Jonathan Stewart to visit Lions today

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The Lions are looking to improve their running game with some veteran help.

Running back Jonathan Stewart is visiting Detroit today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Stewart was cut by the Panthers after 10 seasons in Carolina. Although he’s the all-time leading rusher in Panthers franchise history, he’ll be 31 this month and there are questions about how much he has left. Last season he averaged a career-low 3.4 yards per carry.

The Lions also have a meeting scheduled with free agent running back DeMarco Murray.

10 responses to “Jonathan Stewart to visit Lions today

  1. Stewart is completely cleansed and elevated…WASHED UP.

    This would be a total Lions move.

    DeMarco urray is a much better option at this juncture (and yes, better than Isaiah Crowell, and it’s not rly all that close) but something tells me he ends up in Seattle.

  2. I think the Lions are smarter than this. Quinn/Patricia wont chase a ghost. He is not the same running back he was 5 years ago.

    Similarly, DeMarco Murry and to a lesser extent, Adrian Peterson. These guys are done.

    They are going to use these visits as leverage in negotiations for a guy like Rex Burkhart.

  3. Too many commenters here looking only at Stewart, Murray in a vacuum. These guys won’t be used as the three-down backs they once were used as. Lions need a guy to get 2-3 yards. Basically, fall forward.

    Pairing them up with Riddick to catch the ball out of the backfield makes a nice backfield (and add a guy in FA).

    So, agree that Stewart and Murray are pretty washed up. But, when they’re only playing a minority of downs (say 20-30%) they can be effective.

    Personally, I like Crowell the most as he’s the most complete back of the group. Then Murray, then Stewart. But, ultimately, I trust Quin to get it right.

  4. Just draft someone please…do not oversign a washed up RB from another team. Spend that money on the OL and DL. There are plenty of draft prospects that can easily do what Stewart does for a lot cheaper in the 3rd/4th round if they don’t want to use the top pick on that position. It happens every year, last year it was Kamara.

  5. These guys are toasted. They will be unemployed certainly until after the draft, then when injuries start to happen & a team needs a veteran plodder, these guys may get a call. I honestly think Stewart is done.

    Murray though he may get the benefit of the doubt. He flashed here & there last season, & was banged up the entire season. But he was on my fantasy team, & I have the NFL TICKET so I watched him all year & he was DREADFUL [because I’m an expert]. But he was once elite so he will land somewhere, but not until September.

    Stewart? Ehhhhhhh…..he will need a handful of injuries & draft busts.

  6. Signing Stewart, Murray, or Peterson would be a very Lions-like thing to do. None of them have much football left in them.

    What the Lions need is a big halfback who can run block, and maybe catch a pass.

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