Allen Robinson may be Ryan Pace’s last chance to get free agency right

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Last year, Bears G.M. Ryan Pace tried to bolster Chicago’s offense in free agency, signing quarterback Mike Glennon to a three-year, $45 million contract, and wide receiver Markus Wheaton to a two-year, $11 million contract. Those signings turned out to be big mistakes, and Glennon and Wheaton won’t be with the Bears in 2018.

This year, Pace has again tried to bolster the Bears’ offense, agreeing to a three-year, $42 million contract with wide receiver Allen Robinson. If this move doesn’t work out, it may be Pace’s last chance to right the ship in free agency.

Although Pace signed a contract extension this offseason, the Bears have finished in last place in the NFC North four consecutive years. Even with a new contract, Pace is on the hot seat.

And so Pace is desperate to show that the other big move he made last year, trading up to the second overall pick in the draft to select quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, was a smart one. And the best way to help Trubisky flourish in his second season is to surround him with weapons on offense.

That’s what the signing of Robinson was all about. If it works out, Trubisky should improve in his second season, the Bears should improve as a season, and Pace should get a chance to continue the rebuilding project. If the Bears are a last-place team for a fifth consecutive year, they’ll likely be looking for a new G.M. a year from now.

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  1. This guy is an idiot. If the 49ners were willing to trade with the Bears to move up one spot, obviously Trubisky wasn’t there guy. Why make that trade? Mike Glennon that’s just too funny!!

  2. I wonder how much of this is guaranteed coming of ACL surgery. And the bears need waaaaaaaaaaay more than Allen Robinson to save this dude’s job.

  3. Glennon wasn’t a mistake. It was exactly what it was mean to be. A deal that could be canned after year one that lets the rookie take over. i mean anyone worth they salt can see that. And as for a 2yr $11m deal on a WR. Again not exactly a huge blunder.

  4. He is not an idiot. He wanted Trubiski, and so did the Browns, if Pace did not trade up, the Browns would have traded up and taken Trubiski.

  5. .
    Drafting Trubisky was a smart move because it gives a formerly moribund franchise some hope going forward. Maybe Trubisky turns out like Wentz or Goff? Maybe he’s like Andy Dalton or Alex Smith? Or, in the dream scenario, he’s Brady or Rogers. However it works out, interest in the Bears should be at a high level for the upcoming season.

  6. @trent Dude, maybe it was a case of either bears trade to get him or niners give that pick to someone else who wanted him..

  7. Ryan Pace has just extended for 2 years, and he now has 4 years of money in front of him. He isn’t going anywhere.

    Incidentally, I’ve criticized the Bears’ moves as much as anyone throughout Pace’s tenure as GM. The reality is that he has done quite well in the draft. His only real mistake was drafting Kevin White, but the (carryover) front office staff that took us down that road are almost all gone. Pace’s hand-picked staff have helped him prepare for the last two drafts, and they’ve done quite well.

    Has he done well in free agency? There have been some finds here and there, and big misses like Glennon, but the Bears know that free agency isn’t the ideal way to build a team. What’s impressive is that – when he has dipped into free agency – he has mostly signed free agents to 1-year contracts or 1-year guarantees. The real horror of free agency is signing free agents that are just waiting to get lazy or fat (e.g. Mo Wilkerson) to big contracts. The Bears haven’t done that, which is why they started the offseason with nearly 80 million bucks.

    Finally, Wheaton hasn’t been released (yet).

  8. Pace overpays for everyone and, again, overpaid for Robinson. Tell me again why we let Alshon leave Halas Hall? Pace is terrible, but this is what we get with ownership that’s focused on the business of football and not on winning.

  9. trentdilfer08 says:
    March 13, 2018 at 5:51 am

    This guy is an idiot. If the 49ners were willing to trade with the Bears to move up one spot, obviously Trubisky wasn’t there guy. Why make that trade? Mike Glennon that’s just too funny!!


    No, actually Trent Dilfer is an idiot and the most annoying voice in the NFL.

  10. It’s pretty obvious to Chicago fans that Pace doesn’t have a clue about how to assemble a football team that can win. I predict that the Bears will battle Detroit for last place in the division this year and that Pace will be fired. Chicago can’t win if they don’t have good players. It’s that simple. Judging talent and finding the right pieces is paramount in the NFL, and Pace has demonstrated that he doesn’t have such skills.

  11. trentdilfer08 says:
    March 13, 2018 at 5:51 am
    This guy is an idiot. If the 49ners were willing to trade with the Bears to move up one spot, obviously Trubisky wasn’t there guy. Why make that trade? Mike Glennon that’s just too funny!!


    He was probably told by the 49ers that another team would trade into their spot if he didn’t.

    He had to trade up one spot or risk losing his guy.

  12. It’s interesting that the plum WR of this FA class — and … arguably the plum FA at any position — chose the Bears. They were NOT a destination of choice during the Fox regime which is why Pace had to settle for seconds. It also speaks well that Trubisky apparently trumped Garropollo in A-Rob’s QB evaluation, which he was on record as saying would be a big factor.

  13. How is the oline? You help a new qb into the NFL a lot more by putting a good time buying line in front of him than you do with extra receivers.

  14. This is a nice get for the Bears. The Bears are a lineman and at least one more quality receiver and a TE from having an offense that has the capability to score a lot of points. The receiver corps is still scary with Cameron Meredith, Allen Robinson coming back from knee injuries and Kevin “IR” White. But I guess that’s what physicals are for. It’s a gamble grabbing another guy coming off an injury, but then again, the Bears could still be another year away from competing with Minnesota.

  15. fin72 says:
    March 13, 2018 at 8:21 am
    Is it me, or does Ryan Pace look just like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?
    No, it’s not you. He totally does.

    The problem with judging Pace’s or any other Bear GM’s performance is that we never really know who is pulling the strings there. Sweaty Teddy Phillips is essentially an adopted McCaskey, and that family doesn’t know how to back off and let the football people do their thing. This isn’t news to most, but the Bears’ are the McCaskeys’ sole primary source of income, so ROI is more important than winning. The Bears’ aren’t cheap, but with so much internal meddling, they are hardly efficient. 6 of the 9 people on the Board of Directors are McCaskeys.

  16. I have no problem with Pace trading up for Tribusky. He shows some promise and played well as a rookie. He’s probably going to get better, by a lot. I think Robinson will help him but it’s a big risk given his ACL injury and the size of his contract. $14M per year? That puts him in the top five highest paid WRs in the league I think. He’s very good but not elite. They better hope he has a big year this year. If he doesn’t Pace could be gone. I know the Jags would have liked to keep him but not at $14M per year especially when you consider they need to seriously upgrade their OL–which they started by signing Norwell at an average of $12.5M per year. He’s going to help them more than Robinson would have.

  17. Say it with me, “Alshon wanted out”. The Bears offered him more money than the Eagles did and he walked.

    Glennon’s rate Is the rate of a starting QB. You could argue about Kap but nobody wanted the drama.

    Pace is doing well. Just need people to perform and stay healthy.

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