Adrian Peterson calls Texans his “dream scenario”

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The Texans appears to be moving aggressively to line up the guys they want to make their team better.

And one free agent is trying to line them up, whether they want him or not.

After being released by the Cardinals, Adrian Peterson told TMZ that his “dream scenario” was to sign with the Texans.

“Obviously, being back home would be awesome,” Peterson said. “Houston has always been a team I’ve thought about. . . .

“Being back here at home where I work out every day. My family is here. My family is close. My mom is here. Being around her a little more during this time [in my life] would be even more a cherry on top.”

Peterson, who will turn 33 next week, went on about how much talent the Texans have on both sides of the ball.

Perhaps he didn’t consider that they have enough talent that they don’t particularly need a guy who averaged 3.4 yards per carry last year. He rushed for just 529 yards last year for the Saints and Cardinals. Included in that total were the 134-yard and 159-yard outbursts in his first three weeks after being traded to Arizona. That leaves 236 yards over his other eight games played last season (29.5 per game) before ending the season on IR with a neck problem.

So while he might want to join the Texans, it’s unclear why the Texans would want to hire him.