Report: Cardinals will sign Mike Glennon after his release

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The Cardinals will get another quarterback.

They will sign Mike Glennon once the Bears release him, Tiffany Blackmon of NFL Media reports.

A key signing by the Bears a year ago — or at least it appeared so at the time when he agreed to a three-year, $45 million deal — Glennon is an afterthought this offseason. The Cardinals agreed to terms with Sam Bradford earlier in the day.

Glennon, 28, will join his third team in three years.

He lost his job to first-round pick Mitchell Trubisky after only four games last season. He went 1-3 with a 76.9 passer rating, with four touchdowns and five interceptions.

Glennon previously spent four seasons in Tampa Bay.

21 responses to “Report: Cardinals will sign Mike Glennon after his release

  1. What if he outcompetes Bradford in the preseason?

    Big waste, they should have picked one and moved on to the draft. Just making numbers up, but Bradford might be the 25th best QB in the game and Glennon might be like the 28th. They should have picked one and spent money filling in all the rest of their holes.

  2. They can still move on to the draft. Whomever they get is likely to be a project, and not starting this year, so you may as well pick up late 1st or even the 2nd, where the contracts are more cap friendly. Shouldn’t hurt the team. They don’t need and shouldn’t want a “top 5 QB” in the 2018 draft.

  3. Crazy!!!! To me both these guys should have been some of the last free agents signed. Then both to the same team.

  4. He seems like a really nice dude and a great presence in the QB room. But , for what ever the reason Chicago he was almost destined to fail. The problem was he’s just too damned tall. Who knows, maybe the desert air will help with his accuracy and propensity to turn the ball over.

  5. Bradford and Glennon share one trait. Their eyes aren’t aligned properly on their heads. Maybe it’s a genetic advantage, they can keep one eye down field while the other roves around looking for pass rushers. A.J. McCarron as well, if they sign A.J., the quarterback room will look like a Monty Python skit.

  6. Riiiiight, cuz the Bears would have been a fantastic team last year if it hadn’t been for Mike Glennon..

    Puhleeze… a change of teams, coaches, players, Glennon could be a totally different player. So could Bradford. Any player could. In an alternative universe, Tom Brady is a bust cut by Jacksonville.

    No one knows what will happen.

    Everyone who foresaw Nick Foles as Super Bowl LII MVP please raise your hand.

  7. thegreatgabbert says:
    March 13, 2018 at 10:09 pm
    Glennon may look like a cross between a draught horse and a Balkan farmer’s wife, but he did push Russell Wilson out of town at N. Carolina.
    Uninformed drivel…Wilson refused to give up baseball so the coach went with Glennon to force Wilson to choose. Wilson choose baseball and left. At no time did anyone at NC State think Glennon was better than Wilson.

  8. So much hate, for a back up QB. Not a bad move, considering he shouldn’t cost that much since he robbed the Bears last year. Pick one in the draft and build your running game this year.

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