Jets add best available cornerback, Trumaine Johnson

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The best cornerback available in free agency is heading to the Jets.

Trumaine Johnson has agreed to terms with the Jets, according to multiple reports.

The 28-year-old Johnson has played his entire NFL career with the Rams. He played each of the last two seasons on the franchise tag, and it’s not surprising that this year he went to the team with the most available cap space. The Jets promised to be active at the start of free agency, and by signing Johnson, they’ve significantly improved their team.

Johnson was the best cornerback and No. 10 player overall in our Free Agent Top 100.

20 responses to “Jets add best available cornerback, Trumaine Johnson

  1. After not hearing much from the Jets the first 36 hours, they’ve made three back to back to back great signings. Maybe Mike Maccagnan slept through his alarm.

  2. The Jets and Browns are going to get HEALTHY this off-season. Of course they’ll be in cap hell in a few years, but thats life in the NFL.

  3. Except the Qb’s are mid range, old andconing off a massive knee injury and is still an unknown and Tthe RB was let go by the worst team in the league..
    Unless Crowell and Teddy take huge leaps on a significantly worse team, these are nothing moves.

  4. Ouch. Seems like a good signing. Had hopes the Packers would stretch for him. As of now, we have a rookie coming off an injury and a bunch of practice squad players – literally.

  5. Rams have now dumped their best corner, their best pass rusher and only inside LB off a defense that wasn’t very good to begin with. It’s almost like they’re dumping salary to pay for an under-capitalized stadium or something…

  6. @ravissevens

    Crowell is one of six backs in the NFL to average at least 150 carries a season with a YPA of 4.0 with Bell, Ingram, Freeman, Elliott, and Howard being the others..on the Browns, and also criminally underused.

    Todd Bowles needs press corners in his defense and Trumaine Johnson only allowed 47 yards all year in press coverage. He’s also paired with Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye.

    Josh McCown is coming off a career year and only signed for a year most likely because he knows he’s going to be here to mentor a rookie QB we end up drafting.

    I don’t know if you’re one of the Jets fans who have been calling for Maccagnans head all day but he’s made great, smart moves so far and has approached free agency with a plan that mirrors the situation the Jets are currently in right now..a REBUILD..through the DRAFT.

  7. I love the signing. I just hope 15 million a year won’t kill our cap numbers. We have a lot of other needs and will probably trade draft picks to move up for our choice of quarterback.

  8. seahawkboymike says:
    It’s almost like they’re dumping salary to pay for an under-capitalized stadium or something

    Yes, I think I know how this went down.
    Kroenke: Kevin, you need to dump some salary. I’ve got a shipment of Rebar coming in.
    Demoff: But I thought you had like $8 billion?
    Kroenke: Well, yes, but that’s just me. My wife has another $6 billion. But enough about that. Where can we save some money?
    Demoff: Okay, we’ll dump some players, but Seans’s gonna be mad.
    Kroenke: Just make sure where NOWHERE NEAR the salary cap. GET IT.
    Demoff. Yes sir. Will do sir. As long as you realize we might only beat Seattle 32-7 instead of 42-7. Sean will figure it out though.


  9. Rams knew this was coming hence the trades last week , Tru is good but not worth top money . Same with Watkins , just not worth the cap space . Jets love to spend cash on DBs so good luck to Tru . Rams don’t need him now and they can pay Donald

  10. Teams are abusing rookie deals…it’s better to be drafted after the 1st round!

    If you’re drafted after the first round, you get your first opportunity at free agency just after your 3rd year…which means if you’re good, you’ll still see that lucrative 3rd contract…

    First rounders who pan out have to play on a 5th year option, then get franchise tagged 2 years in a row and by the time they hit free agency, they’re already 27 or 28 years old and sure will get that big contract, but the chances they see a 3rd lucrative contract are not as likely as the players drafted after the 1st round who turn out to be good.

  11. Good player though I guess he doesn’t care much about winning. After all those years of losing with the Rams, I guess he missed that losing feeling last year and so now he’s with the Jets.

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