Zach Strief announces retirement

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Offensive lineman Zach Strief arrived in New Orleans in 2006, as a seventh-round pick. Twelve seasons later, Strief is retiring.

He announced his decision during a Monday press conference.

After starting all 16 games in 2016, Strief’s final season was limited to two games, due to a knee injury.

Other than Drew Brees, Strief is the only player who has been with the team since Sean Payton became the head coach. Strief’s retirement comes at a time when Brees, in theory, could be negotiating a contract with a new team.

And it was when discussing Brees that Strief became the most emotional during the press conference, discussing the quarterback’s work ethic and leadership.

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  1. I Agree^ Streif has been one neck of a player am pretty sure he gets a coaching job next year with the saints or another team he and Erick Winston have been great guys for the league for the last ten years there not flashy but understood how to play the guy and had leadership skills you want from an O-Line Guy.

  2. Best of luck, Zach.

    Being a seventh round draft pick he had to work hard for everything he got, and he became a team leader and a world champion in the process.

    Who Dat Nation salutes #64.

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