Chiefs offense could explode with Sammy Watkins

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When free agency opens, the Chiefs will open the vault for receiver Sammy Watkins.

Yes, 2014 first-rounder hasn’t lived up to the potential that prompted the Bills to trade up and take him at No. 4. He likewise didn’t do enough during a season in L.A. to get the Rams to tag him, or to make a serious contract proposal.

However, Watkins did do enough (25 touchdown passes in 52 career games) to attract the attention of the Chiefs, who’ll pay $48 million over three years, including a whopping $30 million fully guaranteed at signing, reportedly. Given the team’s other weapons, Watkins could help the Kansas City offense explode.

Watkins has 4.34 speed. Adding him to a mix that includes running back Kareem Hunt, tight end Travis Kelce, receiver Tyreek Hill, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes will excite any Chiefs fans — and confound any defensive coordinator. As Chris Simms pointed out on Tuesday’s PFT Live, double coverage on Watkins means single coverage on Hill. Double coverage on Hill means single coverage on Watkins. Double coverage on both means Kelce runs free. Meanwhile, Hunt has wide-open running lanes and underneath passing zones.

35 responses to “Chiefs offense could explode with Sammy Watkins

  1. Sammy was a bum in Buffalo….and outside of 1 game (3td game vs SF) he was a complete and total bust in LA.

    He wants to be a #1 so bad and he has the talent to do it. But Sammy’s biggest problem is Sammy! He’s too busy thinking he’s a legit #1 NFL WR, to actually put in the work to become one.

    He will be an after thought with all the weapons in KC

  2. Watkins is soft. One hard hit or two from defenders and he calls it a day, going through the motions for the rest of the game.

    Coulda woulda shoulda will end up describing his whole career as far as his on field performance.

  3. It’s nice that the Chiefs are all in on Mahomes to get rid to Alex Smith and provide him with yet another weapon in Watkins. But I have a hard time believing a first-time starter at QB is going to come out blazing and not suffer through growing pains like pretty much every other first-time starter at QB. I figure Hunt and Kelce will have big numbers again but I wouldn’t be surprised if the offense isn’t quite as good at last season’s.

  4. They still have Andy Reid — he’s the limiting factor there. He coaches scared/not to lose, and it shows. He’s always been able to put up gaudy numbers during the regular season then he folds like a cheap suit when the pressure is on. Like Schottenheimer. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

  5. So Mahomes is assuredly going to go through some really rough growing pains? The same kind that Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson went through? Nobody (including me) knows what Mahomes is going to do this season. All the bashing on him is unfounded, however.

  6. silvernblacksabbath says:
    March 13, 2018 at 2:15 pm
    Explode like….. DIARRHEA!!!!

    Go Raiders lol


    Plenty enough to slaughter your defense, one of the worst in the league. Easy money!

  7. Watkins has made a LOT of money because he ran fast at the Combine. Imagine if he was, you know, GOOD at Football…

  8. It’s about the fit as much as anything, and he fits well here. That offense is going to be a nightmare to prepare for. Just think, he has all of those TDs playing with mediocre QBs in running offenses in Buffalo and after just showing up in training camp last year in LA. He’s going to kill it in Reid’s system.

  9. mytwitteraccountwashacked says:
    March 13, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    They will need an explosive offense since they released and/or traded the entire backfield. LOL. Andy Reid being Andy Reid and making panic moves.

    Um, backfield? Hunt, Sherman, West, Ware are all back.

    If you are referring to the the secondary, Berry, McQuay, Fuller and Nelson are the starters, they need a replacement for Parker and Gaines.

    Only new name in that group is Fuller.

  10. Hill, Hunt and Kelce and KC’s offense was already good without Watkins Nd that was with captain checkdown at QB. Adding “potential” sure doesn’t hurt.

    Teams couldn’t stop Hill last year, this just adds more pressure to the defense.

  11. I think this will be a high powered offense. He showed he was good at football stuff before, he will again. If he can’t, there are plenty of other options there, as you point out.

  12. My friend is a Bills fan. He gets depressed when the name Sammy Watkins is uttered.


    Because the Bills traded up to grab him in a particularly deep WR class. That class included OBJ, Evans, Cooks, Benjamin, Lee, Adams, Robinson and Landry in the first two rounds.

    They also bypassed the local product for him, you know the kid from Buffalo who wanted to go to the Bills and happens to be named Kahlil Mack.

    So spare us this narrative of Sammy being explosive and or good. The Chiefs overpaid for a #3 receiver who never exploded anything but his foot.

  13. hakunamangata says:
    March 13, 2018 at 3:18 pm
    My friend is a Bills fan. He gets depressed when the name Sammy Watkins is uttered.


    Because the Bills traded up to grab him in a particularly deep WR class.
    Your friend being a Bills fan and the fact that the Bills made a mistake in drafting him too high, has no bearing on whether or not Watkins will be good in KC.
    Only time and Watkins performance will tell if the Chiefs overpaid or not. So spare us the narrative of unrelated facts.

  14. Bills keep getting fleeced. In 2 years when KC wins a SB we can thank them for the Mahomes pick and for Watkins 1,200 yards. Don’t worry Bills, using 2 1st rounders on Watkins, then trading him for a second is good business… And let us know when you get a franchise QB, KC got theirs last year, with your pick.

  15. Singing Watkins may ultimately work out for the Chiefs, but
    it’s still a bad deal. What has Watkins accomplished in the NFL
    to merit $30 mil guarantees and $16 mil a year ?
    Has he even put behind all his foot issues that have been plaguing him?

    He has under performed so far, he himself says he needs to change,
    mature and hasn’t put in the work to get better. Two different
    teams that needed WR’s have already deemed him too risky to
    keep him. So now the Chiefs want to hand over a huge amount of
    guaranteed money… sure, that’s going to make him work harder, Ha!

    Now, a sweet deal like this screws up the rest of the league’s
    compensation scale for WR’s, just as the nutty contract the Vikings
    gave Adrian Peterson, of $18 mil. Contracts like these upset the
    pay scale and makes it difficult for other teams to compete and sign,
    or franchise their guys, with these stupid high numbers, clueless teams
    like the Chiefs are giving out.

    Hope, they’ll be cutting him in a couple of years and eating a ton
    of dead money for their stupidity. Will still be rooting for Mahomes
    to put up big numbers, but I have doubts about Watkins.

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