O.J. Simpson seems to confess to murders in 2006 interview

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Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson somehow escaped a conviction for killing his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman in June 1994. More than a decade ago, Simpson apparently confessed to the crimes.

FOX televised on Sunday night a 2006 interview during which Simpson, seemingly speaking in hypotheticals, slipped into something that seemed far more actual and literal.

“This guy kind of got into a karate thing,” Simpson said, in reference to Goldman. “And I said, ‘Well, you think you can kick my ass?’ And I remember I grabbed the knife . . . and to be honest after that I don’t remember, except I’m standing there and there’s all kind of stuff around.”

“What kind of stuff?” he’s asked.

“Blood and stuff,” Simpson said.

Simpson also was asked about the bloody glove found at the scene. Again, the hypotheticals sound a lot more factual.

“I had no conscious memory of doing that, but obviously I must have because they found the glove there,” Simpson said.

As to the claim that he didn’t remember the things that happened during the murders, Simpson was asked whether he’d ever blacked out before.

“Not to my knowledge, of course if something like this would take place in anybody’s life, if it were to happen, I would imagine it’s something you would probably have trouble wrapping your mind around it — it was horrible. It was absolutely horrible.”

Yes it was. It was a horrible, gruesome crime. And, as many knew in their hearts all along, O.J. committed it.

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  1. Ya think?

    The prosecutors were a mess. The Judge was on an ego trip and the defense was the best money can buy. Throw in a racist cop and a biased jury and the perfect storm occurred.

  2. No! Really? He did it????? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    C’mon, everybody already knows he killed them whether they want to admit it or not.

  3. I watched it. No “seems to” about it….he straight up confessed and you can see the way he talks about it, he did it and he confessed to it but there is no double jeopardy so he unfortunately can’t be tried again but I think his 9 year prison sentence in Nevada was a small way to get him to serve time for the murders.

  4. PS:

    I’ve testified over 600 times to the Grand Jury (you state your role in an arrest and they decide if the case is deemed for a hearing or should be dismissed, called a True Bill).

    One was thrown out. Out of the rest, 16 trials. Lost 5 or 6. Only 1 should have been lost as I never wanted the guy arrested in the first place. The ones that were lost were bigtime cases and lost for no rhyme or reason. One guy was famous (attempted murder), the other guy a serial killer. Slam dunk cases and they got off.

    Welcome to the real world. Where in the hood so many are killed and yet the Juries put them back out on the street. BTW, some of it is due to overloaded prosecutors as they are used to plea bargains and lousy and or inexperienced court appointed lawyers.

    When a bigtime lawyer gets involved, it’s game on and they are not ready for it. Most don’t even know how to ‘object’ correctly. I used to do it. Then get warned by the Judge. Drove me nuts. I loved to drive defense attorneys crazy.

  5. He should have just confessed from the back seat of the Bronco back in 1994……. this damn charade would never be going on so long

  6. I don’t think anyone has ever denied that he didn’t do it. In fact even the jury knew he did it. He was acquitted because the prosecutors botched the case. They missed managed the crime scene planted evidence and the defense team of OJ Simpson took them to the cleaners. It was a very technical high level defense attorney putting on a clinic for generations to come. OJ Simpson did it we all know he did it the prosecutors completely blew the case

  7. This sealed the deal. Now the Bengals have begun talks with his agent to bring him in as their RB.

  8. A seemingly bold stance to put this take in print when he was acquitted.. but you’d have to be absolutely brain dead to believe for a second that this dirtbag didn’t kill them.

  9. This KNUCKLEHEAD marches on while the Goldman and Brown families relive this terrible terrible time again….Simpson is beyond a Psychopath….

  10. Double Jeopardy baby! The Juice is loose and there is nothing you can do about it!

    I for one am very surprised someone hasn’t done something about it………….

  11. OJ should definitely donate his brain to CTE research. This man confessed to going over and screaming at his ex wife’s grave. Really OJ? SMH.

  12. oscarxray says:
    March 12, 2018 at 11:51 am
    So who buried this story in 2006 and how is it now coming to light?
    It wasn’t buried. It was actually quite well publicized. He did this interview to promote a book he wrote about the same subject. If I remember correctly the book was never officially released due to public backlash. Which may be why this interview didn’t run. But I very much remember hearing about this when it happened.

  13. The OJ case is a great study for the American mindset. Distract the facts with good stories and the American public will not be able to stay on topic. Both sides use this tactic against us each and every election and it works like a charm. We have nobody to blame for ourselves. Divide and conquer is the oldest tactic in the book and it works even better with the internet and a willingly argumentative society.

  14. “So who buried this story in 2006 and how is it now coming to light?”


    The Goldnman’s I believe. They had the rights to this book and they shut the interview down.

  15. While it is true that O.J. got away with murdering a completely innocent Ronald Goldman …. and that alone is so incomprehensibly, terribly, tragic …. you have to always remember first and foremost that O.J. got away with brutally murdering the mother of his own children. He bloodily murdered the mother of his own children.

  16. When racist cops tamper with evidence this is what happens – a murderer gets off.

    Had the cops just done their job without the extra curricular activities, he would have been convicted.

  17. backintheday99 says:
    Throw in a racist cop and a biased jury and the perfect storm occurred.
    The jury wasn’t biased. They were given a weak case. By the time of the verdict, the general public knew a lot more about what happened when Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson than the jury did.

    Mark Fuhrman took the 5th when he was asked if he planted evidence at the crime scene. That pretty much sealed OJ’s acquittal. That and Fuhrman’s statements, recorded on tape, using racial epithets. Fuhrman has admitted that the LAPD ruined the crime scene.

  18. Re: What % of people in the US believe OJ DIDN’T actually do it?
    If you watched the people outside the courtroom when he was found innocent, there were a slew of African Americans cheering…there’s a clue to your question.

  19. Double Jeopardy is very misunderstood by your average person. What it really means is that you cannot be tried for the same crime, with the same evidence, after being found not guilty. If evidence appears (say a confession) that was not available at the first trail, then it negates Double Jeopardy and the person could in fact be tried again.

  20. Anyone who believes O.J. Simpson Is not guilty of this crime show serious signs of having a subnormal iq. Unfortunately, that includes a lot of people.

  21. If you really want to know why OJ was acquitted, just watch OJ: Made in America. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen in my life.

  22. Most people already knew this. The only people who thought he was innocent is not hard to figure out.

  23. Twice in the civil case — in a deposition and live in court — OJ testified under oath that he wasn’t the murderer. If there is now evidence which contradicts this — including his confession — he MIGHT be liable for perjury for lying under oath in the civil case. That said, the L.A. Prosecutor’s office will not touch this case again with a 20-foot pole.

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