Dion Lewis expected to sign with Titans

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It looks like Malcolm Butler won’t be the only player leaving New England for Nashville in 2018.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that running back Dion Lewis will join Butler in making the move to the Titans when free agency opens on Wednesday. It’s reportedly a four-year deal.

Lewis, who was No. 32 on our list of the top free agents, saw the biggest workload of his professional career in 2017 and he made the most of the chance. He ran 180 times for 896 yards and six touchdowns while also catching 32 passes out of the backfield for the Patriots.

That mix of skills made Lewis a popular target over the last two days. They also make him a good fit as a complement to Derrick Henry in the Titans backfield.

18 responses to “Dion Lewis expected to sign with Titans

  1. That being said, thanks and good luck dion and malcolm! And Danny. Hopefully we can keep nate.

  2. Guys who have their rings now want to get paid. That’s the way the NFL works and I sure can’t blame the players for feeling that way. Thanks for everything, Danny, Dion and Malcolm, and all the best to you.

  3. dlw492 says:
    March 13, 2018 at 9:30 pm
    Players seem upset with BB for that SuperBowl loss, everyone’s leaving!
    How saltily ignorant are you? The Pats suffer the highest talent drain in the league – because each year the best teams’ players and staff get hunted and almost every year the Pats are in the final 2 or 4 teams. For example, only a third of the SB49 team were still around by SB51. Not only that but the Pats have to pick almost last in the draft every year. It’s called the Age of Parity and makes Belichick & Brady’s 8 SB appearances and 12 AFCCG games in 16yrs utterly amazing. Past dynasties never lasted 16yrs and never even had to put up with a 33% annual turnover or cap or FA.

  4. Only thing leaving faster than the players will be their bandwagon fanbase when they aren’t anymgood anymore. Worst fans on the planet

  5. lol

    i feel bad for these fanbases especially in the south that are being taken for a ride by their owners

    huge overpayents

    this is why the pats keep going to title games every year

  6. @terripet

    The Pats retool better than anyone in the league. Brady and literally “whomever is next” carrying the ball will still beat your Colts. You will be witness, and then offer another patented “prediction” that will turn out to be the exact opposite of what will occur henceforth.

    The Colts Framegate Curse shall continue…

  7. People obviously didn’t watch games closely. Dion was a very fast shifty back who was uncoverable in open space and always got those extra yards. Sad to lose him.

  8. You Pats fans are funny “we suffer more talent drain than anyone else yada yada”. EVERY team turns talent over at basically the same rate. The average NFL career is 3 years and with a hard cap expensive vets are always gonna get blown out for cheaper younger players. If anything Brady’s hometown discounts have allowed the Pats to hold onto more vets than most teams with a top QB, who actually pay top QB money.

    But you go ahead and keep thinking you’re special and different.

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