offense for Sammy.

  3. I start reading all this stuff about Sammy Watkins, and it brings back memories of the period just before Randy Moss got shipped off to the Patriots and what they were saying about Moss. Just another reason why I keep wondering if Bill Belichick is a genius, or if these other teams are just ridiculously stupid. Please let Watkins go to New England. He might have a shot at the NFL records Moss shattered when he went there.

  4. The Jaguars should be thinking about acquiring a QB first because Bortles is not the answer.

  5. As Per Watkins: Odd how picks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 were busts in the 2014 draft. But then the Giants pick at 12…

    Of course #3, Bortles, is sort of a bust but was way over-drafted. So not his fault. Should have been a 2nd rounder and that’s what he looks like.

  6. Hurns,Cole,Westbrook almost took us 2 the Super Bowl, we dont need to spend on sign a overpriced free agent.we need to draft young TE and WR in 2nd rounds. As far as free agents 1 yr deals with DE Julius Peppers and QB Teddy Bridgewater makes sense.

  7. Why all the interest in Watkins???? He stunk it up in Buffalo and didn’t fare much better in LA, but it seems everyone is ready to throw money at him. I don’t see it.

  8. Watch out for DeDe he’s going to ball out this year IDK if they sign a FA receiver but may go after Chark in the Draft. Remember DeDe won the Biletnikoff his last season with the Sooners.

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