Dion Lewis gets four-year, $20 million deal from Titans

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Running back Dion Lewis got a four-year, $20 million contract from the Titans, a source told PFT. The deal is worth up to $23 million with incentives.

Lewis will sign when free agency officially opens Wednesday, leaving the Patriots after three seasons.

Under new head coach Mike Vrabel, the Titans appear to becoming New England South. They also agreed to terms with ex-Patriot Malcolm Butler on Tuesday.

Lewis ran 180 times for 896 yards and six touchdowns while also catching 32 passes out of the backfield for the Patriots. He will join Derrick Henry in giving the Titans a solid 1-2 punch at running back.

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    Bill Parcells used to say that “friends don’t sign friend’s free agents”. Those in his coaching tree generally adhered to that philosophy. Titans GM John Robinson is an exception. Belichick gave him his start in the NFL and is primarily responsible for Robinson’s career. Now he stabs him in the back.

  2. Listen morons, its about establishing a culture for Vrabel. He needs people who know how to work (the right way) and to sacrifice for the team. Butler and lewis are great signings

  3. 6ball..what are you talking about with ” friends don’t sign friends FA”.. You serious or are you being sarcastic!?
    Per Jerry Glanville, the NFL stands for Not for Long if you don’t win. You think Bill wouldn’t sign a player that could help him win games because he might make a friend mad? …yah…Ok.
    Anyways, Dion Lewis IMO is a steal at 5 mill a year. He’s a game changer and can hit a home run on any given play. Great sign Titans. One of the better one-two tandums in the AFC now. Give them a game breaking WR and they will be back in the playoffs again

  4. To all of you who are overjoyed to see so many productive players leave the Patriots, I would remind you that NE has always taken advantage of this type of evolution.

    The Patriots do not stray from their plan, which includes assigning value to players and positions. Everyone of these players, sans Butler, would have stayed if the Patriots chose to match or even approach the deals they will sign elsewhere.

    The Patriots not only will receive compensatory picks in exchange for these guys, players around the NFL have taken notice that one or two years in NE can revive or start their careers in ways playing elsewhere will not. Those options will come to the Patriots at bargain prices.

    All of the above ensures the Patriots will not only stay competitive, they will excel.

  5. “Patriots disintegrating after Belichick decided not to coach the SuperBowl.”

    Hilarious to see these clueless comments on every Pats thread.

    Here’s an education for you. All the best teams lose multiple players to free agency every year. The Pats have a salary cap model that is very strict about not overpaying players compared to what they’re slotted for in that model. You know, the one that has helped the Pats achieve more than any other team in NFL history in a span of 17 years. More in fact than most teams have achieved in the entire NFL history since the merger for that matter.


  6. But Lewis was a star in the offense for several years now. He’s not worth $5M per year? He earned it. It was Lewis who singlehandedly won the SB against Atlanta, who could not stop him. Well, great pickup for the Titans!

  7. skawh says:
    March 14, 2018 at 5:21 pm
    But Lewis was a star in the offense for several years now. He’s not worth $5M per year? He earned it. It was Lewis who singlehandedly won the SB against Atlanta, who could not stop him. Well, great pickup for the Titans!

    Actually not ‘a star for several years now’. Its more accurate to say he was ‘a beast whenever healthy’. But that has been limited over his career, in fact he is well above average for amount of injury over his career, its even why NE got him on the cheap in the first place. So there is risk in having a lot of guaranteed money tied up there. If he stays healthy then Tennessee made a killing here. If he spends a big chunk of this contract on IR then NE will have been right to not tie up too much cap on one RB. Time will tell which team’s bet bet was the right one.

    I dont think he “singlehandedly” won that SB. I even think Brady had more to do with it overall and White was a bigger factor for the running game. Even Marty Bennett was a factor. Amendola and Edelman had some key moments in that too. I dont ever see recall seeing Lewis being the one that carried it.

  8. This guy when healthy is a game changer. Worked so hard to get on the field and then hardly got the ball in the Super Bowl. Feel for him, but he got 2 rings in New England. Best of luck Dion don’t blame you for cashing in. Titans and Texans turning into Patriots South.

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