Jets keep quarterback Josh McCown

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After all the talk about the Jets making a splash in free agency, instead their new quarterback will be their old quarterback.

Josh McCown is staying with the Jets on a one-year contract.

That will come as a disappointment to some Jets fans, who were hoping to win the Kirk Cousins derby. But when Cousins chose the Vikings, sticking with McCown was probably the best option for the Jets.

But McCown will be 39 in July, and the Jets are going to need to find a young quarterback to replace him, sooner rather than later. Although they still have Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, they’re likely to draft the quarterback they hope will be the long-term answer in the first round of next month’s draft.

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  1. I’m sure they will draft a young ‘QB of the future’. Meanwhile, McCown is a true professional who will be an excellent ‘bridge’ to the young guy they bring in. Great decision on the Jets part.

  2. Best news I’ve heard all day! I’ve been hoping the Jets pass on Cousin’s and draft a QB. Use the money that’s saved on that insane contract, and fill our other needs while McCown mentors the rookie; hopefully Mayfield or Allen.

  3. If McCown is returning as the starter, then Bridgewater should look elsewhere for starting opportunity or return to the Vikings and be a highly paid backup for a year. He’ll probably beat out Cousins by mid season!

  4. Since veteran quarterbacks are playing into their 40s these days, the a Jets are set for 3 years.


  5. Why do I have this odd feeling the Browns will win more games than the Jets next season?

    I know, I know… I’m putting the crack pipe down…

  6. It’s probably the best way to go. Draft a QB with the intention to start him sooner than later unless you’re one of the last holdouts in the league who feel a young QB should waste a year holding a clipboard.

    Use some of that cap space and get some weapons for the young QB so he has a chance to improve. At the end of the day you’re hoping McCown is back on the sidelines sooner rather than later. Not a Jets fan but I do root for teams like them and the Browns to turn things around.

  7. Makes sense. He knows their system, has played passably and the Jets can rely on a certain level of performance from him.

    Plus McCown probably didn’t like the crowd of FAs that are already gobbling up QB spots on QB needy teams, not to mention the crop of rookies. Now he knows he’ll make a decent paycheck this season.

  8. As much as I would love to give the Jets fans some lip this is the right move. Cousin would have been more of the same. Bring in some fresh blood and hope it is not another Smith or Sanchez.

  9. Honestly I think Jets fans should be happy with this not disappointed. If they can get a good young talented guy in the draft and give him a year or two to develop behind McCown while they get the rest of the team built up thats their best chance of turning into a contender again. Cousins, even if he did play up to the money, was not going to make the difference by himself that the team needs. Instead the cap space he took up would have been a hinderance that outweighed his benefit.

  10. robkeezy says:
    March 13, 2018 at 4:48 pm
    Best news I’ve heard all day! I’ve been hoping the Jets pass on Cousin’s and draft a QB. Use the money that’s saved on that insane contract, and fill our other needs while McCown mentors the rookie; hopefully Mayfield or Allen.
    The Jets would have been better off signing a known free agent QB than drafting another in a long line of busts. In the past 15 years, they’ve drafted such studs as Christian Hackenberg, Bryce Petty, Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, Kellen Clemens & Brooks Bollinger. Not exactly a great track record.

  11. .
    Whoever thought the Jets were going to spend MILLIONS for a single player obviously has dementia.
    The owner only cares about filling seats and the seats are sold out.
    The only reason they draft players is hoping they work out so they can trade them away

  12. Now if the Jets sign two more QB’s, they’d have enough effective parts to build one – that would be a mess, but so is the reality of the clunkers they have and will have.

  13. I think McCown as a bridge QB is fine.

    But they need to cut Petty.

    I do think they need to draft a QB. If they really don’t think he’d play for 1-2 years, then sign Bridgewater also. Given Bridgewater’s age, he might not want to back up McCown. But they need a #2 if they draft a QB and Hackenberg should be cut rather than be the backup to McCown. And Petty is gone regardless.

  14. josh mccown is nothing more than a walking dinosaur who sucks so bad it ain’t funny.

    oh wait, it is new york disaster fans.

  15. I love how people think that because a team has drafted “a line” of busts in the past that they somehow can’t get it right in the future. Or how someone is a bust because they don’t play well, when it could be any number of factors that made them unsuccessful. The vast majority of draftees never become stars, many are serviceable, and most end up not panning out – for every team. The average NFL career is 3.3 years, which means a whole lot of people don’t pan out.

    If the Jets move up they can get one of 5 top ranked QBs in this class. I’m the first to say – I am not impressed with this class – every year seems to be “deep” in QB talent. But I like a newbie sitting behind Josh. Smartest move they could have made. Plus apparently adding Teddy B for a year.

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