Ravens reach deal with wide receiver Ryan Grant

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Free agency won’t even open for another 19 hours, but somebody needs to cut off the wide receiver market and call it a cab.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Ravens have agreed to a four-year, $29 million deal with Washington free agent Ryan Grant, which includes $14.5 million guaranteed.

Grant has 84 career receptions for 985 yards and six touchdowns in four seasons.

If the total value of the deal is accurate, that’s $345,238 and change per career reception.

That’s not to say the Ravens can’t use Grant, as their options were limited. But the market for pass-catchers has gone bananas today, with players coming off injury or with middling statistics getting lucrative deals.

From Sammy Watkins (never caught more than 65 passes in a season) getting $16 million a year to Allen Robinson (coming off a torn ACL) getting $14 million per year, the market has skyrocketed for players who are not necessarily stars.

Even players in the 40-catch range are getting $8 million a year (Albert Wilson, Paul Richardson), which means the few remaining options could still do well for themselves.

24 responses to “Ravens reach deal with wide receiver Ryan Grant

  1. Thank god this is Ozzie’s final season because he is losing his mind by the minute.
    Between John Brown, 299 yards last year and now Ryan Grant, 549 yards last year we are almost reaching the production levels of a good #3 receiver!

  2. Most Redskins fans hated this guy, but the coaches loved him for whatever reason. Apparently he’s a great route runner, but bad things always seemed to happen when the ball was thrown his way.

  3. This is crazy. Did someone accidentally add an extra zero to the contract? The guy made 690K last year. He caught 45 passes after catching 9 the season before. He’s making 7.2M now for 4 TDs. Either sheer brilliance by the Ravens or a someone’s getting canned.

  4. I loathed this clown – he was as worthless as that fraud Leonard Hankersore.

    I’m so glad this jerk is gone. Perfect route running doesn’t matter if you can’t catch.

  5. This proves that free agency hurts the game. These overpriced receivers just make the great ones want that much more.

  6. crazy that Lsu generates the most savage players and right next door at tulane the least savage players are generated. im talking this dude patrick ramsay ryan griffin

  7. We delete all of these veterans (Webb, Woodhead, Howard, soon Maclin) – let Wallace walk – all to create cap space and this is what they do with it?? I sure hope I’m missing something here.

  8. Only the latest in the never-ending train wreck that is Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, and the Ravens offense. But don’t worry…no matter what garbage Newsome and Harbaugh put out there — whether it’s the pathetic offensive coordinators, the O-line rejects, the washed up tight ends, the first round wide receiver draft busts, the over the hill receivers…it’ll all be Joe Flacco’s fault. Bank on it.

  9. As a Redskins fan, I’m stunned that Grant got this much money. Good for Ryan. Hardworking guy. His agent deserves a reward. I’m glad the Redskins didn’t give him this contract.

  10. With Perriman, Campanaro, Moore, Grant – Checkdown Charlie is gonna have a field day. At least the offensive line won’t have to pass protect for too long.

  11. funny, if the Patriots signed this guy everyone would be saying Belicheck found another underutilized gem on someone else’s roster.

  12. And people were hating on me for bashing Ozzie last week. The dude is a total joke. Get him out of the GM position NOW!!!!! Impeach him!!!!!

  13. ninetysixer says:

    March 14, 2018 at 8:52 am

    funny, if the Patriots signed this guy everyone would be saying Belicheck found another underutilized gem on someone else’s roster.


    That’s because the Pats have TB and a great program in place. The Ravens have always had a successful defense and special teams. The offense has always been a joke.

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