Washington V.P. of player personnel Doug Williams nitpicks Kirk Cousins on his way out the door

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The Washington Redskins are going to miss Kirk Cousins if for no other reason than they’ll have to find a new target to snipe at moving forward.

Cousins’ tenure with Washington is over and Cousins will get a very large contract to play quarterback for another team in the near future. However, that didn’t stop a prominent member of the Redskins franchise taking one last shot at Cousins as he heads out the door.

Doug Williams, a Super Bowl winning quarterback with the Redskins and the team’s senior vice president of player personnel, gave his impression of Cousins’ play and being unable to sign Cousins long-term deal to Tom Friend of TheSportsCapitol.com.

It wasn’t exactly glowing.

We watch opportunities that we didn’t take advantage of, not the yardage,” Williams said of Cousins. “How many opportunities did you pass up? How many opportunities did you give your players to make plays. Little stuff like that.”

No quarterback makes every correct decision in front of him. Not Tom Brady. Not Joe Montana. Not Peyton Manning. Cousins is no exception. However, he’s posted three straight seasons with over 4,000 passing yards and a passer rating of at least 93.9.

Williams did say he’s disappointed that Cousins won’t be with the team any longer and called him “a guy with talent, a guy that could get it done.” However, he was a guy Washington never wanted to commit to for the long-term despite his play on the field. He was also a guy team president Bruce Allen seemingly called “Kurt” repeatedly while reading a statement criticizing the quarterback for not being interested in the team’s overtures last July.

Cousins played his final two seasons in Washington under the franchise tag and is being courted by the Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals for his services.

“For me to say he handled right or wrong is not for me to say,” Williams said. “I can only say from my perspective – only me – if I was in his shoes, which I couldn’t be in his shoes, it would be hard for me not to still be here. Being in the nation’s capital, and having something to work with. When you talk about the offensive line, it’s a certain thing. And then there’s the comfortability part of it. No. 8 was here for six years. And had an opportunity to be here for the next five, I’m sure, if that’s what he chose.

“But that’s what free agency is all about. You give a man an opportunity to do what he wants to do. The No. 8 era is over. We got to put that on the side and start the No. 11 or whatever era. It’s over.”

Washington erred by being cautious and waiting to offer Cousins a long-term contract. The quarterback market was always going to increase exponentially and Cousins’ play over the last three years ensured he was only going to become more and more expensive to keep around. That has given Cousins the chance to hit the market and choose his destiny. It’s no wonder he’s choosing somewhere other than Washington.

46 responses to “Washington V.P. of player personnel Doug Williams nitpicks Kirk Cousins on his way out the door

  1. What a low budget organization. Take away his two 1000 yard receivers….never really give him a real running game…then kick him out the door.

    Excited to see how Redskins trolls spin this one.

  2. Doug Williams’ football opinion matters more to me than Kurtis Crabtree’s… Hail to the Redskins! #HTTR

  3. What about the fact that you let every good wide receiver go so that cousins would bust out. Did not happen. The Redskins own a monopoly on pettiness.

  4. Doug Williams should be above this kind of ownership butt-covering garbage.
    It’s shameful and beneath his dignity.

  5. Diehard every-snap-at-least-twice fan here. Williams isn’t wrong.

    Both statements are true:

    1) The Redskins BLEW it when they didn’t sign him for ~$20M. Bruce Allen needs to attend a seminar called “Leverage: What It Is, and Why You Don’t Have It”

    2) Kirk was never good enough to win games by himself, but he lost several by himself. There are a couple of arguable exceptions, but they’re hair splitting games.

    The beginning of 2016 was particularly maddening, with the first few losses being almost entirely on him.

    Gruden’s offense will produce STATS all day. But don’t forget that Washington was 30th in red zone efficiency in 2016. THIRTIETH. And almost all of it was on Kirk (the remainder being on the lack of running back). Also, Kirk’s leading receiver was Chris Thompson until he got hurt. Screens and dump off passes do not a $30M QB make. Receivers running wide open in the end zone only to never have the ball thrown to them were an every-Sunday thing.

    That said, he’s good enough to win on a good roster. I’m just not sure anyone can afford a good roster if they pay him market price.

  6. Stop the b.s. they didn’t want to commit. When you spread lies the readers spread them too and also believe them. Redskins did 100% the right thing after only seeing cousins for one year starting. He was still making the bone head throws and mistakes. After they tagged him because the contract offer they made was for a 2nd tier QB (exactly what cousins was at that time) and kirks agent told him not to sign. Then after the first tsg they again offered Kirk a contract. It was that Kirk kept his one year 2nd tag offer of 24 million, then get 55 million guaranteed and a 3 year extension. Can’t remember the yearly salary (way different they what a player actually makes) for that offer. Again kirks agent told him don’t respond, we will wait till 2018 off season. So here we are, two offers after two tags, both turned down not by cousins (who wanted to sign btw) but by his agent. After trying to commit to Kirk two separate times, and no counter offer brought back, the redskins moved on. You can’t negotiate when the agent won’t respond back right?

    So now I ask PFT and other media moguls , when did they not want to commit?
    Thank you.

  7. Doug Williams had one successful quarter of football with the redskins. Fortunately, it was in the Superbowl. Other than that, he only won 4 regular season games. He is no more a redskin great than timmy smith.he is a horrible talent evaluator and has no business in any front office. Thanks for throwing 4 tds to wide open receivers while facing no pressure in the Superbowl, but you may leave now.

  8. Snyder never liked Cousins because he replaced and outplayed Snyder’s favorite, RGIII. I read in the Post yesterday that the Redskins, to help Smith be successful, need: a left guard, a middle linebacker, receivers, running backs, defensive backs, defensive linemen, possibly a center. These “needs” didn’t materialize suddenly when Smith was acquired, so Cousins should not be blamed for the team record.

  9. Doug Williams caught ligtening in a bottle once. Other than that he was no better than a clipboard holder.

  10. Kirk cousins trashed his coach, the organization, and his teammates publicly when he said he wants to go where he can win. He’s no leader. Just a piece. He also according to reports asked for the Redskins cheerleaders to wear less revealing uniforms as a condition to re-sign. The organization can’t just let media trash them without defending themselves.

  11. “We watch opportunities that we didn’t take advantage of, not the yardage,” Williams said of Cousins. “How many opportunities did you pass up? How many opportunities did you give your players to make plays. Little stuff like that.”

    So you criticize Cousins for “passing up opportunities” but turn around and trade for Alex Smith who is the ultimate play it safe QB? DC braintrust at it again.

  12. He has no space to criticize any quarterbacks play. He was a crap QB pretty much his entire career and was fortunate enough to get on the redskins as a backup. Of course the article tries to give Williams some cred by stating the Superbowl winning quarterback. One great doesn’t make him all knowing.

  13. Cousins will raise the Lombardi Trophy in another city for sure! Doug Williams whats he ever done?

  14. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Washing had an opportunity to sign him on the cheap (for a QB) twice but bumbled it and chose to overpay him with the Franchise Tag. Just a perpetually dysfunctional franchise who now have to start from scratch with yet another QB search. If Washington ever wants to be a contender, they will have to start the rebuild from the top – with new ownership!

  15. As a Redskins fan, I’m glad this Cousin’s business is over. Time to move on. Bring on Alex Smith.

  16. The O-line stinks, the coach didn’t want him, tthe GM is an alcoholic, and the owner is Lord Voldemort. Why would he want to stay and sign with a team that has shown no real interest in having him be their QB?

  17. Doug Williams and probably most of the Redskins front office still just doesn’t get it. They shunned Kirk from the beginning when he was drafted alongside RG3. The owner openly despised him, probably because he showed up RG3’s deficiencies and eventually took the QB position (not to mention that Shanahan picked him). Kirk has long said that he wanted to be “where he was wanted”, which the Skins always interpreted as just wanting money, and they were dead wrong. If they had embraced him, he would likely still be in Washington. Sure Kirk wants money, but that’s not the be all and end all. I wish Kirk well, but anyone who didn’t see this coming needs an extensive trip to the optometrist’s office.

  18. The question is, Was Williams classless all along, or did Washington drag him down to their level? Williams handled the situation at Grambling with class, so my answer is the latter.

  19. Sounds like sour grapes to me. The Redskins completely screwed up the handling of Cousins’ contracts over the years.

  20. Thanks, Doug – and you fumbled the ball in the Snooper Bowl and it was incorrectly given back to you – you were given an opportunity you didn’t earn.

    I am so falling out of love with these Redskins. A divorce after 48 years is going to be painful, but with idiotic comments like what this jerk just said is making it easy.

    And I am now a former fan of Doug “Fumbles” Williams.

  21. QB play just isn’t all about stats, and there are real questions about whether Kirk Cousins can win in the NFL. The elite QBs nearly always have both the stats and wins.

    Doug Williams wasn’t an elite QB when he played, but won with both the Bucs and Redskins.

  22. He didn’t take much of a “shot” at him. And he isn’t wrong – KC threw for a lot of meaningless yards, but couldn’t get it done in clutch time (or the redzone).

    I will remember him folding like a cheap tent against the Giants a couple of years back in week 17. Giants had nothing to play for and the Skins needed a win to get in the playoffs. Kirk was awful and cost his team a playoff birth.
    He’s had way too many games like that one – must win games where he came up flat. How many years does a team need to give a guy before you accept he doesn’t have “it”?

    And before you all talk about how bad the team around him was, remember that RGIII led a talent-less, hapless Washington team to the playoffs as a rookie and he was “terrible” and a “bust” according to all the keyboard experts. So if RGIII and his awfulness could win clutch games, why can’t Captain Kirk (who apparently is worthy of being made the highest paid QB in the league)?
    Fact is, Kirk has had the benefit of playing with much better talent on both sides of the ball than his predecessor and hasn’t done anything more than pad his stats and earn piles of money. Fool’s Gold…

    “Buyer beware” is what i say to whomever signs him to the huge payday he’s about to get.

  23. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Kirk!! I am a skins fan and for one am glad he is gone (at the price he is about to get) . . . his yardage stats are very inflated with a ton of garbage time stats. He thinks he is the best player to ever dawn an NFL uniform. He lies through his teeth constantly. and yet, he is a player that chokes more than Tony Romo, the QB with the WORST QBR of any QB in football in the last 2 minutes of a game when down by 1 score or less . . . the WORST!! He was also one of the worse QB’s in the redzone . . . period!! The Redskins made the right decision to not break the bank on this guy.

    I’ll take Alex Smith over him any day!!

  24. Another comment making the rounds is the fact that the Skins got rid of 2 1000 yard WRs last year and if they would have resigned them, everything would have been alright. The 2 receivers were both 30+ years old and would have cost the Skins 16M/year in cap room to retain. Neither impacted their new teams last year and one played half a season before getting hurt. To think that all the Skins had to do was just resign them and a deep playoff run was in the offing is just dumb. They were replaced by a guy who couldn’t catch a cold but was coming off a great year previously and a 2nd year receiver who was hurt his rookie year. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t but counting on level production from guys 30+ in a contact sport would have been the bigger risk given their cost and the obscene amount of injuries the Skins had last year.

  25. The “Kurt” thing is still unbelievable to me. One of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever heard.

    What else what would you expect from an organization that most fans find their nickname offensive.

  26. One thing that can’t be done is disparaging a Superbowl MVP like Doug Williams, sorry haters. Another thing, Kirk Cousins is overrated, if you ever watched Kirk play, he did well at times but he always threw an ill advised pass in EVERY game which resulted in an interception, could NEVER escape the pocket and get rid of the ball, and his pocket awareness is suspect, not to mention some bad passes at times and never being able to throw the deep ball. I am a former QB and that was pretty obvious to me. Plus Kirk hasn’t won 1 playoff game, he’s the perfect example of the Capitals or Nationals, win regular season games but get to the playoffs and choke, hence 0-2 int he playoffs. Good luck Vikes!

  27. mytor1962 says:
    March 13, 2018 at 9:05 am
    Doug Williams had a 69 QB rating for his career, so He’s lucky he even had a career in the NFL. To criticize Cousins is laughable.

    Doug Williams was a SB MVP and still has records in the SB, what int he hell has Kirk Cousins won?! You HAVE to be joking.

  28. Doug Williams was a SB MVP and still has records in the SB, what int he hell has Kirk Cousins won?! You HAVE to be joking.

    Aside from Doug being lucky playing on a team loaded with talent in that SB what has he actually done? Trent Dilfer & Brad Johnson won SB’s were they better QB’s or just lucky enough to be on talented teams? instead of asking what Kirk has won ask what has the redskins won since Dan Snyder became the owner (other than the offseason) 19years and only 4 playoff appearances, that’s pretty pathetic but everyone wants to blame Kirk for the redskins misfortunes, I’m waiting to see what fans will say about Alex Smith if he doesn’t win with the same sorry supporting cast that Kirk had and by the way Alex had much better talent around him in S.F. and K.C.and he didn’t win

  29. @tiger2471

    Timmy smith was also a super bowl mvp and thurman thomas never won one . Your point ? Exactly

  30. He just spoke what he saw…no sour grapes. Just sour grapes for the media talking heads that are trying to make a mockery of the team. The skins front office deserve the blame for how they handled the Cousins situation, but once Kirk decided he was not going to negotiate, and just wait for the tag, the writing was pretty much on the wall. That was 2 years ago by the way. The skins played his game, and lost both times by not getting a deal done, so they smartly moved on to trade for Smith before all of this FA QB nonsense took place yesterday. Both Cousins and Smith will benefit greatly in their new environments. As a skins fan, I’m just moving on and looking forward to the start of the season.

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