Packers land Muhammad Wilkerson

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The Packers continued a day of big moves, by landing their biggest free agent yet.

At least in terms of size.

According to Rob Demovsky of, the Packers have agreed to terms with former Jets defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson.

Wilkerson had visited the Saints as well, along with the Chiefs and Washington.

With his old coach Mike Pettine in Green Bay, Wilkerson should feel more comfortable than last year, when he seemed to wear out his welcome with the Jets.

The Packers have made much more of a splash in free agency than years past, agreeing to a deal with tight end Jimmy Graham as well, in addition to releasing wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

38 responses to “Packers land Muhammad Wilkerson

  1. Big whoop. He’s a huge cancer. So glad he’s going to infect the Cheese Cheaters.

  2. Wow! What a day Packers! Havent seen free agents like this since the late 90’s. Its a strange fun feeling.

  3. While the names nay be known, winning the first day of FA, doesnt exactly = wins in Sept. I hope they are smart with thsir money and get good production from all players.

  4. Just think if they get the Wilkerson that played under Pettine. Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark, Wilkerson, Lowry. Quietly becoming a pretty stout defensive line.

  5. The winds of change are blowing large in Green Bay tonight. This team is going to look quite a bit different come kickoff next season. Quality, not quantity is the hall mark of a great GM, but I tip my hat to Gute for not resting on his laurels. He’s obviously trying to put his thumbprint on this next roster rather than sit on Ted’s coattails. That and his press conference scheduled for tonight are both good signs, IMHO.

  6. Yes Wilkerson and Jets ended sourly, not the first, won’t be the last. He does have a chance to redeem himself. When the Packers won the SB they had Woodson, but another big piece they had and lost after that season, was Cullen Jenkins, who was a BEAST at causing pressure in both the run passing game for whats normal out of a 3-4 DL, and when teams decided to focus on hemming him, Matthews made a bigger impact, hopefully he can elevate the front 7 of the defense.

  7. I would imagine Pettine was consulted, and I’m sure Wilkerson knows Pettine won’t let him coast.
    That said, I still wish they had kept Nelson. Good luck to him wherever.

  8. I have to admit that this move has me worried.
    He’s a beast of a man.
    Unfortunately, so much physical talent being controlled by that 10 cent head. Lazy and too emotional at times on the field.
    I seriously hope Pettine can get him back to playing the way he’s capable of.
    I would love to be proven wrong.

  9. joshhatesthesteelers says:
    March 13, 2018 at 8:54 pm
    Cut Nelson and sign this clown, LOL. Thank god I am a Bengals fan.

    Man, that last sentance i dont think ive ever heard that in my life. LOL!
    The bengals have only signed upstanding young men

  10. The way people are talking its like they know the contract numbers all ready… i looked and haven’t found them can someone fill me in, or is everyone just dropping all this “knowledge” before they have all the facts?

  11. This isn’t a bad signing at all if they didn’t give him much guaranteed dough — the Pack needs D-linemen.

  12. I think it’s a great sign for the Packers…given that it’s a one-year prove it deal (1 yr/5 million + 3 million in inventives). Now, signing a 31 yr. old Graham to a 3 yr. deal at 10 million/yr. is a head scratcher.

  13. The false state of euphoria that many of the Packer fans are reveling in today can only mean one thing: Someone found Letroy Guion’s locker room stash and shared it among the “shareholders”.

  14. Desperation is a bad look
    So is hammering every packer story posting negative nonsense.

    Gotta love Viking fans though. Every other year it’s “the packers will never win another championship the way Ted ignores free agency”. This year we are in the thick of things and it’s “desperation is a bad look”. Tell me oh holy trolly, is there a move we could make that you wouldn’t talk trash about? Considering your team just made KC the highest paid qb in the league it’s funny you have anything to say.

  15. I love it – one year prove it deal, and reunited with his former coach. Mo was a beast under Pettine, so hopefully we’ll see the some of the same next year. Man, Daniels, Clark, and now Wilkerson is a very formidable D-Line! Digging this!

  16. allight59 says:
    March 11, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Guess the Applebees in Green Bay didn’t get the signing done….

    Guess again Nostradamus.

  17. Just wait till Jordy returns, it will end up meaning that the top three players available ALL sign with the GREEN BAY PACKERS!

    Gonna be a good day tator!

  18. Releasing Jordy couldn’t have been easy, but 10+ million for a guy that’s in his 30’s and appears to be unable to get open, is the right move. Geronimo and Davante will me just fine, and count on GB picking up another young receiver in the draft.

  19. Pettine was responsible for the Jets drafting Wilkerson. He pounded the table for him. He told Rex Ryan we can teach defense but we can’t teach that wingspan. He played well under Ryan & Pettine. I don’t know what happened to last year. May just have been fed up with the Jets organization – the losing and them playing hardball with his contract for so long…

  20. Vikings fans say paying Jordie at his current salary was ridiculous. The Pack cuts him and they scream the Pack aren’t loyal to their players. When it looks like Wilkerson won’t sign with the team they say the reason is good players don’t want to come here. Now that he signs he is an over this hill cancer.

    Moral of the story, anyone the Packers sign will be a terrible decision if you listen to the vikings trolls who are trying to deflect coming off a terrible NFCCG beating and giving 28Mil per year GUARANTEED to a QB who hasn’t won anything! Don’t worry vikings fans, you are exactly who we thought you were.

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