Alex Smith says farewell to Kansas City’s “incredibly passionate fans”

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Alex Smith will be traded from Kansas City to Washington tomorrow, and he wants the fans of his old team to know he appreciates them.

In a letter in the Players’ Tribune, Smith writes that Kansas City has “incredibly passionate fans,” and he’s going to miss playing for them.

“I’m going to miss pulling into Arrowhead and snaking through the thousands of tailgaters that make up Chiefs Kingdom,” Smith writes. “As a quarterback, you arrive to the stadium pretty early on game day. And when I’d get to Arrowhead, the parking lot would already be full. Honestly, if you show up to tailgate in Kansas City at 8:30 a.m., you’re already late to the party. And I can tell you that after 13 seasons and playing in nearly every NFL stadium, not every city is like that. Just seeing how dedicated Chiefs fans are, it always instilled a sense of pride in me to put on that jersey and go out and play for them. I don’t think that’s always the case in pro sports, and I never took that for granted during my five years in Kansas City. I’m going to miss that.”

Smith says he has known for 11 months, since the Chiefs traded up in the draft to select Patrick Mahomes, that 2017 was going to be his final season in Kansas City.

“Going into this past season, I pretty much knew,” Smith said. “I mean, I had to know, right? With everything I’ve experienced so far in my career, I probably understand the ‘business’ of football as well as anyone. And trading up to take a quarterback in the draft isn’t exactly a subtle move as to the future of a franchise. It was pretty obvious what that meant for me.”

In Washington, Smith knows he’s with a team that believes in him. But he also knows that eventually he’ll be replaced by a younger quarterback in Washington, too. And he seems OK with the understanding that that’s just the business of football.

14 responses to “Alex Smith says farewell to Kansas City’s “incredibly passionate fans”

  1. Thoughts and prayers as you tough it out, conceding the nature of replacement in the “business of football”, as you cash a $71m cheque.

  2. Wonder if jbaxt, slick and the rest of the kc honks will be gracious or kick this guy out the door.

    Doesn’t matter.

    The chiefs offense is looking solid (if Mahomes can play like they claim he can), but who are they going to stop with that defense?

    We’ll revisit this around Xmas to see where we’re at.

    Can’t wait.

  3. I liked Alex, very safe, very accurate, but I won’t miss him. If your team is loaded with talent he won’t lose the game. But he won’t win it, when you need him to, either. Of the Chiefs losses last year Alex had the ball in 6 of the 7 times to either win it, or get a first down to end it. With him at the helm he lost them all.

    That said, he’s a solid top 15 QB and I wish him well.

  4. They’re more delusional than passionate.

    They go crazy during the regular season knowing full well they’re going to bomb in the playoffs.

  5. KC fans will be clamoring for Alex Smith by early October at which point Mahommes will already have accumulated 10 turnovers

  6. As a REAL Redskins fan, I hope Alex Smith fails and is injured and never plays another down -this is the last clown we need in DC.

  7. KC should have been smart enough to keep him.
    Same with SF.

    Smith is a very good QB.
    Professionally and properly managing a game is what a good/great QB does.
    Running around like a jackass trying to make “Lights out plays” all the time is not a recipe for long term success.

  8. Great guy, great competitor, awesome in the community. But the true value of a QB is that he makes everyone around him better. Alex has that off the field but never had it on the field. Good luck to you sir!

  9. Never impressed with Alex Smith. Needs tons of talent around him just to make him mediocre. Washington took a step back.

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