Source: Expect Suh to be released after Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET

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Three years after the Dolphins made a big splash for defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, one of the best interior defensive lineman in football is indeed expected to hit the open market, soon.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, expect Suh to be released by the Dolphins after 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

This would allow the Dolphins to take advantage of the post-June 1 rule, which allows the dead money arising from the move to be spread over two years. Until June 1, his $17 million in salary and workout bonuses would remain on the books, and his cap number would continue to be $26.1 million. After June 1, the $17 million would evaporated, the cap charge for 2018 would drop to $9.1 million, and Suh would count for $13.2 million against the 2019 cap.

A report emerged during the season that Suh would be cut after the season because owner Stephen Ross had become fed up with Suh. That wasn’t the case then, and it isn’t the case now. This is, per the source, a financial transaction, premised on biting the bullet and removing an expensive cap number from the books.

That said, the Dolphins likely would have tried to find a way to keep Suh, if coach Adam Gase regarded Suh as one of the players around whom Gase hopes to build the team. After two years, Gase apparently has seen enough to conclude that Suh’s skills, abilities, and intangibles don’t justify the ongoing investment.

There’s still a chance that someone will trade for Suh, but that would result in an immediate cap charge of $22.3 million. The net savings would still be $3.9 million in cap space ($17 million in cash), and Suh could be off the books after 2018. Plus, the Dolphins may get something of value in return for him.

Cutting Suh means they’ll get nothing — other than the ability to push $13.1 million in dead money to 2019.

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  1. I don’t fully understand how “Post-June 1” rule figures on March 14th? But it’s also plausible that what Adam Gase realized is that a $26M cap hit for a DT isn’t going to get his team to great. I didn’t like the move when Miami made it.

  2. I get it though. This has nothing to do with how they feel about Suh personally. That contract is an albatross and they need to get it off the books and out of the way for a rebuild. Heck, they might even sign him back if the numbers can be made right.

  3. Did anybody NOT see this coming like 3 years ago? These huge contracts never work out for the team. Unless a D-Tackle can get a sack, tackle for a loss, or cause a turnover on every series, then he is NOT worth QB money, or even close to it.

  4. Bills Fan !!…Fins are a Joke…Never a worry about them being anything but 4th or 3rd in Division..always make the worst moves !! I remember when they took Ginn..Tally in first rd !!I spit my beer out !!!

  5. Everyone knew that contract was an albatros, except the Dolphin GM. Hope he was worth it for all those playoff wins. Oh wait…

  6. I would keep him on the roster and try to trade him through June 1st and release him then if nothing can be worked out. I’m not sure i see the benefit here other than reputation for not screwing over a player.

  7. Suh’s skills, abilities, and intangibles NEVER justified the investment they made in him. It was an absurd contract for a DT from the beginning.

  8. LOL …..Bills fan talking tough… just because you backed into the playoffs doesn’t mean you aren’t still the Bills

  9. I just went through all 31 potential suitors in my head. I came up with zero reasonable scenarios. And yet, in a few days, I’ll be shaking my head saying, “Well, I didn’t see THAT coming”. Here’s hoping your team isn’t the one that does “that”. Go Lions.

  10. We all knew this contract was a franchise killer,but we loved the pickup,we would loved to have kept Landry but at 16+ mill for a slot it would have been on par with the Suh deal.Tannehills contract at first angered people, but look at the #’s now and it is a downright bargain. I think Gase has seen enough of Fins talent and they are making the hard decisions now instead of later. If I’m correct those two moves frees up 33million. That is enough money to fill in many of our glaring holes. Landry’s catches can now be spread around keeping D’s honest and Suh will be replaced with Godchauex and Philips or a FA. I for one am one happy finfan that the only jersey I own is #13!

  11. I am always right, right? says:
    March 12, 2018 at 11:28 am
    Did anybody NOT see this coming like 3 years ago? These huge contracts never work out for the team. Unless a D-Tackle can get a sack, tackle for a loss, or cause a turnover on every series, then he is NOT worth QB money, or even close to it.

    Umm Fletcher Cox tends to disagree with this.

  12. Suh tweeted a video from Seatte at 5:20 AM claiming some ‘exciting news’.

    At least if he’s in Seattle, Russell Wilson (probably) doesn’t have to worry about Suh stomping on his neck.(probably)

  13. No one is happier over this news than Brady. Two seasons ago, Suh twisted Brady’s ankle so badly, we lost the game along with the top playoffs seed to Denver which ended up winning it all. Suh cost Brady another ring.

  14. Miami no matter all the cost cutting, will still be nothing more than mediocre as long as Tannehill is the QB. Just a simple fact. Add Tannenbaum, and Stephen Ross has put together one helluva clown car show.

  15. Would look good in ATL next to Jarrett in between Beasley and McKinley smushing Brees and making Cam cry

  16. Cleveland is making pretty smart choices this off season, so hopefully they won’t sign this selfish dbag. Go to NY and ruin their cap. Of course, Jerruh loves bad boys.

  17. @ patsfan4lifesbchamps,

    No, what cost the Patriots home field in 2015 was that the refs totally stole that regular season game in Denver from them.

    If you recall, the Pats had a lead and would have been able to run out most of the clock after getting a big first down, only to have it called back on an absolutely ridiculous offensive PI call on Gronk. that forced them to punt the ball back to Denver, who came back to tie the game, in large part due to an equally shady holding call in the end zone on Patrick Chung, a call that basically handed Denver the tying TD.

    Without those two sketchy calls, the Pats would have clinched home field advantage with two full weeks to go, and could have rested all of their injured players heading into the playoffs.

  18. I’d like to see an analysis of actual contract numbers. Meaning what money the players actually receive and how many actual years played on these enormous contracts. The “market” is so goofy that it’s likely a very high percentage of guys sign for “market” rates and play less than a much lower percentage of the contract terms and for much less than the contracted money. The best solution in the next CBA is to guarantee contracts at that will force an actual market to exist in the NFL. As it is now, it’s just goofy airbucks.

  19. Welcome to Philly sir, and everyone please stop posting your boring teams, he said he wants to be an eagles so cut it off smh, anyways go birds lol I told yall everyone want to play in philly now lol

  20. “He said he’d play for free in Philly..”

    Lolz and if you believe that I want you to know I own the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and I’d like to sell it to you for the low low price of a million dollars.

  21. It’s a beautiful day in Seattle, and Suh is in town according to himself on Twitter. Come back to the PNW Suh!

  22. Another example of the “winning” team in free agency coming out the loser. This was a horrific deal from day one. When will teams learn? Answer: Never.

  23. When does Mikey Tannenbaum get released?

    Just kidding. I hope he stays with Dolphins another fifty years.

  24. Great! Suddenly Mike Tannenbaum has awaken and is making the right moves to create cap space, have money to spend, build a more talented team and well keep his job. It could not have been much worse with a losing season 6 & 10 and having cap issues. Tannenbaum is doing what he has to do, now continue getting the talent needed. Obtaining Robert Quinn was a step in the right direction.

  25. joetoronto says:
    March 12, 2018 at 11:43 am
    Dude literally priced himself right out of the market.

    Well – he signed the contract that Miami offered. Hardly his fault. Teams do their best to maximize profits – players can do the same.

    It was a terrible contract for Miami – but they shouldn’t have offered it if they didn’t want to live with the results that we’re seeing now.

  26. No more denial possible, the Miami Dolphins are rebuilding. They will most likely accept a 4th round draft choice in 2018 and a 7th rounder in 2019 from Seattle in a trade for Suh. Lol and so it goes…..

  27. As a Jets fan I wish I could wrap my head around the “downfall” if you wan’t to call it that, of Tannenbaum. In his early days as Jets GM he was nailing every draft but out of nowhere he took a nose dive. Either he changed his philosophy, or the game has just passed him by.

  28. Did anybody notice that Miami’s defense did not improve with the addition of Suh?
    Worth Noting before you pay him 12-15mil per year. Who cares where he goes other than trying to pick his next possible victims. If he goes to Seattle I predict he stomps on Garoppolos arm or head next.

  29. since the beginning with the Dolphins the first stupid move for Tannebaum, similar to the one he did with the Jets when he sign QB Sanchez to a big contract when he never deserve it

  30. Great signing by Mike Tannenbaum.
    Keep up the good work
    – the rest of the AFC East

    Yeah, cause the rest of the division other than New England is so dominant.

  31. Lolz and if you believe that I want you to know I own the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and I’d like to sell it to you for the low low price of a million dollars.
    Does that offer come with a Super Bowl ring ?

  32. kwf484 wrote: “Dirtiest player…the league will be a better place when he is gone”

    Vontaze Burfict would like to have a discussion with you.

    So maybe the second-dirtiest player in the NFL…

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