Judas Priest wants Jim Schwartz on stage tonight

Getty Images

For all the legal tampering going on around the league, we didn’t expect Judas Priest to be involved in any of it.

But with the band kicking off a tour in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania tonight, lead singer Rob Halford wants Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz to be a part of it.

Oh, I know he’s a massive Priest fan,” lead signer Rob Halford said, via A.D. Amorosi of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I want to drag him out to the show and onto the stage. He doesn’t know that yet.”

Halford, one of the iconic voices of heavy metal for generations, is from England but admits a soft spot for American football. He wouldn’t declare himself an Eagles fan, but admitted he loved the sport.

“I’m not going to put myself there, but I love watching the challenge and human complexity of it,” Halford said. “To have all these players – who all have their own lives and things on their mind – come together in unison as the Eagles with that goal in sight – win that Super Bowl – that’s mind-boggling. All those physical and psychological mechanisms at work. . . .

“I’m happy they won, especially after all those years. It’s beautiful, man. That message goes beyond sports. That’s about never giving in and never giving up.”

Of course, the same could be said of English metal bands formed nearly 50 years ago and still going strong.