Teams, agents would prefer to get on with free agency

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The 52-hour negotiating window opened eight hours ago, and not much has really happened.

Multiple league sources have told PFT that, for the most part, the negotiating process has proceeded slowly and tentatively. In most cases, teams are still expressing interest and discussing contracts in terms of general concepts, without many hard, specific offers being made. It’s creating a desire in many reaches of the league to move from negotiation to consummation.

“Why can’t we just start it?” one source said. “There’s been tampering since the Senior Bowl. Let’s get on with it.”

It’s believed only a handful of offers have been made, with the status of several players creating a logjam of sorts. For quarterbacks, it’s Kirk Cousins. Teams want to see what he’ll do before moving on to other options. At receiver, it’s Sammy Watkins. At offensive tackle, Nate Solder. For interior offensive linemen, it’s Andrew Norwell. For running backs, it’s Dion Lewis and Jerick McKinnon.

Some expect more specific offers to be made on Tuesday. For now, though, there’s a strong sense that many would like to simply fast forward to 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. Which really can’t get here soon enough.

13 responses to “Teams, agents would prefer to get on with free agency

  1. IMO, what should happen is, FA should start much sooner. 2 weeks after the superbowl. There is no reason to make these teams wait

    On the other hand, tampering rules should be enforced, harshly. They almost can’t now. You can’t expect teams and players to just sit on their hands for a month and a half, so they let everyone do it (and everyone knows everyone does it)

    Either get rid of the rule, or enforce it. If you are going to enforce it, you should probably try to have it make sense

  2. Their not the only ones who want to see free agency starting. Goodell should start it right now.

  3. hailtothenamechange says:
    March 12, 2018 at 8:46 pm
    Moving quickly from negotiation to consummation is exactly what I look for in a date! Except my salary cap is in the single digits.


    Hopefully you don’t score too quickly ….

  4. They stretch it out because it keeps all us robots tuned in. Super Bowl, combine, free agency, draft. They want to stay relevant for as much of the year as possible.

  5. Roger could target whichever team signs Cousins and say that it was illegal tampering.

    I bet we will see something about this, though. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel for Roger.

  6. “This is stupid. Start it sooner.” blah blah blah…

    Yet, you pay attention to the buildup just the same. The hype machine is real. It’s March madness, and all I hear about are NFL trades & rumors. No other sport is this exciting/interesting, and it’s the offseason! I love it!

    The only thing I would change is switching the draft back to Saturday & Sunday, but I’m biased because I work nights.

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