Plenty of teams chasing Dion Lewis

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One of the top running backs in the 2018 free-agent class has plenty of potential options. Currently, Patriots running back Dion Lewis has varying levels of interest from his current team, and from seven others.

The currently interested teams are the Dolphins, Jets, Giants, Titans, Texans, Colts, 49ers, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

Lewis and Jerick McKinnon are regarded as the top two free-agent running backs, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the same teams interested in Lewis also are interested in McKinnon.

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  1. Lewis is another Wes Welker… high water mark with any other team is “average to slightly above average”. Pair him with Belichick playing him in the best possible positions and downs and Brady commanding the majority of the defense’s attention and suddenly the guy carves out a couple really good years. He’ll go to the next team at a cost well above where the Patriots have him valued and he’ll under-perform from where he was in New England…in the end it will look like a less than great deal for the team as the pressure mounts on Lewis to duplicate his production and justify his greater salary.

    Don’t believe me regarding running backs. Look at the massive jump in production LG Blount had coming from Pittsburgh to New England and then the huge drop he had leaving and going to Philly. Before you say he shared playing time with others…he did that with the Patriots as well; always part of a committee of 3/4 backs here.

  2. Lewis may Ben the exception to the rule that guys underperform after leaving Foxborough. Good skill set, excellent in space, and much tougher between the tackles than his size would indicate, he’s not a workhorse, but get him 15-20 touches per game and he’ll be very productive.

  3. This would be a mistake. Most people couldn’t name 3 players that have left the Pat’s system and were successful with their new team, especially on offense. Take the players away from that system and they will fail, including Tom Shady.

  4. @unbiasednfltruth

    Why the hell would Chicago sign Lewis if they already have Howard and Cohen? And why would Lewis choose to go somewhere and split carries again?

    That’s dumb.

    Lewis will go to one of those 3 AFC South suitors or SF and do well in their backfield alongside one of four talented young QBs; Luck, Watson, Mariota, or Jimmy G.

  5. Dion Lewis, in the right system, can be a star.

    I think it makes a lot of sense for the Giants/Titans/49ers to get him. Not sure how he fits in with teams stuggling at QB. He’s not going to do well with a stacked box.

  6. I just think its funny that the Colts are a team that is “chasing” him considering they had him and didn’t even give him a shot before because obviously Trent Richardson was much better. That is the ex girlfriend abusing you and then promising she’ll appreciate you now that she sees how happy your new girlfriend is with you.

  7. For crying out loud…please, Ballard, don’t bring Lewis to Indy…just because we have plenty of cap money doesn’t mean we need to spend it on another New England unicorn.

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