Report: Jets inform Josh McCown he will start

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The Jets signed Josh McCown to a one-year deal, and they remain interested in Teddy Bridgewater and possibly in drafting a quarterback. However, the Jets guaranteed McCown the starting job before he agreed to the $10 million deal, Calvin Watkins of Newsday reports.

McCown, who turns 39 in July, could provide a stopgap for the team if they draft a quarterback in the first round.

Despite his 5-8 record last season, McCown posted a 94.5 passer rating with 18 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He has started more than nine games in a season only three times, including 13 last season.

26 responses to “Report: Jets inform Josh McCown he will start

  1. Same old Jets.
    Announce starter when no clear cut starter is on the roster.
    Bridgewater should run as fast as he can.

  2. You should correct this article to say they told him he would be the starter GOING INTO TRAINING CAMP. Which every reporter and outlet has put out there the last 30 minutes. You see, the way things are for Bowles and Maccagnan this year basically means they had to sign Cousins or draft a rookie. They aren’t going to just sign McCown on a one year deal and call it a day.

  3. When he was healthy Bridgewater was nothing special anyways. Was a check-down guy with a weak arm. McCown is a better player than him so he should be the starter to begin the season.

  4. Man, the Jets have screwed up their QB situation for the last 3 years. Using 2nd round picks on qbs that are not good and not playing. signing old qbs that won;t be around down the line. I’d roll with McCown. he was good last year. if they were smart, they would either sign Bridgewter and ease him into the qb role, or draft someone in round 1 that they think is worth a damn.

  5. Per PFF, Bridgewater graded 84 and 82 in his first two years. For perspective, That’s about what Aaron Rogers and Garropolo graded last year. Jets got best career out of Fitzpatrick and McGown now its Teddy’s turn. 2 years of rehab was needed for an ACL with additional damage and it’s not a shoulder which you throw with. He’s not a corner either. Palmer and Brady had ACL’s years ago. He may not run as well, but this is football not pitching. “Tank for Teddy” they once said. Let Buffalo and the rest deplete their teams and mortgage future for speculation. It the Big 4 are gone by 6, take a shot at trading down and taking Lamar Jackson who only scored 120 TD’s the last three years.

  6. Prior to his injury, Bridgewater was by far a better QB than McCown. Anybody who actually watched Bridgewater play would know that. Those who claim he had no arm strength or couldn’t hit on a mid-range pass clearly got their sports updates from Twitter rather than from watching games.

  7. The Jets were in the playoff hunt until JM got hurt. He’s back,as is Enunwa (their best reciever). A few more free agents and 3 picks in the top 50 puts them right in the hunt for18.

  8. This is the smartest decision they can make if they intend to draft a QB. Why would you want to throw the rookie to the wolves when you already know McCown can win games for you.

  9. There is no way Teddy is signing with the Jets if there’s no competition for the starting spot.

    But where could he possibly sign where he’d legitimately compete for the #1 spot?

    Cleveland got Tyrod as their band-aid and will be drafting a QB.
    Denver got their placeholder and will likely also be drafting a QB.
    The Jets have a placeholder already and will likely also be drafting a QB.
    The Bills are already positioning themselves to move up in the top 5 for a QB.
    The Cards signed Bradford to be their starter this year, have a backup already and will likely look to add a development project QB in the draft.

    So where is the “come earn our starting job” situation for a QB who hasn’t played in 2 years and was very mediocre even when he was fully healthy? Barely 200 yards per game, close to a 1:1 TD:INT ratio, and 11 fumbles in 28 starts, and this was in 2014/2015. Who is looking for that as their starter in 2018?

    Take a backup role, hope for a shot, and make the most of it. The classic “beggars can’t be choosers” scenario.

  10. I don’t see how they can guarantee that. What if they draft a rookie and he is just lights out in training camp and pre-season, taking to the NFL like a duck to water. You are going to leave a top 10 pick on the bench to start a 39 year old QB, I don’t think this is legit reporting. Besides, where the heck was he going to to and be the starter? This report just defies logic, maybe they said that the job would be his to lose, MAYBE?

  11. The Jets have 3 QB’s under contract now, adding Teddy makes 4. Please don’t tell me the Jets don’t plan to draft a QB? If they do how is he supposed to get any Reps? Imagining the Jets will try to get late rd. picks for both Petty and Hack, unless they don’t plan on drafting a top QB at all? Hard to make sense of this move.

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