Andrew Norwell intends to sign with Jaguars

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A report on Monday indicated guard Andrew Norwell had cut his list of suitors down to the Giants, 49ers and Colts, but the picture changed on Tuesday morning.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that Norwell intends to sign a contract with the Jaguars when the new league year starts on Wednesday afternoon. As expected, the deal is a massive one for the soon-to-be former Panther.

Norwell has agreed to a five-year, $66 million deal with $30 million in guaranteed money. Norwell’s contract sets new highs for guards in terms of total value, average per year and guaranteed money a year after Kevin Zeitler of the Browns did the same.

The move upgrades the interior of the Jaguars line, which should make both Leonard Fournette and Blake Bortles happy as they head into the 2018 season. It also strikes a blow to the Giants as General Manager Dave Gettleman signed Norwell in Carolina and hoped to make him the centerpiece of an overhauled offensive line in his first offseason in his new job.

It’s a former Giants employee who got him, though, and Tom Coughlin’s second offseason running the Jaguars’ football operations is starting with a splash.

23 responses to “Andrew Norwell intends to sign with Jaguars

  1. Atta boy Jerrah, you waffled on Zack Martin’s contract and now you are gonna pay big time. Total mismanagement

  2. I know the Panthers couldn’t afford him, but I’m terribly sorry to see him go. Undrafted to a $66 million contract. You don’t find guys like that every day.

  3. I wonder how much Florida not having a state income tax and NJ being highly taxed factored into this. He saves about $1.2M in taxes alone by signing with the jags.

  4. Not sure why we need articles about a players intentions. But for the record, I also intend to sign with the Jags.

  5. your comment is awaiting moderation and will be deleted by our gestapo says:
    March 13, 2018 at 6:53 am
    beefing up the o-line is smart with that great young RB


    This poster should get 500 thumbs up just for his username.

  6. officialgame says:

    The guy was never drafted which tells you all you need to know about the combine and its hype. Good for Norwell, he deserves it!

    I thought you were crazy until I looked it up and you were indeed correct. How does this guy go undrafted? It speaks less about the numbers from the combine and more about the kind of guy he is.

  7. robigd says:

    This signing will pay many more dividends than Allen Robinson would have.

    I was thinking the same thing. His salary is roughly $12.5M for the life of the contract. Robinson signed with the Bears for 3 years and $42M or $12M per year.

    They don’t need WRs as badly as they need quality offensive linemen. They had one of the least talented offensive lines in the league last year which makes what they did incredible. Fournette rarely had many holes to run through. I’ve been saying the past few years they needed to upgrade that line and this is a big one. I wouldn’t be surprised if their first pick is a tackle. Say what you want about Coughlin but he knows the value of an offensive line. If he can go out and get a few more OL this year that offense is going to be tough to stop. It’ll also help Bortles who has had very little pass protection the last few years. This signing is HUGE for the Jags.

  8. I messed up on my math. Norwell is going to average $12.5M but Robinson’s contract is $14M per year. So in essence the Jags got a big upgrade in Norwell for less money than it would have cost to keep Robinson. Since they got next to nothing from Robinson last year due to his injury, this is a big upgrade for the team. I was surprised when I saw they got him. I didn’t even realize they were in the mix. Coughlin strikes again. They needed a good GM and I think they found him.

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