Report: Bears expected to sign Trey Burton

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Tight end Trey Burton had a starring role in one of the most memorable plays from Super Bowl LII when he threw a touchdown pass to quarterback Nick Foles on a fourth down trick play late in the second quarter.

The Eagles said after the game that they became aware of the play after seeing the Bears run it in 2016. If the Bears choose to run it again, Burton could be involved.

NFL Media reports that Burton is expected to sign a four-year, $32 million contract with the Bears when the new league year starts on Wednesday afternoon. The Bears are also expected to sign wide receiver Allen Robinson as they remake their offense under new head coach Matt Nagy.

Burton played behind Zach Ertz and Brent Celek in Philadelphia, but had some good moments before the Super Bowl. He caught 23 passes for 248 yards and five touchdowns last season and had 37 catches for 327 yards in 2016. Given the reported size of the deal, the Bears will be looking for even more production in the years to come.

24 responses to “Report: Bears expected to sign Trey Burton

  1. Really excited for him. Did everything the Eagles had asked of him, including a featured role on STs.

    Waiting to see the final numbers, but looks like he’s really getting paid. Good on him.

  2. Just a HUGE thank you to Trey! A great team player, a hell of an athlete, and gave me one of the greatest moments of my life. Bears should be thrilled, this guy is a major weapon and I am wiling to bet he turns in to a top 7 TE in this league is not better. You will always be an Eagle Trey, and will never have to buy a meal or a drink in Philly. Thank you for your part in bringing this SB to Philly. Bears fans, I guarantee you that you will love this guy and he will be a big producer for you. If we didn’t have Ertz he would be starting for us.

  3. We need players in the worst way.. This roster is a far cry from the team that lost at home in the NFC Championship to Green Bay. That was a heartbreaker… lol.. still hurts…

  4. Trey Burton is a great addition to the Bears!!! He is super athletic and can do it all. Plus he is a 100% team player. The Eagles knew they were going to lose a really good player in Trey. Good luck Trey you were terrific for tHE eAGLES! eAGLES FAN!

  5. Cashing in on the one big SB catch. Never heard of him until the philly special. Unless this guy is purely a pass blocker looks severely over paid for past production

  6. Good Addition to the team. I know Nagy loves TE’s so this is just more ammo for what hopefully will be a different kind of Bears team moving forward.

  7. You got a really good one, Bear fans. Wish we could have kept him but glad he got paid. Was really hoping he wasn’t going to sign in the nfc east…he’s a playmaker and will open up some eyes.

  8. Definitely ready to start in this league, excellent pass catching tight end. Like a bigger version of Dallas Clarke IMHO. Good for him, best of luck. He will be Trubisky’s best friend next year.

  9. Good signing by Bears. Glad a good (and talented) guy like Trey got paid. Eagles will miss him. He may be a “no namer” except for the Philly Special, but that’s only because of Ertz. Hopefully he will have a long and successful career and make a name for himself in Chicago.

  10. I’m not sure if this is the Bears already giving up on last year’s 2nd rounder Adam Shaheen, hedging their bets, or adding a 2nd TE with a complementary role/skill set. I’m hoping it’s option 3.

  11. matth3w420 says:
    March 13, 2018 at 11:52 am
    Cashing in on the one big SB catch. Never heard of him until the philly special. Unless this guy is purely a pass blocker looks severely over paid for past production

    You know there is an old saying….
    “Better to keep quiet and let people think your a dumb @$$, instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt!”

    He wasn’t paid for past production, since there isn’t relatively any, it is a contract based on his potential and future. Also, if you read comments from the Eagles faithful, you would realize this dude is a player who was stuck behind a pro bowl caliber starter. Just an observation….

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