Report: Bengals are trading for Cordy Glenn

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Not only were the Bills open to trading Cordy Glenn, they were successful at it.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, the Bills have traded their left tackle to the Bengals.

If Glenn is well, he’d go a long way toward filling a major void for the Bengals.

They took a pair of tackles in the 2015 NFL Draft (first-rounder Cedric Ogbuehi and second-rounder Jake Fisher), but neither of them were able to replace departed free agent Andrew Whitworth last year. All Whitworth did last year was make the Rams instant contenders.

Glenn played just five games last year because of foot and ankle problems, so the Bills know how to play without him. And the deal takes a big number off the books, and likely adds to their significant pile of draft picks.

18 responses to “Report: Bengals are trading for Cordy Glenn

  1. Wow. That was quick. Who’s next, Incognito ??? That would be a total disaster as Wood can’t play. RG Ducasse is horrible. RT Miller is almost as bad as Ducasse. Dawkins played. They must be making cap room for somebody.

  2. If you’re a Bills fan, you have to love what they are doing. They made the playoffs last year and they are improving their roster like a team that’s rebuilding. The talent on the team isn’t bad now, but you get a franchise QB and a handful of talented young guys, you’ll be good for a while.

  3. Wow, Andrew Whitworth made the Rams instant contenders? Not a young roster taking strides altogether? Not a new Head Coach injecting some oomph in the team? Not a crazy-easy schedule that make the Rams look more like contenders than they really were? No, it was all on the shoulders of one quality OLman? Wow, I guess Joe Thomas must be the most overrated LT in NFL history, if he wasn’t able to turn the Browns into instant contenders all by himself!

  4. Watch out B.B., you may not only have lost the top spot in the east on the field, but you may not even be the best GM in the NfL. Beane is making, cold calculated moves that are just genius like. Dump salary and trade up 9 spots? Are you kidding me? Steal.

  5. Sounds like Buffalo and Cincinnati have traded their 1st round picks. Buffalo up to 12. Adding value when they package a deal to move up for a QB

  6. SMH….Man, wouldn’t give Whitworth 12 million a year who is an all-pro left tackle who almost never misses a game but will give this clown 12 million a year who has missed 17 games the past two seasons. #WHODEY

  7. Loving all the moves Brandon Beane has made this off season. This was a genius move. They move a guy who was constantly injured and had a fat contract. They move up 10 spots with the 2nd 1st round pick. I think Indy will trade their 3rd for Buffalo’s 12th and 21st picks. Solid move!

  8. “They must be making cap room for somebody.”

    They’re trying to trade up to the top of the draft. A lot easier to convince a team to trade down 10 spots than it is 20 spots.

  9. Yeah….while we like Whitworth and all, not sure he made the Rams instant contenders. One player – and I don’t care who it is – doesn’t do that. They built a team, the team won, and now they are building more of a team. Whitworth is just a cog in a machine.

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