Physicals will be key for Sam Bradford, Allen Robinson deals

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With so many agreements in principle reached before those agreements can be signed, the next question becomes whether any of those deals will fall through.

Three years ago, running back Frank Gore had an agreement in principle with the Eagles. He exercised his right to not sign it, joining the Colts instead.

It’s impossible to spot a case of cold feet in advance. But there’s one important factor that could influence whether a couple of these deals ultimately are signed, sealed, delivered: Health.

Twelve years ago, Drew Brees entered free agency with more than 20 studs in his shoulder. In today’s world, maybe the Dolphins and Brees would have agreed to terms subject to a physical. And maybe that agreement in principle would have been a factor in the outcome of the physical.

Or maybe not, and the Dolphins would have backed out of the verbal agreement after doctors looked at the shoulder.

This dynamic is particularly relevant to quarterback Sam Bradford and receiver Allen Robinson. With tentative deals in Arizona and Chicago, respectively, it’s possible that doctors will decide not to recommend consummation if a pre-signing physical is a condition. The question then becomes whether the momentum coming from the expected deal will influence the medical assessment — and, in hindsight, whether a legal tampering window in 2006 and a deal in principle between Brees and the Dolphins would have influenced the outcome of the physical.

Hey, Dolphins fans can dream about what may have been over the last dozen years.

Cardinals fans and Bears fans need to hope that these physicals come back clean. Or, maybe in the case of Cardinals fans, that Bradford’s doesn’t.

9 responses to “Physicals will be key for Sam Bradford, Allen Robinson deals

  1. I don’t like the Saints or Brees, but the comparison with Bradford is way off.
    Bree’s was injured once, years ago. Bradford is always injured, and he isn’t that good.

  2. Bradford is a weak signing, better hope he fails the physical. Robinson is on his post ACL year and likely isn’t going to light it up anyway but he should pass his physical.

  3. Bradford just realized that he might not get paid…like a pothead facing a drug test, Sam Bradford has to be dreading his physical…

  4. I believe fans from about 20 other teams is dreaming about having Brees as qb not just Dolphin fans.

  5. Hoping the Robinson deal is a 1 year guaranteed prove it deal with options. He is 24 and considering Jordy came back from an ACL I’m a little optimistic. But then again Cam and KW have me cringe Pace is running infirmary and not a WR core. Here’s to hoping!

  6. LOL great analysis guys. Bradford is signing a 1 year deal with a team option. Hardly a big investment. It’s not a 5-7 year deal. If it doesn’t work out, he’s gone next year. People act like it’s some huge risk. It isn’t. Get it?

    Meanwhile, if he fails the physical, who else are they going to get? Even if he fails the physical, they are still going to sign him. Why? He’s not the long term answer. They don’t need to worry about the knee degenerating in year 4 or 5 of a contract.

    The guy is a bridge QB for 1-2 years unless he gets really, really, impossibly lucky and doesn’t get injured in either year. No one expects that. They aren’t planning for that. He gives them a solid starter for however long he can last. Anyone that doesn’t think so is a moron.

    Bradford was on some bad teams and in a Jeff Fisher offense for a long time (we know, we played them twice a year during his Rams stint). He has accuracy (actually very accurate) and decent arm strength. He’s got a good football IQ and can learn systems fast, as evident by all the OC’s he went through.

    I don’t have a problem with getting him, considering the circumstances. No one is thinking he’s the QBOTF.

    Obviously Cards fans wanted a more sure and longer lasting situation. McCown isn’t that, and he got a ‘guarantee’ to be the starter where he already was.

    A.J. McCarron is unsure and as the PFT article showcases, a man without a seat.

    Bridgewater’s knee is no better then Bradford’s (remember Bridgewater almost LOST HIS LEG and some say his knee still isn’t ready).

    The Eagles asking price for Foles was way too high. Ludicrous to give what the Eagles were asking for a guy who played ONE good game and a bunch of meh. Look at his stats. He’s a risk. Potentially a reward, but you don’t take that risk for a #1, a #3 (or 2) and MORE. PLUS a big extension. That’s insane.

    Bradford was the best choice for the Cards given the situation, and anyone that thinks otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    They still will draft a QB, and sit him behind Bradford and Glennon. They just won’t have to trade up. As if they could given how many teams are rumored to be wanting one and the Bills having traded up past them.

    The Cards were in the worst spot in the QB carousel. No QB’s on the roster. #15 in the draft, with Bills jumping them.

    Were the Cards supposed to trade two or three first round picks for the 3rd or 4th QB in the draft? I don’t think so.

    The Cards did well given the circumstances and it’s just enough to make them competitive if, and it’s a big if, Bradford stays healthy.

    Draft a QB, and let Bradford and Glennon hold down the fort until the kid is ready.

    What’s the worst that can happen? Bradford gets injured and is gone next year as they don’t pick up his option? Glennon not panning out at his backup QB pay? Having to draft a QB next year? Big deal.

    We went 8-8 without our top 3 rb for 15 1/2 games, our starting QB for most of the year, and the vast majority of our starting OL. We won with Stanton and Gabbert for crying out loud. Bradford is much better then those guys, and I got respect for Stanton doing what he did with limited skills.

  7. Note to JMC8888 – good and cogent analysis of the Cards’ situation. One or two things – I am from Philly and have seen both QBs. Nick Foles has a stronger arm than Bradford, and is just as accurate, if not more accurate, than Bradford. He also sported a winning record as a starter, 14w, 4 Ls, (small sample size, granted) BEFORE he replaced Wentz. One game? Meh? Hey, that was two games, man. NFC Championship and Super Bowl. Only THE Toughest, most important and pressure- packed games around. And before that, he helped beat the Rams at LA, coming in cold off the bench, and also beat the Giants at the Giants. Meh? 7 TDs vs. Raiders, at Raiders, and 27TDs and 2INTs in 2013. He ONLY beat the Pats, this year, okay? You think Bradford could have done that? I don’t. And don’t forget – Foles was also exiled to Jeff Fisher’s QB killing ground. Now, you “could” argue that he might not be a long-term answer, however, I differ – he is 29, healthy and confident, and can absorb and execute various systems as well as Bradford, if not better. Too expensive, via trade? I guess if you are confident in your team being able to draft for offense, which I would not be, and are willing to absorb more losing and more 8-8 seasons and live in mediocrity, instead of taking a chance and possibly climbing out of the hole the Cards are in, (got old, stuck with Palmer way too long, etc.) it’s fine. Yeah, it’s great to say that your team “delivered” even though they had a ton of injuries. 8-8? SUPER!!! My team had injuries, too. Guess what WE did? and with NicK Foles. I like draft picks too, as long as the organization can use them well. Again, I wouldn’t have much confidence in AZ being able to use them any better than trading them for Foles. Just sayin’. And Nick played college ball in AZ. I am sure he would be comfortable there.

  8. Foles is better than Bradford! Look at his stats: even when healthy Sam Bradford isn’t all that good. Don’t let the completion percentage fool you. 5 yard check downs are easy to complete. I’d take Foles over Bradford anyday and hated Chip Kelly like poison after he stupidly traded Foles for Bradford!

  9. Please don’t bring up that Brees to the Dolphins but for a couple of screws thing. I had almost erased that from my memory. We talk about free agent and draft busts but that will go down with us Dolphins as a huge ” MISS”. We had that and the Rickety Williams, Nick Saban will he won’t he shanigans all within a couple of years of each other. If we think it’s bad now just cast yourselves back to those times.

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