Tom Brady chugs a beer with Stephen Colbert

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Well, we’ve finally figured out how Tom Brady washes down avocado ice cream.

Appearing on Monday’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Patriots quarterback mentioned that he was a “pretty good beer chugger back in the day.” With that, Colbert produced two glasses of beer.

The raced, or at least they tried to race. Brady guzzled it quickly.

Brady has been making the rounds in connection with the debut of the final episode of his Tom vs. Time documentary. The last episode was delayed for more than a month because it was edited under the presumption that the Patriots would win Super Bowl LII.

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  1. wow what a shame. as some one who has built there life around the tb12 method i am shocked and apalled. how am i suppose to explain to my child that his idol is a violent alcholic? even worse, as a strict follower of tb12 me and my famliy must now also imbibe until we are told 2 cease. looks like my kids are getting cold ones in there school lunches tomorow. such is life.

  2. blitzinc43 says:
    March 12, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    As a close friend of the organization it is nice to see the ol’ TomFoolery back


    Oh no not you again.

  3. @ jimcross1957 says:

    “I can’t stand Colbert so I never would have seen this. Find it VERY funny that they were so sure of N.E. winning the Super Bowl. That will teach you.”

    Those who can’t stand Colbert a lot of timrs simply can’t keep up with his intellect. And there are those who are infatuated with Trump, and of course don’t like Colbert trashing Trump (deservedly) nightly.

    To each his or her own, but l would bet you may fit both of those categories.

    New England lost because their D couldn’t stop Philly, and Philly essentially stopped Brady once at a crucial point (the Graham strip sack of Brady late in the 4th quarter). Other than that, Brady lit up the Philly D for 505 yards and 3 TD’s.

    New England is 0-3 against the NFC East in
    the SB. Brady isn’t sure of anything in SB games, but be sure of him being in the HOF 5 years after he hangs up the cleats with 5 rings and his body of work in the NFL.

  4. jimcross1957 says:
    March 12, 2018 at 10:49 pm
    ..Find it VERY funny that they were so sure of N.E. winning the Super Bowl. That will teach you.
    In order to satisfy the salty haters, Florio completely over-egged the Tom v Time editor’s comments because the final episode’s centerpoint post-SB interview with Brady had yet to be recorded and hadn’t said they had any “victory episode” in the can ready to sell. But as to the SB, don’t forget Brady did his part with his record breaking QB performance, and that the “Philly Special” used an improperly allowed illegal formation (according to Mike Pereira), and that Philly’s bobbled TD catch didn’t meet the catch rule criteria. And that in the final Hail Mary the refs completely ignored Hogan and Gronk getting mugged by Philly’s D. That’s effectively 21 points the officials gifted Philly in order to get them past the Pats. But BB is already onto SB LIII as the early favorites.

  5. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see a PFT story with the recent pics of Brady’s cut hand just prior to the Patriots win in the AFCCG. The cut is vicious and it’s hard to see how he played in that game.

    The facts are proof that Brady overcomes all obstacles. The Eagles won the super bowl but Brady put the team on his shoulders when the defense and special teams under performed. No reason not to expect the Patriots to be back fighting for a super bowl if Brady stays healthy.

  6. “New England is 0-3 against the NFC East in the SB”
    Nope – Patriots beat the Eagles 24-21 in SB 39 just 13yrs ago.

  7. That interview was fun. Brady was relaxed and jokey. Not only have I never seen anybody chug a beer as fast as he did, he took a bite of a strawberry! Colbert asked him about reports that he’d never eaten a strawberry and Brady said it was true because he hates the way they smell. But he was a good sport, took the dare when Colbert pulled out a bowl of strawberries, and gave a shout-out to his mom, asking if she was proud of him now.

    He gave Colbert a deep-tissue massage of his arm. Colbert asked him what do you do to help with the pain of the Super Bowl loss. Brady said “cry.” Here’s the thing. Brady is well aware of all the stuff people say about his body work, his diet, you name it, and he doesn’t care. He is who he is and he doesn’t try to soft pedal it or pander to people who think football players should all act a certain way. If anybody has a problem with him, he sees it as just that: their problem, not his.

  8. OMG streetyson. STOP, STOP, STOP with the excuses as to why your team LOST the Super Bowl. You do realize that your precious Pats were gifted by the refs ALL SEASON LONG, right?
    1.) As for your “illegal formation per Mike Pereira”. Who gives a * what he has to say?? The player checked with the ref before they ran it and he said he was o.k. to be where he was so according to the refs–you know, the ones actually officiating the game–it WAS legal.
    2.) he was deemed by NY after several reviews to have control of the ball so get over it.
    3.) Hogan and Gronk getting mugged by Philly’s D? Oh what a crybaby. You mean actually playing good defense? There was no pass interference which drives you crazy doesn’t it?? Because that’s the way your cheating Patriots usually win: by the ref calling a non-existing pass interference handing little Tom his win. Didn’t happen this time so now you’re going to cry non-stop about it and make excuses as to why your team lost. Here’s a news flash: your team lost because they were NOT the better team on the field that day and they didn’t get to cheat or pay off the refs so they finally got what was coming to them. Karma is a **! Get over it already! There is nothing lamer than what a fan comes on here and makes tons of excuses of why their team lost a game. It’s sad and pathetic. If only, if only, if only…..

  9. Brady needs to stay off TV other than Sunday afternoons in the fall. He’s a train wreck when he is out of his element and last night was no different. Some people have that natural charisma when on TV in a comedic role and they are fun to watch, he clearly doesn’t and isn’t.

    The whole segment was just goofy and awkward and his blatant self promotion is ridiculous in my opinion.

  10. Brady did his part with his record breaking QB performance
    Record breaking? I guess. Doing his part? Not really. He played a meh first half, missing a lot of very makeable passes, had a really good 28 out of 30 minutes in the second half and then he fumbled (and that was mostly on him) costing the Pats any realistic chance they had at a win.

    If Brady really “did his part” the Patriots would have won by double digits even with that sieve of a defense. Brady can get away with playing half a game like that against the AFC Least but not in the Super Bowl.

  11. The NFL’s GOAT, married to one of the most beautiful and accomplished woman in the world, both of who are loved by large families that they have added to, while be admired by their peers. Is that the guy you think is a “train wreck”?

    Get a life.

  12. Enough with the Brady worship. He’s taken, guys. Calm down.

  13. Brady is MSOAT (Most Successful of All Time) as QB. That’s a fact. I can admit that every day and twice on Sunday. Keeping in mind that winning of course is a team accomplishment, not a QB accomplishment.

    He’s not GOAT. He’s not greatest QB from this era, nor is he even the greatest QB that ever played in your division… so he ain’t no GOAT.

    And the self promotion is beyond ridiculous, that’s just yet another reason why he will never be as well liked outside of NE as Peyton Manning and many other greats are.

  14. Pat fan is clearly envious that Brady will never get the love and respect that fans across the league have for Peyton Manning and all the other greats in the league.

    As I’ve said before, part of the problem is Brady is a phony. The false humility for one thing. He puts on a face of being classy and humble and yet his true colors slip out once in a while, like the time he scoffed at the idea that he and his team will “only score 17 points” in a Super Bowl. How did that work out?

  15. There’s no need to be surprised by Brady’s beer chugging ability. Ross Tucker was his teammate and got beat by Tom in a chugging contest in an article. In fact, he beat everybody on the team! You can google it. He’s Irish after all!

  16. Why do I need to care if the athlete on my team is well liked or not? All I need to know is that he can win games for the team. So a multimillionaire athlete like Peyton Manning is always selling commercial about how he can relate to the common man by driving trucks or eating pizza and he’s not phony? Brady at least is honest that he drives a fancy car and has a super model wife and, yes, his life is better than most people. It’s such a nonsense to evaluate an athlete by likability. You know what I like? Winning games.

  17. It’s like watching Babe Ruth chug a beer in the twilight of his career. He’s unselfish and gives of himself to his team at every opportunity, and never blames anyone else. Just enjoy it, he’s a good guy and one of the greatest of all time.

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