Donald Stephenson headed to the Browns

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Offensive tackle Donald Stephenson has agreed to a one-year, $2.5 million deal with the Browns, Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports.

Stephenson’s signing provides a backup plan in case left tackle Joe Thomas decides to retire. The Browns await word from Thomas about his future.

Thomas has said earlier this week his decision was “based purely on my health.”

Stephenson, 29, started a total of 16 games at right tackle in his two seasons in Denver. He previously spent four years in Kansas City and made 21 starts.

13 responses to “Donald Stephenson headed to the Browns

  1. Back up is the most you can expect from this guy. Is $2.5 million the veteran minimum for a lineman entering his 7th year? If not, they overpaid.

  2. Stephenson was awful, horrible, despicable, abysmal at RT whilst in Denver. The dude should honestly be selling cell phones in a mall in a bad part of town somewhere. He’s a walking, talking, breathing turnstile. If the Browns are dependent on his talents at RT, Taylor or whatever QB they insert will be murdered. Absolutely killed. This guy couldn’t block a sneeze.

  3. The Browns had been making some really good moves lately; almost made me think that they might actually be on the path to respectability soon… and then this.

    May have been the absolute worst signing of Elway’s tenure in Denver- good riddens

  4. doylemcmuffin says:
    March 13, 2018 at 5:21 pm
    He was the worst player on the worst line in football.

    -life long Bronco fan



  5. All 7 first comments on this thread are spot on. The single biggest reason for Denver’s collapse.

  6. As a Browns fan, I was hoping to read something good about this guy. I probably could have stopped at the picture of him standing over the sacked Osweiler.

  7. Like this should be a surprising move by the Browns at this point?

    It was pretty brutal watching him get torched/bulldozed/etc the last couple years. I am super-glad he is no longer a Bronco.

  8. reality is he isnt even a 3rd string RT!! If Joe Thomas retires, he becomes the STARTING LT?!?!?! Cleveland better have about 10 QB’s on the roster if this guy is in charge of the blind side. WOW.

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