Where will the Jets turn for a quarterback?

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The Jets wanted quarterback Kirk Cousins. They didn’t get him. They viewed Case Keenum as a potential fallback option. They won’t get him, either.

So what will they do at quarterback?

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News notes that the focus will now shift to signing Josh McCown or Teddy Bridgewater, or taking a rookie high in the draft. The Jets currently hold the sixth overall pick.

The Jets could (should) sign a veteran and draft a rookie, ideally with McCown continuing in his role as starter and becoming the mentor for the rookie. McCown told PFT Live last month that he’d embrace that task, if it were entrusted to him.

If the Jets are looking at taking a quarterback in round one, they may need to worry about other teams targeting quarterbacks. The Bills currently are sitting at No. 12, and they apparently plan to try to move even higher in order to land a franchise quarterback of their own.

So the Jets may need to be thinking about trying to move up, too, in order to ensure that they don’t end up falling in love with a young quarterback and then facing him twice per year, as a member of the Bills.