Brees’ leverage is limited; he and his wife don’t want to leave New Orleans

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The white whale of free agency is more like the Loch Ness Monster.

Technically in play for a move to a new team, Saints quarterback Drew Brees likely won’t be. The talk in league circles is that both Brees and his wife are strongly resisted the possibility of leaving New Orleans.

Separately (or maybe consequently), Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis is believed to be holding firm with the team’s current offer.

It’s unclear what the Saints have on the table, but it’s believed to be well south of the $30 million threshold that every agent wants to be the first one to surpass. At a time when Mike McCartney could be the first one to get to that number with Kirk Cousins, Tom Condon wants to get their first with Brees.

So what hasn’t a deal been done? Brees is willing to use his necessarily limited leverage (given that he’s resisting the possibility of leaving) to get the best deal he can, both for himself and for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, another Condon/CAA client who is next in line to try to get to $30 million per year or beyond.

There’s still a little leverage that helps Brees get a better deal in the next day. As of Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET, his current contract technically voids, creating an $18 million cap charge for 2018. If the deal can be extended before then, that $18 million will be spread equally over the next three years.

30 responses to “Brees’ leverage is limited; he and his wife don’t want to leave New Orleans

  1. Brees should sign with the Vikings, as that team would instantly become the odds on favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl next year. I think Brees has at least 2 or 3 good years left, which would match the Vikings window of opportunities perfectly. Plus he would stick the Saints, who aren’t really being appreciative of what Brees brings, with an $18M dead money hit – which would be poetic justice given how much Brees is responsible for that teams success.

  2. But …but….what if someone offers him 90 million for 3 years? To move to Minnesota. Or 100 million to play for the Jets? EVERY Saints fan told you 5 articles ago this was about more than money. Lol, New Orleans isn’t like any other city and if it gets a hold of you, there’s nowhere like it.

    They wrote a song about it. “Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

  3. If he wants to stay, why should he try to squeeze out every possible penny from the team? The guy has what, well over $100 million dollars already? Does he really need another few million? Is the honor of breaking that $30 million mark and taking away a lot of money to put a good team around you so you can possibly win another Super Bowl very late in your career the best course of action? Why do you always expect players to care more about money than taking a fair deal so the team can have enough money left elsewhere?

  4. No need to leave Nola. It’s a 16 week season. Zygi Wilf has private jets. I’m sure he could fly home after the games on Sunday, visit the wife and kids, and be back in Minnesota on Wednesday for practice.

  5. I’m going to miss seeing all the Vikings fans come in here and desperately drop their wishes in the wish box. But, you sure did get all you could out of these articles about Brees possibly leaving.

  6. Have you looked at the weather reports lately….I don’t think shoveling snow is worth a few more million dollars when you already have lifetime wealth.

  7. I would think that Drew Brees is well aware that a good quarterback in the NFL needs a good supporting cast because one person can’t win alone. Yes those that block, run, catch and play defense. The Suh contract that the Miami Dolphins are currently working themselves out of should prove this. Lol Suh is not even a quarterback. However think about this; Tom Brady has LONGEVITY largely because the Patriots are able to surround him with a good supporting cast. Tom at $21 million annually is only the 12th highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Brandin Cooks the Patriot’s speedy receiver only makes $8.5 million per year.

  8. i’ve been saying that. it’s a different vibe in new orleans. where else do players “kamara” walk to the game with fans?

  9. The deal is done. They were going to announce it Monday afternoon but it conflicted with Zach Strief’s retirement. Drew and Zach are close friends and Drew didn’t want to detract from his buddy’s send-off.

    Now could you please stop writing these asinine stories? You’ve been churning out like one every hour for three days and exactly zero of them have any new information. I know you need clicks but this is just sad.

  10. Drew Brees kind of limited is leverage by opening his mouth about being in NO so bad. If anything he should have said “I would like to be in NO if things work out” or something like that. Now he may need to settle to stay there. Even with other teams calling him NO can call his bluff.

  11. His leverage?

    He is at the end of his career.
    Why not play where he enjoys.
    He’s loaded and if he wants to win a super bowl then don’t try and squeeze every last drop out of the team.

    If all he cares about is an extra 1-2 million then pick a scrub team.

    If he wants every nickle and to stay in NO then he has a problem.

  12. This was always going to be the result, but congrats to you on running all these suckers through the click-bait mill for two months. Pathetic.

  13. The Saints also have limited leverage, if Brees departs, their offense is in big trouble. Ultimately, it’s not all about the money. Brees will stay in New Orleans, play for a contender, and still earn a great salary. Players who only leave for financial reasons often regret the decision.

  14. I can imagine after this many years in a community there would be reluctance to uproot the family so assimilated into it. But thats just me imagining. Does this story have anything more substantial to base on or is it like my imagination. Makes sense but just a guess.

  15. Drew Brees will make the best decision for Drew Brees. Only he knows what that entails, and it may be much more than just the money. Period.

    There is nothing at all wrong with that, is there?

  16. I’m going to miss seeing all the Vikings fans come in here and desperately drop their wishes in the wish box. But, you sure did get all you could out of these articles about Brees possibly leaving.
    The author of these articles is a known Vikings fan

  17. “But …but….what if someone offers him 90 million for 3 years? To move to Minnesota. ”

    Lolz nobody but the Barneys think anyone in their right mind would move to Minny.

  18. Who cares where he and his wife want to live? It’s all about the money/contract, right? You should be screaming from the rooftops that he needs a better agent.

  19. Veteran players like Brees who are already very wealthy and have families, are more concerned with quality of life for their family. Money is not a real issue, and it’s not Brees’ job to worry about Matt Ryan’s contract. Ryan will be in the same position as Brees. He’s already rich too. It won’t have any affect on the agent’s income either because there’s a salary cap. The agents are going to split a certain percentage of the total league payroll, and that won’t change if a guy like Brees gets more money. It only means their other clients will get less money. And if Brees stays in New Orleans, he’ll probably be doing commercials and other local endorsements for the rest of his life. If he wins another super bowl in N.O., and the Saints are really close, that will double his future endorsement money. The Saints organization will be negotiating with many of their own players over the next couple years, so they can’t make it look like they’re too easy.

  20. When you can be certain teams were willing to pay 30, and you got a guy who’s played 8 games getting 27.5- I’d say Brees did not use all his leverage.

    vusnu says:
    March 13, 2018 at 10:17 am
    At $25M per year, I’d say Brees was not outleveraged in his contract negotiations.

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