Kirk Cousins bids farewell to Washington

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While his next destination isn’t known, it’s a given that quarterback Kirk Cousins will be signing with a team other than the one that made him a fourth-round pick in 2012. And so Cousins has bid farewell to Washington with a message posted at his website.

“As I’m about to make one of the bigger decisions of my life, I’ll be saying goodbye to my familiar life as a Redskin,” Cousins wrote. “After calling Washington home for the past six years, the team has decided to move on to another option and, in turn, my family and I will be moving on as well.”

Some would say that Cousins forced the team to move on to another option, because Cousins was unwilling to commit to the team. Cousins would say that the team failed to commit to him, opting to go one year at a time over offering him a fair deal that reflected his value and leverage.

Keep this fact in mind: When tagged by Washington, Cousins didn’t wait until Labor Day weekend to sign the tender. He signed promptly both years, and he didn’t stay away from the voluntary phases of the offseason program — even though he easily could have. Instead, he was all in for 2016 and 2017; the team ultimately wasn’t sufficiently all in for Cousins on a suitable long-term deal.

So instead of tagging him for a third time, Washington will trade for quarterback Alex Smith, who is four years older but considerably cheaper. And Cousins will move on. He could be bitter, but it doesn’t sound like he is.

“There is no way I would be where I am today without the leadership of the Redskins organization,” Cousins said. “Coach Gruden, Bruce Allen, Dan Snyder. Thank you all for the opportunity you gave me. When [my son] Cooper someday asks: ‘Hey Dad, what was it like playing for the Redskins?’ I’ll proudly tell him it was a dream come true. . . . Thanks for having me, Washington, and thanks for making me into the player I am today!”

In as soon as two days, some other team will begin the process of benefitting from the player Cousins has become.

21 responses to “Kirk Cousins bids farewell to Washington

  1. This guy is a tool thinking he’s worth 30 mil per. He’ll get it and then crash and burn under the outlandish expectations.

    He’s pretty good but in no way worth 30 mil per. It will destroy a team’s cap for years.

  2. Cousins has always been a class act. I hope he lands with a team who appreciates him, and will give him a decent supporting cast!!

  3. Actually, this was the second version of his farewell. His first one said “Later, losers!”

    When his son asks him what it was like to play for the WFT, Kirk will say, “Son. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be locked in a Turkish prison? Well, multiply that by 10!”

  4. In his 3 years as a full time starter, the Redskins went 24-23-1. That’s not his fault. He’s not the sort who is going to elevate an average team into the playoffs. He’s not a Peyton Manning, or BRady, Brees or Rodgers. However, he’s going to be paid like one of them, and that’s the problem.

  5. He never showed enough to convince Washington to sign him to a long term deal. His last game of each of the last 3 seasons were terrible: 2015 – loses to Packers in playoffs, 2016 – loses to NYG in last game of the season (win and they make the playoffs, Cousin throws an late int), 2017 – loses to NYG in last game of the season (3 ints, 0 tds). He’s a great person and he has a smart agent. Could he take Min to the Superbowl? Not sure he can beat Philly.

  6. We can debate endlessly whether or not Cousins is worth $30 million per year. I personally don’t think he is but he has a multiple teams falling over themselves to offer him that and more, so who am I to say that he isn’t? Fact is, if you don’t have at least a serviceable QB, you have nothing right now.

  7. I like how Washington is somehow going to make this about Kirk not being grateful. Wow. 3 prove-it deals and they still wouldn’t quite commit, yet this is somehow about Cousins not being willing to commit to them? SMH

  8. As a Redskins fan….. Im so glad this is over, I would have liked him to be resigned, but not anywhere near the money he is going to get. I hope he finds more success elsewhere than he brought us.

  9. Yeah three prove it deals, yeah and I’m sure his family is eating Ramin every night because of that. It’s not all Washington fault that it’s come to this. Greed from cousins’ side is fueling this. He will get his money but I’m positive the team that gets him will not get nowhere near ROI.

  10. Cousins is smart enough to know you can’t win with Snyder or Allen. Kirk knows you must try to get a defense to have a chance as QB. Cousins also knows that Gruden doesn’t compare with Shanahan or Mc Vay as a play caller.

  11. The only way Kirk Cousins should be getting $30 million is if there is a bidding war between 2 or more teams. If MN is trying to lure Case Keenum into signing a contract like the one Blake Bortles signed, that probably leaves on the Jets in the Cousins sweepstakes. If Cousins really only has one suitor, his value drops like a stone.

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