Texans make sense for Nate Solder

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When players reach free agency, it’s usually about the money.

But for Patriots left tackle Nate Solder, factors beyond his personal finances and team need could come into play as well.

Via Peter King of SI.com, one expected suitor for Solder would figure to be the Texans, since they’ve had a glaring hole at the position since Duane Brown‘s contractual holdout and subsequent trade. And as one of the teams in the league with the most valuable commodity in the business (talented starting quarterbacks on cheap rookie contracts), they have the ability to be aggressive in free agency.

Houston also could be a fit for Solder for another more important reason. His 2-year-old son Hudson is undergoing treatment for kidney cancer, and is receiving treatment in Boston now. But Houston has one of the top cancer centers in the country, which could help convince him to move the family. Obviously that’s a bigger concern that where he might play football for the next few years.

The Patriots are expected to try to retain him, but there should be plenty of interest in the guy who has helped keep Tom Brady upright for so long.

9 responses to “Texans make sense for Nate Solder

  1. He’s already said he’d prefer to stay, so Pats won’t need to outdo those $52M-5yr or $28M-2yr suggestions being thrown around by media. Pats have been paying him $10M/yr anyway for past two years and he’s worth all that to BB so expect a modest raise and/or more guarantees.

  2. Usually in this situation the Patriots have somebody ready to step in. Unfortunately, they have nobody and Solder has all the leverage.

  3. No decent player wants to play for the Patriots anymore. They are going down the tubes.

  4. takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikeababy says:
    March 12, 2018 at 10:07 am
    No decent player wants to play for the Patriots anymore. They are going down the tubes

    Yes—why would anyone want to play for the best coach in history, with the best quarterback in history, and for the team currently favored to win the Super Bowl?

    That would suck.

  5. “No decent player wants to play for the Patriots anymore. They are going down the tubes.”

    When being the 2nd best team in the league is “going down the tubes” all I can do is laugh at the person posting it.

  6. As a Pats fan I hope they keep Nate Solder. He has been the ultimate Patriot, playing while hurt, playing while suffering from cancer, playing while his son suffers from cancer, and never complaining. Not once. He gives it 100% on every play, even when he is obviously hurt. He is a selfless person, selfless player, and an example for all young children to admire.

    If he leaves, my respect for the Pats will suffer.

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