Report: Case Keenum will sign with Denver

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Kirk Cousins wasn’t the first quarterback to choose a new home. That honor belongs to Case Keenum.

Keenum is moving on from Minnesota. He will sign with the Broncos when free agency opens Wednesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported early Tuesday.

Cousins apparently has three serious suitors remaining in the Jets, Cardinals and Vikings, with the Broncos having found what they hope is the long-term solution at the position.

Keenum, 30, had a career year in leading the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game after replacing the injured Sam Bradford. He threw for 3,547 yards with 22 touchdowns and seven interceptions during the regular season.

Keenum will play for his third team in three years, hoping he has found a home in Denver.

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  1. Better that breaking the bank on Cousins. Now Elway can invest in other holes on the roster.

  2. Finally the media can stop linking Denver to Cousins. Most knowledgeable people knew Elway is a cheap GM and was never going to break the bank for Cousins. And rightly so because Cousins isn’t worth it.

  3. Good for Case. Good QB that couldn’t succeed in a Fisher system (spoiler alert: no one can) and played real well in Minny. Hope he does well this year (other than when he plays the Rams!)

  4. Good for Case Keenum making some money. I doubt he will bring the Broncos to the promised land though.

  5. Good! No worse than Cousins and alot cheaper. Now you can draft a stud rb and lineman and see what happens with Chad Kelly. Or…they could draft a quarterback. Just glad it’s not that overrated bum from DC.

  6. illumination666 says:
    March 12, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Calling it now, Keenum’s going to either Denver.



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    And y’all doubted me.

  7. illumination666 says:
    March 12, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Calling it now, Keenum’s going to either Denver or Arizona.



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    And y’all doubted me.

  8. Ughhhh. Of the options, this was the worst one (I wanted mccarron if he was affordable. Whoever pays cousins is going to pay more than he’s worth). Guessing they’re either drafting someone in the first round or it’s going to be another bad year.

  9. Somehow … the Vikings will activate Brett Farve in some kind of Roger Dorn-ish tribute of dysfunction.

  10. Looks like they’re drafting a QB in the first round. Nothing says band aid quite like Case Keenum.

  11. Dude, don’t do it. Wait it out. The Vikings can’t be stupid enough to sign Cousins. He is way overrated. Hold on and see where he goes. If he blows off the Vikes, you have big time leverage. This crap is killing me. Cousins is the most overrated player of all time. He has the personality of a gnat and doesn’t know the first thing about leadership. All the critics say he didn’t have a complete team around him. Hogwash. Aaron Rodgers would have made the playoffs with that team. You want to be in the conversation as a “franchise QB”? Then deliver when you are the only one who can hang. I hate the Peckers, but I have a ton of respect for their QB. He gets it done with little around him year in and year out. THAT is a franchise QB. Cousins doesn’t have it. And Keenum is dying to prove everyone wrong again. Hunger and passion in the face of adversity brings out the heart of a true champion and ultimate competitor. Watch Kirk get 90 guaranteed from the Vikes and crap the bed on just about every outing. If the Vikings do this and he soils himself regularly, they will never live it down, especially from me. I have been a fan since Tark and the Purple Eaters. My first game was at the old Met, wearing a snowmobile suit and ten degree weather. Just once, before I die, I would like to see the team make a rational, professional decision regarding the QB position. They did that with Bradford, but arthritis is brutal. They would be better off trading Barr and moving up to get one of the top QB’s than to sign Kirk. What a bunch of crap!!!

  12. good for you case! Wish you nothing but the best in Denver. You took us to an NFC championship and then was showed the door. I honestly thought we found a qb that could lead us to a potential superbowl birth. I hope my Vikes didn’t just make a huge mistakes. Thanks again Case. The Minnesota Miracle will go down as one of the greatest plays in Vikings history. We will miss you!

  13. Wish him all the best – the 2017/18 season was a great run. It sure was great having a back-up QB that played like a starter.

  14. Kirk Cousins lite. Both players have shown talent, poise, and production. But neither has shown they can carry a team on their back and deliver in crunch time. Would rather have Cousins but not at twice the price.

  15. Bye Case! Thanks for the amazing run last year. Sorry Zimmer didn’t trust your decision making on the field.

    Best of luck, unless by some miracle we meet you at the end of the season.

  16. So the Broncos still have no shot at competing and the Vikings will have zero qbs if cousins signs with the jets. God, I love the off-season.

  17. Zimmer never really liked Keenum, so it’s probably best that he’s moving on to the Broncos. We’ll never forget the Minneapolis Miracle, though. That was amazing. Good luck to Keenum in Denver. Hope he does well.

  18. Well if keenum was good throwing it too theilen, and diggs imagine him throwing D’Thomas and E’Sanders… They still have a solid D But What do they do with out talib him and Harris were teammates in Kansas Now with just harris and Roby and they have depth but we saw what happened when they couldnt score defense got shutdown..

  19. This Bronco fan likes this move for Denver better than competing for Cousins. Keeenum won’t break the bank and can serve as a mentor for somebody younger.

    This also lets Denver focus on fixing the O-line with ten draft picks and 5 in the first 3 rounds.

  20. For some reason Elway just doesn’t put a premium on the QB position, as Keenan is the yard sale QB of free agency. He is a journeyman who happened to catch lightning in a bottle with an awesome defense, strong running game and superior receiving corps. He threw at least a couple balls up for grabs that his WRs would go get, and those will translate into INT 50% of the time with the Broncos. Absolutely better than what the Broncos had at QB last year, but not a Superbowl QB. Good luck Elway and the Broncos, hopefully they still get a top shelf rookie to understudy for a year or two.

  21. Other than that good place for keenum. he’s dealt with many bad oline before and now at least denver can build on that if they think Keenan is franchise QB. Oline is gonna be key they have book ends at WR,Cb,DE,OLB,HB,and Safeties in Parker and Justin With Stewert being the learning block for them. How well will they perform together can Keenan come in and lead or is he gonna just be what we saw with the texans and rams keenum. good defense but couldnt move the ball Or are we gonna see the take charge and build with the people around you like he did with their and diggs. If he can Take Charge And Lead This team is scary if he dosent then Denver will be wishing they got someone else.

  22. Woohoo, instead of picking 5th in the draft like this year, next year the Broncos will be picking 8th. Not the answer. Case Keenum still the 4th best QB in the division. Going to be a few more long years of rebuilding for the Broncos.

  23. Good luck Case. Thank you for a fantastic year last year and i hope you can you can do the same with Denver so we can meet in the Superbowl this year. Denver fans its hard to say what you will get from case this year but he is a great guy and great team mate. Good luck this season!

  24. Good move by Denver. Glad to see Keenum get some respect after last year. Hope it blows up in the Vikings faces!

  25. Trevor Semien is probably close to being out then. Case Keenum will be good for denver’s receivers. The defense isn’t going to be as good which does concern me though. Interesting, but understandable pick up for Denver. We saw what he can do last year as long as he’s given freedom in the offense, he’s not going to be expensive as kirk cousins who’s being pumped up unbelievably to be the next team who signs him savior which as good as he is I don’t think he will be.

  26. This is what I expected from Mr Ed because he can’t draft a QB to save his life and his neck was on the line.

    Sign a veteran because he’s a known commodity and not an unknown.

  27. I don’t think the Broncos view Keenum as the long term solution. I think they view him as a bridge QB and would expect them to draft a qb with their top 5 pick.

  28. Thanks For last year’s memories Case! Good luck with your career in Denver, sorry to see you go.

  29. Denver, be smart and use your draft picks to strengthen the rest of the team. Keenum has proven his ability to lead a good team with top 10 QB production.

  30. Keenum is great! As a Vikings fan I loved rooting for him. I wish there was a way the team could have worked out a good team friendly deal with him, but the guy deserves a pay day.

    Case has some risks with his game. 1.He doesn’t have the strongest arm. 2. He also isn’t super accurate 3. He has a gunslinger mentality but doesn’t have the arm to back it up. 4. Makes a lot of big plays outside the pocket, but when contained in the pocket has limitation.

    Pros to Case:

    1. He prepares very well for each game 2. Takes good calculated risks when throwing it down field 3. Great pocket presence 4. Very durable. 5. Plays with a lot of heart.

    He can be good if he has a good team around him.

    I think MN didn’t re-sign him because even thou he had a great year there are questions on if he is really good and worth paying or if the talent on the MN Vikings made is level of play rise up a bit. Good luck with him Denver.

  31. Absolutely terrible! It’s becoming more evident that not only did Manning’s play on the field help Denver but his ability to make Denver a desirable spot made Elway’s job easier. Without Manning Elway has no pull, he’s a cheap ass and he’s destroying this team, starting with bringing back Vance Joseph. Elway’s future hinges on this #5 pick……. Miss on it and your ass is grass!!

  32. Uh, we (the broncos, aka my team) just won a superbowl a few years ago under Elway. We are in contention almost every year. Yeah Manning left and that leaves a HUGE void. remember when Elway retired?? It takes time to right the ship after that. Thank God we didnt pay Kirk Cousins that kind of money. He has never won a playoff game, and isnt even a franchise QB. Patience!!! I know its hard as our fanbase is spoiled! No back to to back losing seasons since the 70’s. I live in Cincinnati and believe me, be happy you are a Broncos fan!!

  33. This makes me very sad..,.Kennum was so fun to cheer for this year. Great team guy. I felt he elevated the play of the receivers this year, especially Thielen.
    Good luck in Denver Case, u truly will be missed here.

    Denver fans should be glad you got a high quality guy coming….

  34. I can’t blame Keenum for moving on. He played well for them this year and still Zimmer wouldn’t name him the starter from one week to the next. The Vikings are probably going to regret letting him go, especially if they can’t get a good QB to replace him. Bradford is probably done. Bridgewater is a big question mark. Cousins put up good numbers but is he good enough to take them over the top considering how much he’s going to cost. Is Keenum a franchise QB? Probably not. However, he showed last year with the Vikings he can get the job done. I think he’ll be a good signing for Denver but I do think they’ll still draft a QB this year. Lynch isn’t the answer.

  35. How is Keenum any better than Trevor Simien or Osweiler? ROFL. Elway must be back on the sauce again.

  36. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    March 13, 2018 at 11:38 am
    How is Keenum any better than Trevor Simien or Osweiler? ROFL. Elway must be back on the sauce again.

    You must have at least seen the Broncos vs the Pats last season so you maybe saw Siemian in one game? You should know the answer to that question.

  37. Keenum will be back in the championship game especially in the mediocre afc with terrible competition. He’s got weapons and a good defense. His only competition will be the steelers and the patriots.

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